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Nimbus Noa

Faction Wars!

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For future purposes, we are going to be splitting the unit threads into specific faction threads, so if your units fall under a specific faction, please list them in this thread. Please list the units by the faction name, and please also state whether the faction is evil or not.

By faction I mean ones that exist in your universe, and not the ones we have in the Simchamber.

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Mobile Suit Gundam ARAMED - Resistance Blades Units (Good)

- GA-000 New Warrior Gundam, GA-001 Crysdancer Gundam, GA-000R Warrior Gundam, GA-001R Crysdancer R. Gundam, GA-002 Azure Bullet Gundam, GA-003 Pinwheel Gundam

Mobile Suit Gundam ARAMED - Federal Wings Units (Evil)

- FRF-017C "Rouge Sang", FRF-020 General

Brave Flaming Sword Rekka - A Wandering Blazing Soul (Evil)

- KaenRyu, Shin KaenRyu

The Trinity Defenders - Defender Units (Good)

- All units in the thread

And possibly, Eneras would be a good-side unit.

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Let's see here:

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED: Strikeback - Rebel Units (Good)

Strikeback Gundam and related forms

Strikeback-R Gundam and related forms

Scavenger Dagger and Scavenger Dagger "Skyhook"

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED: Strikeback - Tribunal Units (Evil)

Shadow Strikeback and Warmonger Shadow Strikeback

Not bothering with Magical Suit Gundam Mana

Soaring Legend J.U.M.P.Man - Mushroom Kingdom Units (Good)


J.U.M.P.Man (Luigi Custom)


Soaring Legend J.U.M.P.Man - Kuupa Klan Units (Evil)

King Koopa Krusher

Kuupa Truupa and Kuupa Paratruupa

Guumba and ParaGuumba

Hammer Bros.

Soaring Legend J.U.M.P.Man - Others


Sonic Warrior

Egg Zeus

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Sensational Defender Trooper Squad

Super Dimensional Guard and Allies (Hero):

Dark Crusaders and Allies (Villain):

Dimensional Travelers Stargate

Stargate Command (Hero):

  • Mark 23c
  • F-302 Titans
  • BC-303 Prometheus
  • BC-304 Daedalus-class Battlecruiser

Goa'uld (Villain):

  • Jaffa Battle Suit
  • Kull Battle Suit

Everything else I have can be easily split on their own merits as part of their thread already.

Edited by Umbaglo

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What I have so far~ (and I'll probably do them myself, once the change starts)

Series: A Certain Network Persona

<Academy City 889th Judgment Brigade>

Description: One branch of the Judgement Brigade who keep the peace in the academy city.

Dev notes: Protagonist and good guys.


- Psionic

- Breakpoint

- Blue Skyfish

- Pink Skyfish

Series: A Certain Network Persona

<An Involuntary Movement>

Description: The secret of everything within the Academy City…

Dev notes: Not really "evil", but they attack anything in sight, since they are berserk


- AIM Burst

Series: BEAT OUT! Gears of Emotion

<Section 8>

Description: A secret organization of Japan for military purposes.

Dev Notes: Protagonists brigade. Sorta like Space Knights in Tekkaman Blade.


- GY-00 Prototype Gear "Emeth"

- GX-01 Preproduction-Type Gear "Tier"

- GX-01 Preproduction-Type Gear "Tier" [berserk]

Series: Hades Project: At World's End

<Hakkeshu Robo>

Description: The remnants of the Hakkesu

Dev Notes: Yea, even Zeorymer is a baddie


- Prismata of the Ice

- Solaris of the Sun

- Luxion of the Light

- Etune of the Shadow

- Mirphak of the Darkness

- Stellar of the Galaxy

- Proto Star

Series: Kanzen Shouri Daitei Oh

<Gokuraku Primary School>

Description: Fourth Eldoran series

Dev Notes: ~


- Tei Oh

- Kuu Oh

- Riku Oh

- Daitei Oh

- Dairyu Oh

- Daigen Oh

- Perfect Daitei Oh

Series: Toushi Sakuretsu Seirei Oh

<Ookaku Middle School>

Description: "Fifth" Eldoran series

Dev Notes: ~


- Suzaku Oh

- Seiryu Oh

- Byakko Oh

- Genbu Oh

- Seirei Oh

- Kouryu Oh

- Hou Oh

- Tensei Oh

- Dai Seirei Oh

Series: Etarnia

<Protagonist Units>

Descriptions: "Civilian" units who fought against the world's tide of war and revolution.

