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♠ ♣ Virtual Ace Project. ♦♥

In the near future society is in the grip of a revolution in the field of personal entertainment. The Virtual Gaming Experience allows people to escape from their boring lives into a virtual realities all thier own with nothing more then a set of Virtual Reality Goggles and manipulator gloves. One of the biggest companies in the field would have to be the Virtual Entertainment Company, Torchlight Online Recreation. They are famous for having created a card battle game of epic proportions.

This virtual reality card duel Consists of electronic cards that the users trade and collect in order to do battle with them. There are literally thousands of cards out there that each have their own specific purpose. When a player inputs their electronic card in the card reader the virtual reality set places the creature card he just played on a board that resembels an oversized chess board where he can control the creatures he has summoned to do battle with his opponents creatures. The most important card in any deck is the main battle card. A card that is unique to each user and specificly designed for them when they join the game.

The main battle card is much like the king in chess the most vital piece in the game. Once defeated the game ends. However the Main battle card is also the strongest offensive card in the deck. Besides beeing able to summon creatures with creature cards there are also enhancement cards that protect your main battle card or enhance it's ability to attack. Torchlight Industries has provided a network that users can log onto to battle even opponents on the other side of the planet. They also host localised and even international championships for players to prove they are the best.

However the criminal organisation VECTOR 7 has created a device that allows virtual Reality to overlap our reality. For the last 2 years Card Champions have been disapearing after winning these tournaments only to turn up months later using their virtual card decks as a weapon of terror to commit crimes on a massive scale in the real world. The publics growing concern has lead to some people calling out to the game beeing shut down but as both the government and Torchlight industries have explained simply shutting down the game when the equipment is already out there will not solve the problem.

Under public pressure however the government has announced the creation of a new government agency to combat This kind of cyber terrorism, As an awnser to VECTOR 7's criminal abuse of the Card system. Project ACE is the name of this new Organisation that has been called into life to combat the kidnapped Card Champions. Project ACE has managed to build their Own Virtual Reality Zone device to let it's own Card Champions battle the monsterous card users transformed by Vector 7 into their Main Battle Cards. The 4 Mechanic systems they have created use the VRZ device to scan battle cards and apply their effects to the 4 machines enhancing them in battle just like the machines were their Main Battle Card forms.

VRZR-01 ♠ Saint Blade

The VRZR-01 Saint Blade was actually the second unit build utilizing the Virtual Reality Zone System. The Virtual Reality Zone allows the Effects of Battle Cards to be used to affect the real world. Inside the virtual Reality Zone the Card data is made into Actual matter by a matter resequencing unit that reads the complex codes stored on the battle cards to apply those affects in real life. However unlike VECTOR 7 the VRZ system is not able to transform a human directly into their battle card. The VRZ system has to be installed in humanoid mecha that mimic the battle cards weaponry and attacks in order to fight the monster cards created by VECTOR 7 and to save the human Card Champions they enslave for their evil plots.

The Saint blade is a 27 Meter high robot with the spade insignia on it's chest. It's colored white with black trim parts and it has massive shoulders with a movable lever on top when the shoulders open up the cards fold out into a fan shape that lets the unit select it's battle cards easily. The Left side houses the Lower Cards and the right side the high class cards. There are 2 card reader devices on each arm that the unit inserts cards into to read their content after which they automaticly return to the shoulder rack.

The card champion pilot uses a cockpit that detects movement and inserts regular sized battle cards into the cockpit reader in order for the unit to select the larger sized battle cards from it's shoulders. The units are armored with light but highly durable materials and they are neither highly armored nor extremely durable. they are powered by an Matter Energy Core Who's waste is used by the VRZ System to create it's attacks.

The pilot of the Saint blade is originally Lance Gilroy, the American card champion. During an exhibition tournament in tokyo the semi finals are interupted by a digruntled player that was defeated earlier in the tournament and was turned into a monster by VECTOR 7. Lance is wounded in battle and hands over his Saint Blade card to his opponent, Kazuhito Shinobu who activates the Spade Machine and defeats the monster. Lance's injury leaves him permanently limp and he quits Project ACE. Shinobu has a bit of trouble fitting in with his 2 other seniors, the pilots of the Diamond and Clover machines. The Pilot of the Saint Blade is expected to lead the team and the others feel uncomfotable under the leadership of not only a rookie pilot but a no name player aswell. Shinobu However earns their respect quickly and soon after the are joined by the last member, Hayate. Lance makes a surprise return not much later as the teams combat instructor (And with the VRZR-00 Joker) at which point VECTOR 7 is revealed to be 7 top members of Torchlight who depose the president and take over the company with the plot of using their final perfected reality modifier connected to the entire network to turn every player in the world into a monsterous creature....

This is an SR so clearly base it's stats on an SR please. should have some nice DR to because even if it's only mazinger sized mazinger is still a rock.

The Following is a list of the Spade Deck cards and their attack combinations

♠ 2 - Hero's Sword

There are 4 sacred hallows, Legendary Treasures of old. They are The Sword, The Wand the Disc and the Chalice. The Set of number 2 cards for all 4 Robots summon forth their main combat weapons. The Sword is the Choice weapon of the Spade deck.

This should be the strongest of the mellee weapons on the 4 units. It's well.... it's a not-mastersword.

♠ 3 - Fire Strike

This Card charges the Sword with fire energy and then slashes it forwards sending a wave of fire hurling towards the enemy.

This should probably be [H], No other requests.

♠ 4 - Burning Fist

This Card charges the units fist with fire energy causing them to light up with a blue flame which it then uses to beat the enemy multiple times with and finishing with a powerfull upercut

Hoping for an (MF) no other requests

♠ 5 - Burning Counter

This card charges the units Right foot with fire and requires the units back be turned towards the enemy. As the enemy attacks it has 2 possible effects. Either it kicks the enemy with a roundhouse kick or counter kicks the enemies attack.

