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Nayuta Chouta

Super Robot Gakuen Starter Set Questionare

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1)Do you defend over dodging?(Yes, go to 2/No, go to 5)

2)Do you like combiners over solos?(Yes, go to 3/No, go to 4)

3)Do you like beast type robots?(Yes, go to A/No, go to B)

4)Do you like enemy units more than ally units?(Yes, go to C/No, go to D)

5)Do you like giving commands rather than being commanded?(Yes, go to 6/No, go to 7)

6)Do you ride the mood easily?(Yes, go to E/No, go to F)

7)Do you like the female pilots over the adult male pilots?(Yes, go to G/No, go to H)

A) Dancougar, Bamboolian Grand

B) Voltes V, Chouryujin

C) Gil Gear, Shin of Friday

D) Great Mazinger, G Zero Gunner

E) New Jeeg, Mark Acht, Apharmd the Hatter

F) Orgun, Heavyarms Custom EW, Killjaguar

G) Stargazer, Hime Brain, Aestivalis Custom Ryouko

H) Emperanza, Falke, Windam(Neo)

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But real BADASS tend to use something more smaller than Dancouga, Nimbus. Like, Orgun-sized.

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