Dev Notes: All the good guys in one thread, since they don't have a proper faction.


- Gunstar (Original)

- Avalon

- Avalon of Light, the Spirit of Tenacity

- Avalon of Fire, the Spirit of Ferocity

- Avalon of Moonlight, the Spirit of Serenity

- Avalon of Thunder, the Spirit of Celerity

- Avalon of Sword, the Spirit of Integrity

- Gunstar-Class "White Night"

- Reaper-Class "Night Soul"

- Bloodedge

- Polka

- Allegretto

- Beat

- Corona

- Aurora

- Viola

- BlaStar

- Reasonwave

- BlaStar Resonforte

Series: Etarnia

<Zodiak Alliance>

Description: The underground society bent on taking over the world by reenacting the Zodiac Brave Story

Dev Notes: the TRUE baddies


- Anthem

- Anthem of Prelude

- Anthem of Rhapsody

- Anthem of Symphony

- Anthem of Etude

- Anthem of Nocturne

- Nocturne Shadow

- Freudhersch (was a good guy)

- Famfreet, The Darkening Cloud

Series: Etarnia

<General Units>

Description: The general purpose units used by all military factions, militia, and pirates

Dev Notes: neutral….


- Squire-Class General Purpose Unit

- Knight-Class Special Infantry Unit

- Warrior-Class Special Operative Unit

- Jester-Class Support Unit

- Black Mage-Class Special Artillery Unit

- White Mage-Class Special Support Unit

- Summoner-Class Special Ballista Unit

- Gunstar-Class Special Infantry MP-1 Unit

- Gunstar-Class Special Infantry MP-1RG Unit

- Brigand-Class Assault Raider Unit

- Reaper-Class Special Operative Unit

Series: Spirit Hero Wataru 4

<Hero Units>

Description: ~

Dev Notes: ~


- Ryukoumaru

- Seiryumaru

- Suzakumaru

- Byakkomaru

- Genbumaru

- Kirinmaru

Series: Super Dimensional Planar Witchcraft

<501 Joint Taskforce Genius>

Description: The Joint Nation's elite Taskforce to accomplish the mission of eradicating all the Invaders who harm this planet.

Dev Notes: ~


- VMF-X01 Witchcraft

Series: Macross K <On Stage, and live, Live, LIVE>

<26th Macross Fleet Konig Sound Foce HTT>

Description: Macross K's Sound Force, for the further research of sound energy.

Dev Notes: Ui~


- VF-19SES Excalibur [Yui Custom]

- VF-25SES Messiah [Mio Custom]

- VF-171SES Nightmare Plus [Mugi/Ritsu Custom]

- VF-22SES Sturmvogel II [Azusa Custom]

- VF-27SES Lucifer [sawako Custom]

- RVF-25 Hymn Messiah

- VB-6S Siren

- Sprite V-10

Series: Mobile Suit Gundam SEED: The Wings of War

<ORB Taskforce OTTER>

Description: An Elite test team of ORBs very own Morgenroute, Inc.

Dev Notes: ~


- ZGMF-X78T Vanguard Gundam

- ZGMF-X44S Nike Gundam

Series: Come, Make My Day!

<ORB Taskforce OTTER>

Description: An Elite test team of ORBs very own Morgenroute, Inc.

Dev Notes: ~


- MBF-M1D Astray Dagger

- MBF-M1G M1 Astray Guard

Series: Mobile Suit Gundam SEED: The Wings of War


Description: ~

Dev Notes: ~



Series: Mobile Suit Gundam SEED: The Wings of War

<Clyne Faction>

Description: ~

Dev Notes: ~


- ZGMF-X28T Zephyr Gundam


Series: Mobile Suit Gundam SEED: The Wings of War

<Earth Alliance>

Description: ~

Dev Notes: ~


- ZGMF-X44S/V Valiant Nike Gundam

Series: Come, Make My Day!

<Earth Alliance>

Description: ~

Dev Notes: ~


- GAT-01A2O Onslaught Dagger

Series: Mobile Suit Gundam: Beyond the Twilight <The Wraiths of Granada>


Description: ~

Dev Notes: Although, these units that I made are protagonists….