I Imagined this as doing 1 of two things depending on the enemies next move. If the enemy uses a [F] attack on it's next turn this attack will deal it's normal attack to the enemy during it's next defence phase without taking up your ability to attack on your next turn. if it uses an [H] or [+] attack it instead reduces the damage that you take during your defence phase by the damage you deal with this attack. If that is at all possible. If not i hope you guys have something similair you can deal me for.

♠ 6 - Blazing Inferno kick

This card charges both of the units feet with fire which it can use to make a combination of kicks at the enemy that hurl small fireballs at it.

Hoping for an [H] with the (F) tag here. no other requests

♠ 7 - Hellforged Blade

This Card charges the sword with black fire that makes the sword grow in size. When it strikes the enemy the hellfire burning on it burns them.

Looking for some BURN status here

♠ 8 - Fire Buster

This Card charges the robots chest with fire energy which it then shoots at the enemy in a beam and incinerates them.

Its a generic chest beam :o

♠ 9 - Phantom Fire

This Card charges the robots arm with fire which it then thrusts into the ground making a fire pillar rise from under its enemy and burning them to a crisp. This attack is also effective at targeting enemies which are under ground.

Its a big single damage hit. possible with a slight TDC mod since it's not a direct attacking action. Would like some drill on this.

♠ 10 - (Ten) Heaven's Card

This card creates a magical sigil on the ground around the unit with a spade shape where the unit is standing. a giant fire pillar then rises up and burns everything in it's circle all the way up to the heavens.

Hoping for an (S), No Other Preferences.

♠ J - Spade of Fire

This card creates a spade shaped green flame that flies at the enemy and burns their spirit to ash or passes through them harmlesly depending on (In the virtual game world a random dice roll)

Hoping for a Kick, doesn't need ubar insane damage just to show it's all or nothing.

♠ Q - Queen's Requiem

This card when used projects a massive figure of the queen of spades infront of the unit she then cages the enemy in a cage of fire that slowly shrinks. if the enemy does not escape the cage they are impalede by lances of fire sprouting from the cage bars.

Hoping for a para + Damage

♠ K - Fiery Heart Strike

This card creates a giant sword shaped flame that this unit wields to strike at the enemy. This strike weakens the enemy and enhances the morale of allies by it's magnificent display of truely awe inspiring power.

Hoping for a nice damage attack and an ability kinda like the battleship captains command attack. that gives a bonus when allies attack the unit that was hit with this attack.

♠ A - Saints Sword

This card causes the sword to grow to truelly massive size and glow with immense energy. The unit must then leap into the air and slam the sword straight down over it's shoulder just to wield it, it then releases a massive energy burst straight forward cleaving the enemy in half.

So this attack is kinda like what would happen if you had zengar pilot dancougar and use the zankantou for dankuukougaken :D

Royal Straight Flush

This requires the ♠ 10, ♠ J, ♠ Q, ♠ K and ♠ A cards to be used simultaneously. It creates a much larger version of the 10 cards cigil that activates when this unit stabs the giant saints sword of the ace card into the space sigil. It then incinerates anything in its massive radius.

Looking for a map here

Low Hand Fold

When the cards energy is expended low hand fold throws the 2 through 9 cards at the enemy asif they are Shuriken.

Looking for an 8 rounds (F) here that disables the low card effects 2 through 9 when used.

Black Joker

VRZR-02 ♣ Arch Mage

The VRZR-02 Arch Mage was actually the third unit build utilizing the Virtual Reality Zone System. The Virtual Reality Zone allows the Effects of Battle Cards to be used to affect the real world. Inside the virtual Reality Zone the Card data is made into Actual matter by a matter resequencing unit that reads the complex codes stored on the battle cards to apply those affects in real life. However unlike VECTOR 7 the VRZ system is not able to transform a human directly into their battle card. The VRZ system has to be installed in humanoid mecha that mimic the battle cards weaponry and attacks in order to fight the monster cards created by VECTOR 7 and to save the human Card Champions they enslave for their evil plots.

The Arch Mage is a 25 Meter high robot with the Clover isignia forming a visor like black overlay on it's face obscuring It's eyes until they light up for it's more spectacular attacks. It's colored white with black trim parts much like the saint blade but it wears a massive black cloak that can turn it invisible when the hood is drawn over the face. Additionally it has the Ability to generate a Force field that repels attacks to comromise for it's poor defense. It has a more sleek and feminine look then the Saint blade and is consequently pilot by a woman. The Card rack system is mounted on its forearms which lets it draw its cards out of the cloak's sleeves. The Left side houses the Lower Cards and the right side the high class cards. There is only a single Card reader devices on the units chest hat the unit inserts cards into to read their content after which they automaticly return to the arm racks.

As with the Saint Blade, the card champion pilot uses a cockpit that detects movement and inserts regular sized battle cards into the cockpit reader in order for the unit to select the larger sized battle cards from it's shoulders. The units are armored with light but highly durable materials and they are neither highly armored nor extremely durable. they are powered by an Matter Energy Core Who's waste is used by the VRZ System to create it's attacks.

This is an SR so clearly base it's stats on an SR please. should have no DR however because it is the physicly weakest unit of the four. This is compensated for by a Force Field that repels attacks and It's cloak that should grant it some meassure of stealth if at all possible. It has impressive offensive ability but is still a step below the fire unit. The unit this is most comparable with is the grungast type 2 that relies more on it's barrier then inherant sturdiness.

The Following is a list of the Clover Deck cards and their attack combinations

♣ 2 - Wand of Wishes

There are 4 sacred hallows, Legendary Treasures of old. They are The Sword, The Wand the Disc and the Chalice. The Set of number 2 cards for all 4 Robots summon forth their main combat weapons. The Wand of wishes is a actually a large pole axe that when it hits the enemy Can do a variety of difrent things to them.

