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With apologies to the MechDev, but I am honor-bound to submit this.

Note: This writing takes place in a hypothetical "Super Robot Wars" series, and generally kicks reason to the curb. A good amount of the following writing is a narration not just of tactical actions in the game but scripted events, along with some creative interpretation.

Requires: 100 kills on Simon, 100 kills on Kallen, Guren SEITEN must be reduced to 10% health or less without dying, Lagann must not be deployed, Dai-Gurren must be on the field

Team Dai-Gurren and the Black Knights have joined forces to destroy the Sword of Akasha, and dethrone Charles zi Britannia so that he no longer poses a threat to the free will of humanity. The battle lines, however, forced Guren SEITEN into direct combat with both the Sword and its Lancelot counterpart. Actually caught by one of the Lancelot’s harken weapons, the SEITEN was held down just long enough for a strike from the Sword of Akasha to inflict grievious damage.

The Lancelot was marching down on the half-destroyed SEITEN, when suddenly...


The Lagann flew through the heavens... and narrowly missed the Lancelot, which deftly moved out of the way. Eminently puzzled, it turned to glance to the battleship, such that it barely noticed the impact of the Lagann into the Guren!


Through sheer willpower, Simon and Kallen forced the combination to occur, their spiral energy entwining and erupting in a blaze of green. And in that moment, a pair of giant sunglasses blazed into existence in front of the Guren.

Frame Notes: This is a similar unit to the Guren SEITEN. It is not overly larger than that unit, although Spiral Power has made it a touch more massive. A little more HP/DR than the Guren SEITEN, and maybe a little worse Agi. It also should have all the frame types of the combined units.

Combined Energy: It uses both a Yggdrassil Drive and Spiral Power. Kallen reveals with this unit that she has quite a lot of the latter, so generally the energy resources of the Type-02 Guren-Lagann are quite ridiculous. It should have way too much EN, or at least more than Gurren-Lagann. I personally am of the opinion that this counts for EN Regen S but I’m not overly familiar with Geass reactor tech due to my burning hatred of it so I might be wrong even with the SPIRAL ENERGY combination. Whatever.

Shields: Look it... it just has way too many of these, goddamnit? Most of them are beam shields still, as per Guren SEITEN.

Burrow: Because drill.

Paralysis Canceller: ‘cause Guren SEITEN has it.

Lagann Impact: It has this ability from being a primary combination using Lagann, basically.

Claw Arm: It retains the Guren’s vicious personal weaponry.

Claw Drill: It basically transforms the claws into drills and deploys a drill from its palm so it can drill while it drills. And then rams this into someone, usually. Occasionally some more drills are involved, depending on whether it’s a dynamic kill.

Drill Harken: The Slash Harken remain, but the combination of Spiral Power and Simon’s personality has influenced them so that now they deploy as “drill” harken. On the upside, this is generally advantageous, as it burrows even deeper into the enemy unit or wherever they are deployed.

Maser Shades Sword: It uses the Maser Vibration Knife to form a pair of “shades”. This is slightly better than either was.

Maser Shades Barrage: Using the general illogic that holds together the original Gurren-Lagann, the maser shades can be split into two and used in a barrage of attacks on an opponent.

Maser Shades Boomerang: Or thrown.

Radiant Disk: Is still here, in spite of its general non-primacy in attacks.

Radiant Spiral Wave: If stuck at a distance, it can fire “spiral beams” that are more comparable to the Radiant Wave Surger’s long range attack. This is a combination of Spiral Beam/Radiant Wave Surger’s Long Range mode.

Radiant Wave Surger: It has the option of “just” using the Radiant Wave Surger still.

Radiant Drill Break: The upgrade to the Maser Shades Sword only slightly improves the opening of the Giga Drill Break attack. However, the drill itself radiates energy of all kinds, as it combines the “Radiant Wave Surger” into its attack, ramming it past all defenses and blowing away the enemy with a burst of energy... the weapon is almost more pure power than a physical incarnation at this point. Radiant Wave Surger + Giga Drill Breaker = fun times. HISSATSU~

Guren-Lagann Ranbu: As usual, except it finishes it off with a nasty kick.

Way Too Many Dr... I mean Multi-Directional Drill Assault: As per Gurren-Lagann.

Way Too Many Dr... I mean Omni-directional Spiral Missiles: As per Gurren-Lagann.

Radiant Drill Tornado: It supercharges the “Radiant” Drill and catches its opponents in a massive storm of energy and drill and oh god. There’s nowhere that’s safe.

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Good day. I'm your guest dev mod today, and I'm here to let you know that while we were going through the old backlog, I wasn't QUITE sure whether Basu was serious or not. Since there wasn't any explanation given, and since your theoretical situation now actually does exist, I decided to whip this one up for you.

Besides, I was wondering why no one had devved this yet, anyway.

These stats are also based on the updated Gurren-Lagann stats currently found in the Tracker.

Type-02 Guren-Lagann


HP: 5200, EN: 300, Agi: 250

IS: 2, Move: F/G, Size: M, Rank: 12


[H] Drill Harken (PSX:2)- 800 damage/3 EN, Drill [+15%]

[H] Maser Shades bomerang (P)- 1000 damage x 2, 8 EN/attack [+10%]

[F] Maser Shades Sword (M)- 2000 damage [+0%]

[F] Claw Arm (M)- 2400 damage, 5 EN/attack [+10%]

[+] Radiation Disk- 2600 damage, 10 EN/attack [+10%]

[F] Claw Drill (V:6)- 500 damage/3 EN, Drill [+20%]

[+] Radiant Spiral Wave (SV:5)- 700 damage/5 EN [+10%]

[+] Missiles (PGSF:6)- 600 damage, 24 rounds [+25%]

[H] Radiant Wave Surger- 3800 damage, Armor Pierce, 20 EN/attack [+30%]

[H] Full Drillize (S)- 4500 damage, Barrier Pierce, Drill, 25 EN/attack [+30%]

[F] Guren-Lagann Ranbu- 4800 damage, Barrier Pierce, 25 EN/attack [+10%]

[F] Maser Shades Barrage (MF:8)- 800 damage/3 EN [+0%]

[H] Radiant Drill Break- 800 damage # 2 & 6000 damage, Armor Pierce, Barrier Pierce, 50 EN/attack [+30%]

MAP Attacks:

[H] Full Drillize (DI:4)- 3500 damage, Drill, 30 EN/attack [+10%]

[H] Radiant Drill Tornado (I:4)- 6000 damage, 40 EN/attack [+0%]

Inherent Abilities:

1) Spiral Machine, Gunman, Knightmare Frame

2) Beam Shield: Move: F, Agi +20 when shields are depleted

3) Radiation Shield: Same effect as Beam Shield, Claw Arm, Radiation Disk, Radiant Wave Surger, Radiant Spiral Wave, Radiant Drill Break, Radiant Drill Tornado

4) Countercut: Maser Vibration Knife

5) Countershoot: Radiation Disk, Radiant Wave Surger [Long-Range]

6) Damage Received -25%

7) Paralysis Canceller

8) Burrow

9) Pilot Switch: May switch main pilot to second character or back during your Transformation Phase.

Acquirement Method: Lagann and Type-02/F1Z Guren SEITEN must be in your inventory. This is a combined unit.

Pilot Slots: 2

Cost to be Added: 1800 Credits (Approvedgris)

Edited by Suguri-SP

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Ah well, I did promise I would pay for this if Almaz didn't, so here's 1800 spacebucks.

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