- MS-07B-H Gouf High Mobility Type

- MS-09-C Dom Close Combat Type

- MS-09-L Dom Long Range Combat Type

- MS-09RII-A Rick Dom II Assault Type

- MS-14F-A Gelgoog Marine "Alt Riese"

- MS-18K Kampfer Heavy Assault Type

Series: Mobile Suit Gundam: Beyond the Twilight <Monoeye Passions>


Description: ~

Dev Notes: ~


- LRX-099 Avanguard

- LRX-077-EX Sisquide Assault

- LRX-066-EX Tera-S'ono Burst

Series: Mobile Suit Gundam: Beyond the Twilight <Monoeye Passions>

<Oakland Sisters>

Description: ~

Dev Notes: ~


- LRX-066-2 Tera-S'ono Mk.II

- LRX-066-2 Tera-S'ono Mk.II Mobile Armor Type

Series: Mobile Suit Gundam: Beyond the Twilight <In Honor of the Jolly Roger>

<Crossbone Vanguard>

Description: ~

Dev Notes: ~


- XM-X10 Flint Kai

- XM-X10 Flint Kai Kai Jolly Roger

- XM-X13 (F97-EX) Crossbone Gundam Wraith

- XM-X2R (RXF-97-2) Corsair Gundam

- Mother Vanguard-Class Agnis Mari

Series: Mobile Suit Gundam: Beyond the Twilight <In Honor of the Jolly Roger>

<Jupiter Empire/Zansacare Empire>

Description: ~

Dev Notes: Yes, I revealed it… It's basically the earliest part of the Zansacare's rise to power…


- MS-08TX-E Efreet Boost Type <- Although, this should really be in (Zeon - OYW)

- Lævatein

Series: Mobile Suit Gundam: Beyond the Twilight <Memories of the Fallen>



Dev Notes: To be quite honest, they aren't really good guys… Although the protagonist is in it though...


- MSC-00A Alpha

- MSC-00X Chi

- MSN-079 Noir

- MSN-080 Patulle

- RGM-199 Spartan

- RGM-200 Ares

Series: Mobile Suit Gundam: Beyond the Twilight <Memories of the Fallen>



Dev Notes: To be quite honest, they aren't really bad guys... Sorta like AUEG... although does not have the protagonist


- SMS-X00 Zero

- SMS-X00A Zero Azure

- SMS-R01 Impact

- SMS-R01As Impact Assault Type

- SMS-R01Ag Impact Agile Type

Series: Mobile Suit Gundam: Beyond the Twilight <Evanescent Memories>


Description: Band of protagonists

Dev Notes: ~


- MSC-00Δ Delta

- MSC-00Δ-EX Delta Exceed

I have no idea how these will fit in

- RVR-14-S Fei-Yen, The Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter

- GF42-086NC Si-Xiang Gundam

But they are all "good"

Edited by Akita

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Nimbus, you... you... you name stealer! (?). And remember to add other people's units! ò.ó

*Ahem* Anyways...

Crusaders of Saint Cross

-The one and only unit here is of the good faction. And because I feel like it, I would give it to the Super Sentai Squad-thing


-All units (Yep, the whole seventeen) are of the Goodies.

Faction Wars <General Units>

-All units there are neutral

Faction Wars <EINHERJAR>

-All neutral.

Final Fantasy: The Jenova Wars (Shinra Army)

-Gaea (Prototype) and Gaea (Mass Produced Version) are ebil like Zorbak evil.

Final Fantasy: The Jenova Wars (Avalanche)

-The AAF-001 Fenrir is (guess what?) good

Final Fantasy II: Chaos Shift (Wutai Army)

-WXAF-003 Chigiri, WXAF-003 Chigiri Burst, WXAF-004 Seigi and WXAF-004C-E Absolute Justice are good.

Final Fantasy II: Chaos Shift (Alter Jenova)

-JAF-01 Behemoth, JAF-02 Alruna Seph, JAF-03 Lost Jenova, AF-X Kaballah (Incomplete) and AF-X Kaballah are evil.

MSN-03 Sizer is evil (It's Zeon)

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W-Babel - Bad Seed (Good)


V1D1 Perseus

V1D2 Geminus

V1D3 Eudoxus

V1D4 Autolycus

V1D5 Democritus

V1D6 Callipus

(Landstalker variants of all the above)

W-Babel - Pacific Union (Neutral)

JT3 Walking Tank "Kumo"

JT3 Kai Walking Tank "Tsurugi"

Type 126b Gunship "Ryoushi"

Type 139 Fighter "Tsubame"

Hogosha-class Aircraft Carrier

W-Babel - People's Republic of East Asia (Neutral)

Leishen Powered Armor

Shenyang J-43X Fighter

Rongzhen 101 Amphibious Vehicle

Yunfat-class Land Battleship

W-Babel - Kingdom of Great Britain/Reichtum Financial Group (Evil)