You guys remember the old Fortune hand that the now deleted spider used to have? I'd like to have something similair where the Wand of wishes becomes a Damage, Status (M) attack that deals a diffrent status based on how much HP This robot has left. I don't know if a poleaxe qualifies for countercut. thats Up to you guys. I was personaly thinking between: Armor Break, Attack Break, Barrier Break and Mobility Break

♣ 3 - Blank Card

♣ 4 - Blank Card

♣ 5 - Blank Card

♣ 6 - Blank Card

Blank Cards: The Clover deck contains 4 cards called Spell Seal. A spell Seal is basicly a blank card that can absorb an opponents attack into the card allowing the Arch Mage to use this attack for themselves. Once a Spell Seal is filled it acts just like a normal card. The spell seal card is actually a litle diffrent from a normal card. The full sized card has a device exactly opposite of the VRZ System, instead of transmuting data into matter it converts matter back into data. The miniature Matter converter only has a small radius compared to the VRZ and this radius appears as a spell sigil that absorbs the enemies attack.

Hoping for Weapon Copy.

♣ 7 - Soul Stealer

This card summons a low level monster called a Soul stealer. It looks like a humanoid energy beeing that charges the enemy and drains away It's energy points (Thats it0as in game effect. On a vector 7 monster it basicly drains away the energy powering it's form leaving it's data showing where it loses power.)

Hoping for En Drain with a limited number of uses

♣ 8 - Life Stealer

This card summons a monster called a Life stealer. It looks like Black 3 headed dog, inspired by cerbereus. It charges the enemy and drains it's life away where its fangs bite it.

Hoping for HP Drain with a limited number of uses

♣ 9 - Mind Stealer

This card summons a monster called a mind stealer. It looks suspiciously like one of the angels from Eva but not enough to be copyright ingfringenment. It attacks the enemies mind and absorbs it's mental energy.

Hoping for SP Drain with a limited number of uses

♣ 10 - Fenrirs Chains

This card summons the chains that hold Fenrir the monster wolf tied down until ragnarok to restrain the enemy... or t least it summons chains that do the same thing to the enemy!

Hoping for Para with a limited number of uses

♣ J

♣ Q

♣ K

♣ A

Royal Straight Flush

Low Hand Fold

Black Joker

♦ 1 - Diamond Chakram

There are 4 sacred hallows, Legendary Treasures of old. They are The Sword, The Wand the Disc and the Chalice. The Set of number 2 cards for all 4 Robots summon forth their main combat weapons. The Diamond Chakram is as it's name implies a Chakram with a diamond edge.

This is a chakram with a handle at the bottom, it can be used both for melee combat and for throwing. Because It has a diamond cutting edge I was hoping for armor pierce or something like that.

♦ 2 - Wind Chakram

This charges the Diamond Chakram with the spirit of the wind. It is then thrown and refracts light due to it's crystaline nature and can be hard to see if it is spinning through the air.

I'd like this to have somewhat of a higher TDC since it Is invisible if at all possible.

♦ 3

♦ 4

♦ 5

♦ 6

♦ 7

♦ 8

♦ 9

♦ 10

♦ J

♦ Q

♦ K

♦ A

Royal Straight Flush

Low Hand Fold

Red Joker

♥ 2 - Chalice of Spirit

♥ 3 - Armor Boost

♥ 4 - Attack Boost

♥ 5 - Mobility Boost

♥ 6 - Morale Boost

♥ 7 - Skill Boost

♥ 8 - SP Recover

♥ 9

♥ 10

♥ J

♥ Q

♥ K

♥ A

Royal Straight Flush

Low Hand Fold

Black Joker

Edited by Mai Kobayashi

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Ok, I LOVE the idea. It's fairly unique in the realm of mecha. But, you need to make sure you go into more detail about the actual robots and how they use the abilities of the cards to attack. The details are very sketchy at the moment. Also, keep this idea way from 4kids, lest they turn it into a crappy saturday morning cartoon...i'd probably watch.

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R Eins M


HP: 3200, EN: 140, Agi: 280

IS: 3, Move: F/G/H, Size: M, Rank: 4


[+] Spider Net- Mobility Break, 2 rounds [+70%]

[+] Chaff Grenade- Accuracy Break, 2 rounds [+70%]

[+] Gattling Gun- 400 damage, 20 rounds [+40%]

[+] G-Revolver- 1100 damage, 6 rounds [+20%]

[+] G-Railgun- 2200 damage, 10 rounds [+10%]

[+] Twin Beam Cannon (BS)- 1800 damage # 2, 20 EN/attack [+20%]

Inherent Abilities:

1) Personal Trooper

2) Countercut: Requires Martial Arts Mastery

3) Countershoot: Gatling Gun, G-Revolver, G-Railgun, Twin Beam Cannon

4) [n]Code ATA[/b]: Same effects as Self-Destruct

Purchasing Costs: 300 PCs

R-Eins Custom

Type: Custom Personal Trooper

Designation: PTX-014C

Manufacturer: Shadow Mirror

Operator: Neue Divine Crusaders

Length: 20.0 Meters

Weight: 72.4 Tons

Designated Pilots: Archibald Grims

The R-eins is a unit brought to his world by the shadow mirror. In fact its a completed R-schneider, and was the new mass production personal trooper in the alternative dimension. When the shadow mirror got here, they joined up with DC remnants to create the Neue Divine Crusader (NDC), a much more military orriented group then the original Divine Crusaders were.

The DC remnants gained acces to the unit of the Shadow mirror and wich one of them the R-eins was. With this new force under their control, it was easy to take over multiple bases from the Earth Federation. One of the the commanders Archibald Grims had chosen to pilot one of the R-eins.

