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Let's Play SD Gundam Winner's History

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So yeah, after the debacle with SRW1 I decided to stay away from LPing for a while, until I found the X-Com LPs and got an idea. Why not do one of the old SD Gundams and make up a story for the events that happen over the course of a game in it.

Hey isn't SD Gundam that game that mashes together all the gundam serieses together like SRW? Thats boring to LP!

Now, to those not familiar, the old SD Gundams were much different that the ones we see now-a-days, and worked more like a strategy board game, no real plot, usually no pilots involved, just pumping out units to dominate the opposition. Why Winner's History for the Game Gear out of all of them? Well, this game plays out in a mission style format, and units carry between missions, rather than having a huge map with space and land layers like many of the SNES ones.

Who will be playing?

Kruz and I will each be doing a campaign run culminating in (if we can get it to work) a final VS. match between the two sides.

Now comes the important part of deciding what sides Kruz and I will play (and in turn deciding how the story will play out)


UTNSP- The Gundams basically

Titans- Has a lot of transforming units, not my favorite, but they're mostly playable.

Axis- Neo Zeon Lite, two or three funnel units, a couple of transforming units.

Neo Zeon- Funnels. Thats all I have to say.

CV-Zan- Not that great, not awful either, units are about as slow as the Titans ones but they have better specials.

And a little bonus before we start-

TheOsParticleCannon.jpg <- Scirocco demands an explanation.

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