Cavalier Hover Cycle

Pegasus Riser Craft

Cavalier + Pegasus

Buckingham-class Hovercarrier

V2 Archimedes Combat Vector

V3 Apollonius Combat Vector

V4 Euclid Combat Vector

W-Babel - Earth Union / Civilian / Misc. (Neutral)

V5 Meton Combat Vector

H^2 Kai Twinbird Transport Plane

MiG-15/2080 Fighter

Leishen Custom Powered Armor "Hermes"

JT3 Custom Walking Tank "Free Bird"

Guardion - Earth Union/Guardion Team (Good)


Super Moe Guardia-chan

GD-0 Guard-Zero

Great Guardion

GD-1 Guard-One

Akiba Eagle

Akiba Jaguar

Akiba Bear

Guardion - Professor Terada/Boshin Army (Evil)

Machine Soldier Kasuga

Machine Soldier Teibo

Machine Soldier Choyo

Guardion Blaze

Guardion Gale

Guardion Rock

Boshin AV

Machine Soldier Kotetsu

Heavenly Palace Kokyo

Machine Emperor Jimmu

Flexion - Kinniku Labs (Good)


Kyodai Flexion

Lost Legion 16XX - ESTOC (Good)

Sentry X-2 Combat Vector

Sentry X-2 Combat Vector (Cable System)

Mirage III Combat Vector

Mirage III Combat Vector (Cable System)

Wisconsin-class Space Battleship "Pandora"

Lost Legion 16XX - Steel Cradle / Holy Roman Empire (Good)

Legion Buster

Knight Buster



Lost Legion 16XX - Elizabeth Bathory's Legion (Evil)


Super Robot Taisen Generation X - Hero Units (Good)

Vidoll Power Riser (Nash Rayfield)

Vidoll Power Riser (Ford Aultman)

Vidoll Power Riser (Lancia Maserati)













Aucifer Custom

Super Robot Taisen Generation X - Last Alliance (Evil)





Vidoll Power Riser (U-Man Custom)



Vidoll Power Riser (Bristol Chrysler)



Black Eden

Super Robot Taisen Rebirth - Pantheon (Evil)


Super Robot Taisen XX (Double Cross) - Gestalt (Good)



Schwarzgate Cross

Black Kreuzrider

Super Robot Taisen XX (Double Cross) - The Nightmare (Evil)






Ignis Fatuus

Ignis Thanatos

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Shattered Earth- Rebels (Good)

MWT-01 Skirmish

Core Module: Skirmish

RMWT-01 Skirmish Blade

Core Module: Skirmish Blade

MWT-01S Skirmish Command Type

Core Module: Skirmish Command

RMWT-01 Maximillian's Skirmish Blade

DGMWT-19-1 Magnum 1

DGMWT-19-3 Magnum 3

Iron Dragon

Shattered Earth- Divine Guardians (Bad)

DGMWT-16 Assault

DGMWT-16B Assault Bunker Shell

Core Module

DGMWT-17 Trooper

DGMWT-18 Jäger

DGMWT-19-2 Magnum 2

DGMWT-19-2 Magnum 2 Bunker Shell

DGMWT-21 Juggernaut

DGMWT-20 Käempfer

Thunder Dragon

(The following is subject to change as I work on the series, since I've only gotten two submissions added for it so far)

Sapphira Chronicles- Calidia (Good)


Angler Command Type

Black Marlin

Guppy-Class Attack Craft

Nautilus-Class Assault Carrier

Sapphira Chronicles- Sargaso Corps. (Bad)


Manta-Class Drop Ship


Blue Marlin

Leviathan-class Transport

Hyper Dimensional Robot: Zenith- Earth Defense Forces (Good)


Hyper Dimensional Robot: Zenith- Invaders (Bad)





Edited by Yuu Inohara

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A list of my units arranged by factions.