In a battle against the Hagane, he introduces himself and Raides goes solo against Archibald screaming for revenge. When Radies fires the R-2 Powered's Hi zol launcher, Archibald easily evades the devastating attack, taunting Radies and fires his own Graviton Launcher and hits the R-2 Powered hard, but didn't it didn't destroy him. Hagane fires its tronium cannon and breaks trough the NDC forces saving Radies, before Achribald could deliver the final blown. After this Archibald flies away from the battle.

When Archibald arrived at the Earth Cradle, he contacts the Engineering teams wich are in operation of repairing the unit. And he asks them to upgrade his R-eins so he will be sure to kill anyone who tries to face him in a battle. The Engineering agrees that they will customise the R-eins for his needs. Archibald grins and lets them do their ''magic'' on his R-eins while walking away, it was tea time.

As the Engineers looked at the plans for customisation they were going to upgrade the performance of unit itself and they were going to make for the unit a new set of weapons wich would fit Archibald british background. With the plans on their heads, they started with the project.

Weapon Upgrades / New Weapons

Spider Net This weapon proved it usefullnes several times in battle against the Earth Federation. It launches a net out its shoulder and when the wires a fully stretched it launches a static energy trough the wires, making the unit wich get hit by it unable to move.

(Explaining the Spider Net)

Spider Net+ This is a new weapon the unit. It acts the same way as the normal Spider, but this one launches all the rounds of the normal Spider Net and with this it spreads over larger terrain, capable of hitting multiple units.

(Asking for (S) but when used, it uses all rounds on the normal Spider Net.)

Vulcan This weapon was back up weapon wich was capable of shooting down Missiles and it could be used a close distance when in close combat. The Engineers decided to leave this weapon on the unit.

(Just the normal vulcan like on the original one.)

W-Revolver The G-revolver gets a upgrade in its appearance and in the strength its capable of. The appearce of the G-revolver is changed in a large sized appearance of the english produced revolver called the Webley revolver. The fuselage and shockabsorber of the revolver has been rebuilded and upgraded so that it now can fire a bigger round without being scared of that the revolver will break.

(Rename the G-revolver into W revolver and a increase of damage for the revolver.)

LE-Rifle The G-railgun was scrapped away from the unit and then a new rifle was builded for the unit. Its has the appearance of the Lee Enfield rifle. Also on this rifle was a sniper scope. With this added, the rifle has got the power of sniping of against enemy forces wich try to close in.

(Rename the G-railgun into LE-rifle, perhaps also a small damage increase. Also asking for snipe on the rifle.)

LE-Rifle [Plasma Blade Bayonet] The LE-Rifle also had a small plasma blade installed at the barrel, with this it would be apple to parry against incoming melee attacks from the enemy.

(Small (BM) attack, low/moderate damage. No EN cost or Low EN cost)

Hawkins Grenade This was a new weapon added to the unit. This weapon is stored in the units hip. This could be trown at the unit wich would explode on impact. Another feature of this grenade, was that it could be used as mine. So when unit are rushing in they would activate the mine and causes it to explode on a close distance.

(Asking for a [+] weapon, damage is up to you guy's. Also i'm asking for a mine weapon. This would use rounds from the Hawkins Grenade.

Lewis Gun The last hand held weapon of the unit. This weapon is the replacement of the heavy gravity launcher wich Archibald used with his R eins M. Another design after a British machine gun. This gun is a heavy assault use rifle. It was capable of firing multiple rounds and spraying the gun, so the unit was capable of going into battle against multiple enemies.

(Asking for (SV), moderate/strong damage with rounds around the 10/20?)

Gravity Howitzer However the Gravity launcher was not trown away from the unit design. The Engineers redesigned the gravity launcher and added another barrel to it. The Twin beam cannon was now replaced with this newly created weapon they called the Gravity Howitzer. The Core of the weapon was installed on the back with the two barrels on both sides. When activated they would slide up and connect on the shoulders, just like the original Twin Beam Cannons would do. With the adding of another barrel it now was capable of firing two strong Gravity Blasts, but they were weaker then the original Gravity launchers blast since it was using the core of only one launcher. The two barrels were also capable of locking on to 2 targets so it could take out two targets at once.

(Asking for (S) x 2 hitter, with a big EN cost. But weaker then the original gravity launcher attack.

Unit Modifications / Upgrades

Structure As the unit itself was a strong decent unit, but for a customised unit it would be pretty weak. So the Engineers has added addition armor so it would be able to withstand some strong attacks.

(Asking for a HP increase. And perhaps add a bit damage reduction)

Engine The engine was replaced with a new Twin Fusion core engine, wich gives the unit a big boosts in its power supply. With this it is capable of using its Gravity Howitzer multiple times.

(Asking for a EN increase)

Propulsion The unit had its tesla drive replaced with a new dual fused tesla drive. With this new new tesla drive, it had a boost in speed even with the new heavy alloy that had been placed.

(Asking for a small DC modifier, and keep the move: F/G)

Defensive Measures Knowing that Archibald would face the Branstein family again the Engineers installed a beam coat generator so it would have a barrier against the beam weaponary in battle. Also a jammer was installed, so he wouldn't be able to get shot down by missiles during fights. The ATA code was deleted of the unit's protocol, since Archibald was not the man who likes blowing himself up.

(asking for a Beam Coat, a Jammer and delete Code ATA)

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I'm posting it here too. Tell me what you guys think! This is my first Mechdev project.

Project: Revolutionary Integrated Destruction Evoking Robot - R.I.D.E.R

Project: R.I.D.E.R

Revolutionary Integrated Destruction Evoking Robot

Professor Tachibana Tobei was an intelligent scientist working on a newly developed robotics technology. This robotics technology will allow people to synchronise perfectly with giant robots by using a special suit, the Synchrosuit which is able to record their body?s neurons. This suit is then linked to the robots internal frame in order to allow it to imitate the pilot?s movement almost perfectly.

