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Silk Incorporated

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Legend of Christmas War: Kringlekaiser

Project Designation: None
Project Name: Frosty Robo

Project Information: (The story for this project is based on awesome. Also this and this and this and this.)

Weapon Modifications for Frosty Robo:

Weapon: Snowballs: Frosty is an expert in many things. One of those things is being able to craft the perfect snowball and hurl it with percision accuracy. Now imagine this talent being used by a giant snowman, crafting huge snowballs. Seriously, right? (And it's not even yellow.)

Weapon: Frosty Punch: A simple straight punch. (Frosty's got chops)

Weapon: Giant Broom: Hardly a conventional weapon, Frosty Robo is equipped with a large broom Frosty seems to be a pro at using it though, so it's surprisingly effective at sweeping up the enemies. (I bet he's a good curler too.)

Weapon: Rock-It Punch: Frosty uses a bit of nasty schoolyard tactics to his advantage. He punches the ground with Frosty Robo's fists, getting all sorts of large rocks and debris stuck in them. He then launches his fists at the enemy, propelled by powerful gusts of frozen arctic wind. (Puns. I have them.)

Weapon: Christmas Freeze: The giant corncob pipe in Frosty Robo's mouth is more then ornamental. It expels a deep chill in the general area surrounding Frosty, freezing them in place and creating a slick obstacle course of ice. Frosty Robo then launches itself onto it's belly and slides into the enemy at breakneck speed. (Cool Runnings.)

Weapon: Hermey's Drill: One the christmas elves that Frosty made friends with during his time at the North Pole is an aspiring dentist named Hermey. He used to be an outcast, but after an adventure that ended with christmas being saved from bad weather, Hermey became respected as the workshop's dentist. He wanted to help Frosty find his way too, so helped the elf engineers building Frosty Robo by giving them the idea of a giant drill made from a frozen icicle. The engineers made good use of the suggestion, and named it after Hermey in honor of his efforts. (Namedropping!)

Weapon: Christmas Beam: Just like Kringlekaiser, Frosty Robo is powered by christmas spirit. And like Kringlekaiser, it can use that christmas spirit to fire a red and green beam from it's belly at Grinch Beasts to take them down. Frosty Robo's christmas beam packs a punch, as it's entire body is filled with christmas spirit. (Bimmu!)

Weapon: Snowman Seperation Attack: Frosty Robo is a unique christmas machine. Constructed from christmas snow, it's extremely malliable, and can even break itself apart into three sections to avoid attacks. However, Frosty Robo can also use this ability offensively. The three sections split apart and fly around the enemy. The top section uses it's pipe to freeze the enemy solid, then the middle section drills through them with Hermey's drill, before the bottom section fires off a Christmas beam to finish them off. (OPEEEEEN... S-Snow?)

Combo Attack: Double Christmas Beam: Frosty Robo can team up with Kringlekaiser or Mrs. Kaiser to unleash a double blast of their christmas beams on the enemy. It doesn't matter which, as it's interchangable. (Beware the power of Christmas!)

Combo Attack: Triple Christmas Beam: Alternatively, Frosty Robo can team up with Kringlekaiser and Mrs. Kaiser at the same time to fire off all of their Christmas Beams at the enemy, blowing them up in a christmas tree shaped mushroom cloud. (It's not even overkill yet.)

Combo Attack: Final Yuletide Special: The ultimate Christmas attack. It starts with Mrs. Kaiser shooting the enemy her stern gaze to lock them in place. Kringlekaiser then hurries forwards and rings his Giant Bell, launching the enemy into the air with sonic waves. Which leaves them helpless for Frosty Robo as it swoops it, drilling through them with Hermey's Drill. As the enemy crashes into the ground, the three Christmas machines surround it, and fire off their christmas beams, creating a huge explosion of christmas spirit, blowing away the enemy and making it rain down cookies across the world. (There's the overkill.)

Frosty Robo's Frame and Systems:

Frame Modifications: Frosty Robo isn't like the other christmas machines. It's entirely constructed with christmas snow, the most magical snow there is. On Christmas Eve it can never melt, no matter what it is exposed to, and can change shape, allowing for weapons to be formed from it's mass (like Hermey's Drill). However, this means it has no additional armor, so while it's large and has the energy of a Kringlekaiser, it doesn't have kaiser's durability. Thanks to it's enchanted nature, the christmas snow allows Frosty Robo to fly through the air with the other christmas machines. (He's a holly, jolly soul.)

Open Snow: While Frosty Robo doesn't have armor, it can defend itself against enemy attack. Rather then tanking, Frosty is quite agile and able to avoid getting damaged by dodging. In times of seemingly impossible odds though, Frosty Robo can split into the three sections of a traditional snowman, each one darting away from harm in different directions before regrouping and reforming. (GEE I WONDER WHAT INSPIRED THIS)

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Frosty Robo

HP: 6500, EN: 200, Agi: 280
IS: 3, Move: F/G, Size: L, Rank: 9

[F] Melee (M)- 800 damage [+0%]
[H] Snowballs- 1200 damage, 12 rounds [+20%]
[F] Giant Broom (M)- 2200 damage [+0%]
[H] Rock-It Punch (P)- 3000 damage, 8 EN/attack [+20%]
[H] Christmas Freeze- Stun + 3200 damage, 25 EN/attack [+20%]
[F] Hermey's Drill (V:5)- 1000 damage/6 EN, Drill [+30%]
[+] Christmas Beam (S)- 5000 damage, Barrier Pierce, 30 EN/attack [+30%]
[H] Snowman Separation Attack- Stun + 2000 damage + 3000 damage, Barrier Pierce 50 EN/attack

Combo Attacks:
[+] Double Christmas Beam (AS)- 3500 damage x 2, Barrier Pierce, 30 EN/attack [+20%]
[+] Triple Christmas Beam (AS)- 2500 damage x 3, Barrier Pierce, 30 EN/attack [+20%]
[+] Final Yuletide Special (S)- 9000 damage, Barrier Pierce, 30 EN/attack [+40%]

Inherent Abilities:
1) Santa Robot
2) Countercut: Giant Broom
3) Countershoot: Snowballs
4) Open Snow: Same effects as Open Body.
5) Snowball: When in Tundra terrain or a non-space terrain with the Cold template, you may spend 20 EN and sacrifice your attack phase for a turn to regain all ammo on this attack by gathering up more snow.
6) Double Christmas Beam: Requires an allied Kringlekaiser or Mrs. Kaiser to execute.
7) Triple Christmas Beam: Requires an allied Kringlekaiser and Mrs. Kaiser to execute.
8) Final Yuletide Special: Requires an allied Kringlekaiser and Mrs. Kaiser to execute.

Purchasing Cost: 500 Credits


Cost to be added: 900 Credits (Approved by Basu)

Edited by Nimbus Noa

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Paid for.

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