Planet Terror

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Planet Terror

Difficulty: 3

Duration: Two Weeks

Deadline: 17 January


- Unit Rank: 12-

- Item Rank: 4-

Job Details:

An organisation is recruiting unscrupulous mercenaries. You've heard on the grapevine that they're terrorist, but hey... a job's a job in these trying times.


- 250 Credits

- One Rank 3- Item (Random)

- 100 PPs

Additional Rewards:

- +150 Credits

- One Rank 2- Item (Random)

Others: You may not take this job if you have already taken 'Insider' this month.

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Job:Planet Terror

Constantine Largo

Current Max SP: 100

Maximum SP Cap: 200

- Dodge Cost -0%

- Countercut Cost: 7 AP

- Countershoot Cost: 4 AP

- Critical

Class: Active

10 AP = Weapon Damage +15% and Accuracy +15% for the first attack phase made this turn.


Level 4: [+]-type Weapon Damage +35%, Countershoot Cost -3

DEFENSE (Reduces damage received)

Level 2: Damage Received -10%

Will Gauge

Class: Active (Main)

Special Cost

2 Will

Newtype Flash: Costs 2 Will. Gain Dodge Cost -10% and Target's Dodge Cost +30% for this turn. Requires Psychic Energy.

3 Will

* Lock On: Costs 3 Will. The first hit of your next attack phase negates secondary defenses such as Double Image and Barriers.

4 Will

* Volley: Costs 4 Will. Gain 1 additional attack phase this turn. During this attack phase you may only use [+] type attacks. You may only use this ability once per turn.

* Psychic Pressure: Costs 4 Will. Disables all attack phases of a single target for one turn. The target gains Damage Received +25% (to be calculated as a Pilot Ability) and Dodge Cost +10% for their next turn only. Requires Psychic Energy. This is considered a Status Attack.


Newtype Class: Passive (Sub)

Gain Psychic Energy. Gain Target's Dodge Cost +5%

Revenge Class: Passive (Main)

Damage dealt +25% against all units that attacked you this turn.

Gunfight Class: Passive (Main)

Level 1: [+]-type Weapons gain Damage +10%

Spirit Commands

Direct Attack

SP Cost: 25 SP



HP: 3200, EN: 180, Agi: 260

IS: 3, Move: F/G, Size: M, Rank: 7


[+] 60mm Vulcans- 400 damage, 20 rounds [+40%]

[F] Melee (M)- 500 damage [+0%]

[F] Beam Jur [single] (BM)- 450 damage [+0%]

[F] Beam Jur [Dual] (BM)- 450 damage x 2, 5 EN/attack [+0%]

[F] Monomolecular Katana (M)- 1200 damage [+0%]

[+] Plasma Cannon (B)- 2100 damage, 15 EN/attack [+20%]

[+] Sniper Rail Rifle- 3400 damage, Armor Pierce, Barrier Pierce 10 rounds [+30%]

MAP Attacks:

MOS Virus (D:6)- Stun & Mobility Break & Accuracy Break, 30 EN/attack [+10%]

Inherent Abilities:

1) Assault Frame

2) Countercut: Beam Jur, Monomolecular Katana

3) Countershoot: 60mm Vulcans, Plasma Cannon

4) Double Image (4)

5) Stealth

5) Anti-Stealth Protocol: Same effects as Head Gear and Anti-Stealth Sonar.

6) Cyberlink Interface (System): Details found in MechDev Lexicon

7) Jammer

8) Snipe: Sniper Rail Rifle (+30%)

IS1:Sniper Sensor

IS2:Vector (8)

IS3:5 Propellant Tanks

Constantine Largo....a man with a checkered past. A former scientist forced to take up arms to defend what was supposed to be Earth's last hope, losing everything in a desperate gamble. His home, his family, even parts of his memory, all gone in a rain of fire. Hooking up with a mercenary company and acting as their faceman has brought him his share of battles and enemies.

While not as experienced as the frontliners in the battlefield, his experience with "problem clients" has had him prying their payment after sending down the opposition in a hail of bullets...Shadow being one of those aforementioned payments.His psychic ability allows him to anticipate the opposition, whether its a prospective client or an enemy soldier.