Knowing this, the Leader of the evil organisation Shocker decided to approach Tachibana in order to get him to work with them for in order to achieve their goal which is conquering the world. Tachibana refused this because he believes that this technology is not supposed to be used for evil. Shocker decided to send its Kaijins to kidnap Tachibana?s wife and daughter and threaten Tachibana that they will kill them if Tachibana doesn?t comply. Because of this, Tachibana ended up working with Shocker to create the R.I.D.E.R, Revolutionary Integrated Destruction Evoking Robot, a mecha designed to help Shocker?s Leader achieve his ambition. The R.I.D.E.R Mecha utilises Ridion Alloy, an alloy created by Shocker Scientists which can be modified for any purpose. The alloy can be heavy and durable, or light and agile. A point where all the factors are balanced can also be reached when the alloy is modified. The Ridion Alloy allows Tachibana to build the R.I.D.E.R the way he wants it to be. For the power source, a mystical stone called the King's Stone, which is supposed to contain unimaginable amount of energy was used. However, Tachibana was unable to extract all the energy from the King's Stone, and he had to combine it with another power source in order to power the mecha. Tachibana chose wind energy as the other energy source. By taking a small piece of the King's Stone, and combining it with a wind energy generator, Tachibana was able to create the Typhoon Generator which acts as the main source of power for the R.I.D.E.R.

In order to find the best pilots for this mecha, the Leader of Shocker scouted people who are suitable to pilot the mechas. One of them was Takeshi Hongo, a bright Biochemistry student from the Jonan University who is also a motorcross racer. Some agents from Shocker decided to approach him in order to negotiate about recruiting him to become a pilot. However, because of his sense of justice, Hongo refuses to do so. So, the Great Leader of Shocker decides to do the same thing with Hongo, he send his kaijins to kidnap his family and threaten Hongo that his family will be killed unless he becomes a pilot for them.

Hongo ended up agreeing with the organisation, however he still tries to find a way to escape from the organisation and save his family. Professor Tobei is also doing the same, devising ways to save his family and stop developing the dangerous mecha. One day, when they were testing the Prototype R.I.D.E.R, the Great Leader told them to do a field-testing. Tachibana and Hongo realised that this is a perfect chance to escape from the organisation and save their families. While they were doing the tests outside the base, Tachibana sneaked inside and placed a bomb outside the laboratory near the place where their families are held. As he went back to the testing field, the bomb explodes, and the Shocker officials were panicking because that laboratory has important data regarding the research. Tobei told Hongo that this is his chance to save their families. Hongo thanked Tobei and rushed with the R.I.D.E.R to the prison in order to free the families.

The great leader realises their plan, and destroyed the prison just as the R.I.D.E.R was about to get there. The shocker leader also revealed that he has copies of the plans for the R.I.D.E.Rs and said that he modified the plan in order to strengthen his Kaijins. Then he proceed to send out a Mecha-Kumo to attack Hongo and the R.I.D.E.R. Enraged because of the fact that his family is now gone, Hongo used the R.I.D.E.R to attack the Mecha-Kumo. After a long battle, he managed to defeat the giant Mecha-Kaijin. As the Mecha-Kaijin was defeated, the Great Leader spoke again, and said that he still have plans to conquer the world. After finished saying that, the whole Shocker base disappeared, and only Tachibana and Hongo remains. Both of them promised to help each other in order to avenge their families, and prevent Shocker from conquering the world with their Mecha-Kaijins.

Using the Tachibana Racing Club as their base, Tachibana and Takeshi work together to save the world from Shocker?s Mecha Kaijins.

Mecha Statistics:

Unit 1: R.I.D.E.R Ichigo (One)

Height: 16 metres

Weight: 20 tonnes

R.I.D.E.R Ichigo is based on the concept of skill. It utilises the Synchrosuit in order to copy the pilot?s movement perfectly. Because of the fact that the pilot, Takeshi Hongo is a very creative person, he is able to create different manoeuvres utilising the Synchrosuit. The R.I.D.E.R is not equipped with any weapons because of the fact that by having many weapons, the mecha wouldn?t be as agile. And that would defeat the purpose of the mecha itself, which is meant to be used by skilful pilots. Because it?s modified so that it becomes very light Ridion, the special alloy which is used to create the mecha allows it to move freely. The R.I.D.E.R is powered by the Typhoon Generator, which generates energy by combining wind power and the mystical energy from the King's Stone.


As the Warrior of Skill, Hongo utilises many different skilful attacks to defeat the enemies.

Rider Chop: A basic attack possessed by R.I.D.E.R Ichigo. Hongo can deliver a powerful chop to the enemy. (A normal free (M) attack)

Rider Punch: One of the attacks that made R.I.D.E.R Ichigo famous. R.I.D.E.R Ichigo can deliver this attack standing up or after jumping. As Hongo is a brilliant student, he knows that by jumping up before using the attack, he can increase the power. However, it consumes more energy. (An (MV) attack. The V shouldn't be too high, the attack should be as strong or a bit stronger than Rider Chop)

Rider Gaeshi: Rider Gaeshi or Rider Reversal involves the R.I.D.E.R grabbing the enemy, leaping up and throwing the enemy to the ground. (Up to you guys.)

Rider Kick: This is the attack that made the R.I.D.E.R famous. Leaping up high, Hongo delivers a strong attack that will destroy most Mecha-Kaijins. (A strong typeless attack, EN based. Accuracy should be pretty good.)

