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"Huh? It's playtime? Yaaaay~ New friends!"

The Devil's Sister - Flandre Scarlet

Pilot Class: Psychomoe

Level: 16

Current Max SP: 160

Skills & Abilities:

- Dodge Cost -0%

- Countercut Cost: 7 AP

- Countershoot Cost: 4 AP

- Bounded Field

Class: Passive (Main)

During the special phase you may pay 10 AP to gain Weapon Damage +15% and Accuracy +15% for the first attack phase made this turn.

-Range Level 3: [+]-type Weapon Damage +30%, Countershoot Cost -2

-Accuracy Level 2: Target's Dodge Cost +15%, Countershoot Cost -1

-Evade Level 1: Dodge Cost -5%

Insanity Gauge

Class: Active (Main)

Ranges between 0 and 10. Gain 1 Insanity counter each turn during your Regen Phase. Insanity counters can be expended to give different effects. Insanity abilities are activated during the Spirit Command Phase.

-Mind Blink: Costs 2 Insanity. Gain Dodge Cost -10% and Target's Dodge Cost +30% for this turn. Requires Psychic Energy.

-Increased Fire: Costs 3 Insanity. One (X) or (F) type weapon on your unit has its limit increased by 25% this turn, rounded up.

-Bombing Run: Costs 5 Insanity. Instantly evade all attacks in the first attack phase you receive this turn. This is considered an Evasive Secondary Defense. One (X) or (F) type weapon on your unit has its limit increased by 25% this turn, rounded up.

-Spellcard: Costs 6 Insanity. Negate all attacks aimed at you this round. This is an Evasive Secondary Defense.

Skills & Seishins


1. Spellcard Declaration (Attacker)

2. Vampire (Newtype)

3. Danmaku Master (Genius)

4. Concentration

5. Ranged Mastery (Gunfight Lv.3)

6. Predator (Hunter Lv.2)


1. Enthusiasm (Duty Lv.3)

2. Focused Movement (Concentrate Lv.3)

3. Insanity (Rage)

4. Graze (Boost Lv.2)

5. Danmaku Spray (Confusion Lv.1)

6. Devil Feast (Resupply Lv.2)


BZ-007 Diploguns


HP: 2600, EN: 130, Agi: 270

IS: 3, Move: G, Size: S, Rank: 4


[F] Diplo Cutter (M)- 1000 damage [+0%]

[H] Diplo Cutter [shoot] (P)- 1500 damage, 5 EN/attack [+10%]

[+] Rail Cannon- 3200 damage, 10 rounds [+10%]

Inherent Abilities:

1) Zoid

2) Z Unison (Chimera Dragon): BZ-005 Fly Scissors, BZ-006 Shellkarn, BZ-007 Diploguns, BZ-008 Demon's Head. Same effects as Combine.

3) Z Unison (Gojulox): BZ-001 Leo Blaze, BZ-002 Unenlagia, BZ-004 Nightwise, BZ-006 Shellkarn, BZ-007 Diploguns, BZ-008 Demon's Head Same effects as Combine.

4) Snipe: Rail Cannon [+30%]

Purchasing Cost: 200 Credits


1. Hybrid Dual Sensor

2. A.P.A. OS (N.T. Disc, K.K. Disc, R.N. Disc)

3. Dual Tesla Drive


Someone could also bring a Rare Medal/SP License cause having Group Mentality Lv.2 for everyone in the combined form would totally be awesome.

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