Shadow's stealth equipment would allow it to be inserted, do the job and get extracted quickly in situations where others would be hard pressed to even come close to. The sensor suite is primed for wide spectrum scanning to avoid any "surprises", and just in case there are surprises, the sniper rifle and sniper sensor will ensure these surprises will not last long. As a last ditch effort, in case Constantine is incapacitated, the AI Vector has orders to fall back to a secondary extraction point at maximum emergency speed. Failing even that, Vector has orders to get as close as possible to the enemy and detonate the propellent tanks.

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Role-playable tasks are required!

Ends on the 16th

Silence is one of the hardest things to refute.

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"Of coursse, we don't have any reason to trusst you, so we will haave an interesting job for you. It's ssimply a matter of ... how do you saay? Personal growthh within our organiss- *cough* organisation."

The man... woman?.. who is completely hidden in shadows and smoke breathes deeply from the incense around the room. Not only are you unable to identify the aroma about you, but you also can't place their accent.

"It will be diifficult for you, we're ssure, but it is necessary. In exactly two weekss, we will be attaacking this building, " an image forms on the wall of the largest mobile suit hangar in this part of the country, rumored to even house some gundams, " and your job is simply to enssure our attack succeedss. You will have control of no troops, nor will you know the details of our attaack. If you want to help by gathering intelligencce, you may refer it to the gentleman you met in the hall there. If you plant chargess or whatnot that our forcess shouldn't be struck by, you can also refer to hiim."

As you rise to leave, they add "Pleease, do try to be original. We like recruits with... how iss it said? Ah, yes. Spirit. With spirit."

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OOC:Hey Daz, is that Cobra Commander doing a cameo? :)

the largest mobile suit hangar in this part of the country, rumored to even house some gundams.....

"Untreated gundarium..they will have some there for repairs....this is interesting."

Largo leaves the room and and walks over to the gentleman outside.

"Your target presents some very interesting possibilities...have the attackers stay away from the hangar. There will be some surprises to coincide with the attack, I dont want it ruined."

"MS Pilots, even if they pilot Gundams are still only just humans. Outside of their Mobile Suits they are easy prey."

"Do you have any intelligence on the targets? I already know several weaknesses of the base you are targeting, the base personnel and the MS that are stored there."

"Just a warning, if you do not pay me, I WILL hunt you down like dogs."

Largo tries a psi probe on the gentleman to see if he is lying.

Edited by Largo

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To your surprise, your mind probe just doesn't work on this guy. Due to the sheer weirdness of this, you try it on a few others, and it just doesn't work. Having said that, the experience of dealing with facial expressions and peoples true thoughts, you honestly think there is nothing astray here.

"No attacking here? Okay, Hmmmm. I actually think that will hinder the main plan a little, but if you're certain then I will....make casualties minimal. Because surely your surprise will be ruined if nobody is attacking in a certain area? They'll take their stuff out, right?"

"Anyway, if that's all, you can leave our base now to handle anything. Be sure, the same threat applies to you.."

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"I always do a job I take"

Largo leaves the base.

Two hours later, Largo walks out of the old house having procured certain "tools" that will aid him in this endeavor.

It would seem that Gustav was able to locate a dupe among the maintenance workers at the base.

Having gained access to the base's maintenance systems, it is time to sow chaos.

A small quantity of chemical gas tanks are placed in the ventillation system. This gas is commonly used by a Human supremacist group in its "purgings". Generally serving as just a knockout gas, untreated gundarium reacts violently with this gas turning into a highly corrosive acidic gas.

A version of the MOS virus is copied into the systems of the MS assisgned to the base. Upon activation, it would either shut down the MS or pick a nearby random target as a high priority threat, bypassing IFF identification.

The bay doors of the hangar are rigged to jam and fail on a emergency open, making it necesary to blow it open.

Certain additives are mixed into the propellant tanks of the MS assigned to the base, turning them into walking bombs.

A backdoor is also placed in the datacore of the main computer of the base.

"All this...just so I can get data on the latest Gundams the dirtsiders are designing.If it weren't for their greed, New Eden would still be standing. Now the dirtsiders will know what a slaughter feels like."

Pulling out a encrypted sat-phone, he dials a unlisted number.

"The party favors are in place. You can send out the invitations."

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The plan goes off without a hi-- Okay, no. There were a few small problems caused by a lack of trust and communication, but the plan goes off reasonably well. You are commended by your new benefactors and are offered a position with them.

- 400 Credits

- Repair Kit DX

- 100 PPs

- Missile Jammer

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