Rider Crusher: As the series progresses, Shocker creates even stronger Mecha-Kaijins. In order to counter this, Hongo created a new technique. Dubbed the Rider Crusher, it involves the R.I.D.E.R jumping up and locking the Mecha-Kaijin's head from behind with both legs. Then he will leap up to the air, flips and drops the Mecha Kaijin to the ground. (A strong attack, should be stronger than Rider Kick, but with less accuracy.)

Rider Hanten Kick: A special manoeuvre created by Hongo in order to fight agile enemies. He jumps up and pretends to prepare a normal Rider Kick, but instead of attacking normally, he will use the thrusters to reverse the direction of the kick, and kicks the enemy from behind. (Should have the same strength as Rider Kick, but with more EN cost and higher accuracy.)

Rider Kirimomi Shoot: One of the techniques which is devised by Hongo to show the extent of control that the Synchrosuit gives him. In this move, the R.I.D.E.R grabs the enemy and jumps to the air. Then he will spin them around over his head, and proceed to throw them down while they're still spinning. If the Mecha-Kaijin isn't dead by the time they hit the ground, they will become dizzy after the impact. (Should be a stronger version of Rider Gaeshi that gives Stun.)

Rider Screw Kick: Another technique created by Hongo to show the amount of control he has over the machine. This move involves the R.I.D.E.R leaping to the sky, twisting around, and kicking the enemy with both feet. (Up to you guys.)

Rider Rolling: A special technique created by Hongo which involves the R.I.D.E.R lifting the enemy to its shoulders, spinning them around and throwing them to the ground. (Up to you guys.)

Rider Point Kick: A technique created to attack the enemy's weak point. The R.I.D.E.R leaps up and kicks the enemy while focusing its energy to one point in order to pierce armours and barriers that the enemy might have. Hongo created this technique in order to beat a heavily armoured Mecha-Kaijin. (Should be like Rider Kick with Armour Pierce, maybe Barrier Pierce. But definitely Armour Pierce)

Rider Getsumen Kick: A special technique which involves the R.I.D.E.R twisting and spinning up in the air, and kicking the Mecha-Kaijin on the face. (Up to you guys.)

Denkou Rider Kick: When facing the strongest of Mecha-Kaijins, the normal Rider Kick have little to no effect, because of this, Hongo had to train to create new techniques. By leaping up high and flipping up in the air to generate more energy, Hongo can focus the Typhoon Generator's output to the R.I.D.E.R's right leg to increase the strength of the attack. This is the R.I.D.E.R's ultimate hissatsu attack. (His strongest attack, should be really strong but really costly too.)


Frame/Armor: The outer frame of the R.I.D.E.R was created using the newly created Ridion alloy. This alloy can be modified to become heavy and durable, or light and agile. For R.I.D.E.R Ichigo, the alloy was modified such that it is light and agile in order to allow better movement and synchronisation between the pilot and the machine. (Normal HP, but should be pretty agile)

Generator: Tachibana was able to create the Typhoon Generator by combining a small piece of the mysterious King's Stone and a wind energy generator. The Typhoon Generator generates energy by combining wind power with the mystical power contained in the King's Stone. In windy areas, it is able to take in the winds from outside and absorb it to create more energy output.(Normal EN, maybe EN Regen in Wind aligned Terrain)

Rider Power: Another special feature possessed by the R.I.D.E.R, it can use the energy generated by the Typhoon Generator to charge the body with electricity in order to improve it's attacks. (Spend EN to gain more damage.)

R.I.D.E.R Nigo

When the cameraman Ichimonji Hayato was saved by R.I.D.E.R Ichigo from the attack of a Mecha-Kaijin, he swore to himself that he will find out about the pilot?s identity to thank him. One day, after doing a report on R.I.D.E.R Ichigo?s battle, Ichimonji was able to follow the R.I.D.E.R back to it?s base. He was surprised that the base of the famous R.I.D.E.R was Tachibana Tobei?s racing club. Hayato decided to go inside and find out more about the pilot. Inside he was surprised to find that Takeshi Hongo was the pilot of the mecha. Hongo was able to recognise Hayato as the cameraman that was almost killed by a Mecha-Kaijin. Hayato just laughed, but then Hongo told him that he is actually injured after the latest battle, and he doesn?t know what to do in case another Mecha-Kaijin attack. Just as he finished saying that, a Mecha-Kaijin attacked the town again. Hongo rushed to the R.I.D.E.R, but Tachibana stopped him. He told him that if he?s dead, no one is able to protect the town. Hongo didn?t care, because he knows that he need to safe the people attacked by the Kaijin, so he rushed into the R.I.D.E.R and proceeded to go to the place where the Kaijin attacked.

As Hayato was about to chase him, Tachibana stopped him. He stopped him because he has a feeling that Hayato might be a suitable pilot for the next R.I.D.E.R machine. Hayato was surprised to hear that there is more than one R.I.D.E.R machines. Then Tobei explained to him that he designed the machines for different purposes, and as a backup in case something happens. Hayato then said that he?s willing to be the pilot of the next R.I.D.E.R machine because he can?t stand seeing Shocker trying to conquer the world, and he needs to show gratefulness to Takeshi for saving him. Tobei then guided him to the next R.I.D.E.R mecha. He said that the R.I.D.E.R Nigo is the Warrior of Strength which was created to work together with R.I.D.E.R Ichigo which is the Warrior of Skill. Ichimonji chuckled and said that that?s how he like to fight. With strength instead of agility. Tobei then gave him his Synchrosuit and told him to assist R.I.D.E.R Ichigo fighting the Kaijin. Hayato nodded and rushed into the mecha.

Meanwhile, in town, R.I.D.E.R Ichigo is having difficulties fighting the Mecha-Kaijin. His injury has made him unable to move like usual. Hongo was angry because his injury has prevented him from avenging his family and protecting the town. And at the fact that if he died, no one would be able to protect the world anymore. As he despaired, and the Mecha-Kaijin was about to attack him, he heard a voice. ?Don?t give up!?