Advent Chronicles Units - EGO units (Good)

- RM-R01 Reidlos

- RM-R01-R Reidlos High Mobility Type (and pilot customs)

- RM-R01-S Reidlos Sniper Type (and pilot customs)

- RM-R01-N Reidlos Stealth Type (and pilot customs)

- RM-R01-W Reidlos Worker Type

- RM-R02 Gepherd

- RM-R02-I Gepherd Interceptor Type (and pilot custom)

- RM-Y02-H Gepherd Heraldry Test Type

- RM-X03 Eltrine

- RM-X04 Ilmes

- XGS-X01 Krieger

- XGS-X02 Schutzer

- XGS-X03 Sieger

- XGS-X04 Raubtier

- XGS-X05 Kampfer

- XGS-X06 Jaeger

Advent Chronicles Units - Empire units (Evil)

- GT-X01 Bull

- GT-R02 Boar

- ZRM-R01 Zealot

- ZRM-R02 Templar

- ZPF-R01 Cleric

Advent Chronicles Units - General units (mixed)

- PF-R01 Veloa

- PF-R02 Scalpe

- PF-R03 Khaon

- Artemis-class Missile Frigate

- Apollo-class Frigate

- Hephaestus-class Destroyer

- Hermes-class Frigate

Denkou Sekka Highspeed Nights

- No need to categorized this into factions, since this is meant to be a "not-Virtual On in combat sports that use Air Gears/Land Spinners, Lift Boards, and Clock Up as mecha parts" and where everyone has access to them.

Eterngarde - General units (mixed)

- Greyarm

- Gunbrute

- Arcwork

- Castveil

- Equuleus-class Light Frigate

- Aquila-class Assault Cruiser

- Duelscale

- Guardstab

- Gearbolt

- Crossguard

- Spirehorn

- Arweway

- Grossvalor

- Faultbreak

- Riskbane

- Underhand

- Canis-class Light Destroyer

- Grus-class Battle Cruiser

Eterngarde - Arc Order/Drifters units (Good)

- Sky Island - Sirius

- Ardent Eos

- Brise Varg

- Intrepid Avertir

- Edel Fleur

- Ficol Polyphony

- Harsk Romblen

- Septum Dragan

- Barra Thrysta

- Bourn Wardein

- Vitre Fyris

- Bitna Vent

- Plonger Paludis

- Grave Nyx

- Impulse Covrir

- Voltaic Schwert

- Pavis Resile

- Tornado Diver

- Ferric Contrive

Eterngarde - All Chaos/Autochtons units (Most Evil of 'em all!)

- Ezo Gazer

- Ezo Shooter

- Ezo Lasher

- Ezo Guarder

- Ezo Hoarder

- Sarg Slasher

- Sarg Cannoneer

- Sarg Grafter

- Barsava Charger

- Barsava Tikbalang

- Ezo Revealer

- Ezo Gorgon

- Ogon Negator

- Ogon Debaser

- Sarg Harbinger

- Barsava Smasher

- Sarg Troll

Eterngarde - Repavia Syndicate units (Evil)

- Brawnbold

- Aileforge

- Wry Lindorm

- Wivre Geist

- Welter Ruth

- Blastpawn

- Wildpoint

- Noisome Caprice

- Mortier Toxicum

- Totra Magneto

Kyoudai Sousei Senkan Avia - HSF units (Good)

- All existing Kyoudai Sousei Senkan Avia goes to this, since I have not yet submitted the Imperio ng Makinarya's seafood platt... er, planes, mechas, giant ships, and their HUEG enemy crab!

Sakigake! Yuusha Banchou Alranzer!

- There's only one Hero dude that changes form here... So, no changes here~

Zoids Revolution - Zi-Crusaders units (Good; all units are located on Zoids: SimChamber Original Designs)

- Mirage Fox

- Assault Lobo

- Wing Liger

- Glide Eagle

- Glider Wing Liger

- Argallion

- Argallion Imperator

- Argallion Defensor

- Brave Gryphon

- Jet Slider

Zoids Revolution - Zi Alliance units (Good; all units are located on Zoids: SimChamber Original Designs)

- Dynamo Kong

- Sight Falcon

- Blade Coelacanth

- Breakticore

- Sting Wolf

- Gun Wallaby

- Crush Saurer

- Blastmera

- Aegis Dragon

Zoids Revolution - Zeros Empire units (Evil; all units are located on Zoids: SimChamber Original Designs)

- Hell Liger

- König Wolf Raid Blade

Zoids Revolution - Mission Hunters/Civilians/ETC units (Mixed, due to the Zoids being either a civilian, neutral, or company design units; all units are located on Zoids: SimChamber Original Designs)

- Rummage Spiner

- Scissor Crab

- Carapace Barnacle

- Robust Lobster

- Prawn Snapper

- Fortress Crab

- Crush Crayfish

- Crustacean Dragon

- Armor Terrapin

- War Shell

- Vacuum Mata

- Ground Snapper

- Rampart Archelon

- Cannoneer Tortapod

- Tortoise Dragon

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Get Valius taken care of and I'll get the rest separated when I get off work.