The Mecha-Kaijin stopped its attack, and Hongo looked behind him. There he saw another R.I.D.E.R machine which is slightly different than his. He asked who the pilot is, and Hayato said that he?s piloting it. Hayato also continued by saying that Hongo should go back and recover his injury as soon as possible so he can protect the town again. Hongo agreed and he rushed back to the base. The Mecha-Kaijin was about to run after Ichigo when Hayato stopped him with his Nigo. A fight ensued, and Hayato and the R.I.D.E.R Nigo was victorious.

After the battle, Hayato went back to the Tachibana Tobei Racing Club. There, Hongo and Tachibana were waiting for him. Hongo smiled and said that he?s also in charge of protecting the town now. Hongo also told everyone that he broke his leg in the last battle and he wont be able to fight with him for a while. Hayato said that he can leave the fighting up to him, and focus on recovering himself so that they can fight together when Hongo?s recovered.

From then on, R.I.D.E.R Nigo is officially piloted by Ichimonji Hayato who will keep using it until Hongo returns. After he comes back, the dynamic duo will proceed to defeat Shocker once and for all.

Unit 2: R.I.D.E.R Nigo (Two)

Height: 16.5 metres

Weight: 25 tonnes

R.I.D.E.R Nigo is based on the concept of strength. Just like R.I.D.E.R Ichigo, it utilises the Synchrosuit in order to copy the pilot?s movement perfectly. Ichimonji Hayato doesn?t have Takeshi Hongo?s skill, however his experience as a war cameraman has enhanced his endurance and strength. Even though it?s not equipped with weapons, the Ridion alloy has been enhanced in order to increase the strength and durability at the expense of its agility. Just like Ichigo, Nigo The R.I.D.E.R is powered by the Typhoon Generator, which generates energy by combining wind power and the mystical energy from the King's Stone.


Rider Chop: A basic attack possessed by R.I.D.E.R Nigo. Hayato can deliver a powerful chop, stronger than Ichigo?s to the enemy. (A normal free (M) attack, should be a bit stronger than Ichigo?s)

Rider Punch: Another attack which is similar to Ichigo?s. But instead of jumping, he grabs the Mecha-Kaijin by the neck, then proceed to punch it on the face, sending the Mecha-Kaijin hurling. (A strong M attack that uses EN, should be stronger than Ichigo?s Rider Punch)

Rider Gaeshi: Rider Gaeshi or Rider Reversal involves the R.I.D.E.R grabbing the enemy, leaping up and throwing the enemy to the ground. However, in Nigo?s version, he throws the enemy to the ground headfirst. (Up to you guys. And again, should be stronger than Ichigo?s)

Rider Kick: Similar to Ichigo, this is the attack that made the R.I.D.E.R famous. Leaping up high, Hayato delivers a strong attack that will destroy most Mecha-Kaijins. (A strong typeless attack, EN based. Stronger than Ichigo?s, with less accuracy.)

Rider Kaiten Kick: Similar to the Rider Kick, but instead of just jumping and kicking, Nigo will do a flip in the air and kicks the enemy after doing that. This attack is a bit stronger than the Rider Kick (Stronger than the Rider Kick, EN based.)

Rider Nidan Gaeshi: This stronger version of Rider Gaeshi involves the R.I.D.E.R grabbing the enemy, leaping up, spinning the enemy once while midair, and throwing the Mecha-Kaijin down, face first. (A stronger version of Rider Gaeshi)

Rider Hoden: Rider Hoden or Electrical Discharge allows Nigo to charge its body with electricity and shock the enemy with it. In dry conditions, he has to grab the Mecha-Kaijin before doing this ability, however in water terrains or wet condition, he can send electrical discharge from afar and attack more than one Mecha-Kaijins.. (Two versions of the attack. Like in terrains other than those with water element, it should be a close range attack, but in water based terrain, the attack becomes [H] and has (S). If this is not possible, just ditch the attack.)

Rider Manji Kick: Nigo?s strongest attack. Similar to the Rider Kick, Nigo will jump up before doing this attack. But in this variation of the attack, he will twist/swirl his body before performing the attack to increase its strength. Nigo is able to kill the strongest of Mecha-Kaijins with this attack. (His strongest attack, should be really strong but really costly too. Stronger than Denkou Rider Kick, but with less accuracy.)


Frame/Armor: The outer frame of the R.I.D.E.R was created using the newly created Ridion alloy. This alloy can be modified to become heavy and durable, or light and agile. For R.I.D.E.R Nigo, the alloy was modified such that it is heavier and durable in order to increase defensive capability and attack strength. (More HP, some Damage Reduction, but less agile)

Generator: Similar to Ichigo's Typhoon Generator, Nigo's Typhoon Generator generates energy by combining wind power with the mystical power contained in the King's Stone. In windy areas, it is able to take in the winds from outside and absorb it to create more energy output.(Normal EN, maybe EN Regen in Wind aligned Terrain)

Rider Power: Another special feature possessed by the R.I.D.E.R, it can use the energy generated by the Typhoon Generator to charge the body with electricity in order to improve it?s attacks. (Spend EN to gain more damage.)

(A lot more is coming)

Edited by Nimbus Noa

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On R-Eins Custom...

Lewis Gun- Machine Guns are all now (SF) instead of (SV). The way to get (SV) is to use some sort of beamish weapon, perhaps a Meser if you're intent on non-(B).

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In a certain future, whether distant or close I don

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Gutsy Galaxy Guard (Reformation)

---Report on Project #GGG ---

---Subject Matter: Membership Roster---

Timeframe: The following project is set in a universe where all of the brave series are assumed to have occured on the same earth.