Since Valius is so mixed up being different entries in the series I'd like them split up into their proper series. I'm also renaming a few units, if I need to post in my dev for that then I'll be happy to do so.

Assault Frame Valius: Juri/United Freedom Front Units (Good):



AF-2 Dragoon Custom

AF-3 (both types)

VAF-13V Valius

UFFAF-1 (both types)

UFFAF-1-V Valius (rename of AF-1 Kai V 'Valius' to make it not horrible)



Assault Frame Valius: Viranda Units (Evil):






SPAF-0 (both types)


Valius II: Juri Units (Good):

V-2 Refined Valius (another rename)

UFFAF-1Δ 'Delta Plan 1'

UFFAF-2Δ 'Delta Plan 2'

UFFAF-3Δ 'Delta Plan 3'



Shuttle Plan-30


Valius II: Viranda Units (Evil):

NAF-0 New Valius

VAF-13 Shinji Custom


VAF-100 Ia

TD Drone

TX Drone

Valius III: The Martian Blackout: Juri Units (Good):

JNAF-01SG Valius SP Zero Gravity Trainer

JNAF-01 Valius SP

JNAF-07 General Keller

Valius III: The Martian Blackout: Viranda Units (Evil):

VPAF-5000 Zaki

Story of a Renegade: Peacemen Village Units (Good) (part of the Valius top series):



Story of a Renegade: Nando Industries Units (Evil):

NAF-1 Copy New Valius

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Yipes. Oh wow. Now I have to actually think about my terrible Mary Sue, Inc. dev team. Okay, let's see here...

I'm pretty sure Gundam New Destiny and Mirage Assasin GM Sniper have been long ago thoroughly punted for horrible backstory, but if by some miracle (?) they still exist, they fall under EFF control and thus are (Good).

I know Prototype Mazinger and Valrose have been punted on my own volition, so I skip those.

The OF I created whose name eludes me at the moment, if it too has not already been punted for the same reasons as above (and if not I'm gonna give it a more ZOE-verse-y backstory sometime in the indeterminate future), for now it falls under whatever faction the protagonist ZOE units falls under, which is probably (Unaligned).

Gigahertz in the "THOS Mecha" thread also is likely to get a backstory overhaul to probably throw it into its' own series, but the Mary Sue, Inc. team was intended to be (Unaligned), so that's what it'll stay as for now.

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Lord of Byston Well: Kingdom of Alm and House Garm (Good)

Teradyte (Prototype Aura Battler, 5 Customs)

Shin's Custom

Lucia's Custom

Abraham's Custom


Grunv (Mass Produced Wing Caliber)

Almedes (Mass Produced Aura Ship)

Valnoir (Limited Production Wing Caliber)

Dozolom (Customized Aura Battler)

Cigany (Customized Aura Battler)

Aeranbine (Customized Transformable Aura Battler)

Macodes Weapons Platform (Mobile Weapons Platform)

Lord of Byston Well: Kingdom of Zoh and the Mon Dynasty (Bad)

Salan (Mass Produced Aura Battler, w/ Refit)

Neuholt (Mass Produced Aura Battler, w/ Refit)

Yansa (Limited Production Aura Battler, 1 Custom)

Guangrong Zhanshi

Theraphos (Customized Aura Battler)

Neuej (Prototype Heavy Battler)

Ajiru (Limited Production Heavy Battler)

Edited by Suguri-SP

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Arcuria is all I have that needs splitting. And I should write more of it. And rewrite the shit out of what's there.

None of the factions are really good or evil. Arcuria are ending a war, and have the hero mecha. But they may be ending the war by destroying all humans, soooo.


-UHF Plasma Trooper


-AEC Plasma Trooper


-True Plasma Trooper Kael

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OK, so.

All of my units in Space Crusader Sayaka-chan are

Space Crusader Sayaka-chan: Angelic Union Units [Good]

- Kotora, Okami, Numiko

New Gundam Report Mobile Serenity: Echoes of the Fallen: Lunar Alliance [Evil]

- LSX-104 "Light of Luna" Serenity Gundam (Gundam Mk. XVI)

New Gundam Report Mobile Serenity: Echoes of the Fallen: Confederate Colonies of Mars [Good]

- MCC-05F Olympus Gundam

My upcoming heros are

Twilight Shards of Memory: Assorted Memories: Dawnbringers [Good]

Peacemaker's got it's own entry (in post)

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