Following the threat of the 11 Sol Masters Kaidou Ikumi and Amami Mamoru where the only 2 survivors of the brave heroes that fought for the fate of the entire universe. The two boys reached jupiter strapped into two of King J-ders remaining ES-Missiles and were rescued by united nations forces still stationed at the former GGG Orbit Base. In the following weeks a monument was errected to remember the seemingly lost heroes but in the two boys hearts a fire was lit that would only grow stronger in years to come. The flame of hope that their friends were still alive somewhere, waiting for them to save them. From this moment this story would grown to a new saga of bravery, a story that would reach over the boundraries of time and into the past to create a new shinning future.

A new 3G:

Under the supervision of the United nations the following months were spend quitly searching for members to replace the old 3G and rebuild the organisation with the intent to become a global defensive front against alien invasion and Mecha-terrorist actions. The project recieved partial backing from Akamatsu industries and its president Shishioh Akamatsu who also became part of the new main crew. The new Gutsy Galaxy Guard whoever was in desperate need of experienced members to rebuild swiftly and fill the gap left by the old heroes. For that purpose the UN recruited members from many other teams of the brave heroes operating on earth aswell as working even more closely together with Akmatsu Industries to rebuild what was lost.

After 11 strenuous months and alot of negotions the new Crew's last intended members finally said yes and 3G was officially and publicly restablished. After the celebrations were over however the real job ahead was only just Beginning. In the early days 3G's orbit base functioned as a central command station to supply information and tactical support for the various non-affiliated Brave teams operating on earth. Without its fleet of support ships or indeed any mechanoids to support the new 3G was not yet Ready to operate as its own division. As such their primary objective was to rebuild what had been lost.

The 3G Crew

- Yan Long Li (Commander, Former head of 3G china Branch)

- Takasugi Seiji (Military Operations Planner, Of Da Garn Fame)

- Tomonaga Yuuta (Special Investigations Officer, From J-decker)

- Hiroshi Amano (Head of R&D, From Fighbird basicly head of the Science Staff)

- Shishioh Akamatsu (Equipment Section Operator, From betterman. (Ligers Kid)

- Arujin Regina (Intelligence Officer, From J-Decker)

Science Staff

- Takahashi Ryousuke (Scientist from GGG final)

- Nozaki Touru (Creator of Izolde and the Orbit Base Fleets operation Software)

- Inobouzaki Minoru (Orbit Base Computer Systems Programmer)

- Hirata Akiko (Created Gravity Control Devices)

Akamatsu Heavy Industries in cooperation with Professor Hiroshi, 3G's new head of staff the 3G base developed a new set of Neuronoid based mecha to temporarily fill the gap. The first of these, G-Noid-01, was piloted by Hiroshi's own grandchildren Kenta and Haruka. At this point Mamoru and Kaidou applied for a position in the new 3G and piloted the G-Noid-02. The mobile unit was temporarily stationed within 3G's nasa branch which was used as a forward command center until rebuilding was completed.

3G was first and formost in need of more powerfull front line units. Ofcourse Professor Hiroshi was working on rebuilding GaoFighGar but it was proving difficult at best. To test some of the difficult technology he was working with the science team build GaoGaiGou as an in between step to redeploying super mechanoids. Half Neuronoid half Gao Machine equiped Super Mechanoid GaoGaiGou served as the mainline mobile unit while up in orbit the only remaining division fleet ship, Kanayago was deployed to use its vast number of carpenters to build and restore the mobile fleet. First and foremost on the list was a ship that could serve as a foward command post and mechanoid service center. A unit that could monitor combat from close by, deploy units and armaments and then retrieve the mechanoids after battle for repair. using the information contained in Kaidou's J-Jewel necklace a design was drawn up for the "J-dreadnaught", a giant mobile battleship based on the J-Ark series that could fill the role of forward command center aswell as backup the mobile unit in a pinch.

Simultaneous construction was started on a new advanced mobile intelligence and stealth gathering battleship. A ship equaly at home in space, air and underwater where it was capable of remaining submerged for months without beeing detected. And a third ship used primarily as a mobile research a collection facility that was build specificly for its first mission to jupiter to do more investigation on and possibly harness the planets peculiar energy source. Construction of the fleet took almost 4 years and then and only then was the mobile unit officially activated as 3G's main combat force. However it would still take a number of years to complete GaoFighgar and finish Emperor J-ders complex transformation. Eventough the battleship itself and its new AI were completed and operable the immensly complicated robot mode systems were not so easy to integrate.

3G Mobile Unit

- Amami Mamoru (Mobile Unit Commander, Neuronoid Operator)

- Kaidou Ikumi (J-Dreadnaught Captain, Neuronoid Operator)

- Ushiyama Sueo (J-Dreanaught Engineer)

- Hatsuno Hanna (Computer Operator)

- Hiroshi Kenta (Neuronoid Operator)

- Hiroshi Haruka (Neuronoid Operator)

Orbit Base Division Fleet

- J-Dreanaught

- Kanayago

- Tousane

- Rikoune

Edited by Mai Kobayashi

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(Revision 3.2, still incomplete)

SMA-01 SolCor Mass production AT Type 01

Model number: SMA-01

Code name: Spectre

Unit type: General use mass production Assault Trooper (AT)

Manufacturer: Solarias Starfleet Engineering Company (SolSEC)

Accommodation: pilot only, cockpit in torso

Dimensions: head height 17.7 meters

Weight: max gross weight 44.60 metric tons

Construction: unknown

Powerplant: High Efficiency Reactor, power output rating unknown, L-SpXS+ 'Syphios +' Energy Receiver

Equipment and design features: enhanced sensors, range unknown, Stealth Jacket

Fixed armaments:

  • 2 x 14.6mm Machine Cannon, mounted on upper torso
  • 1 x "Corona" Defensive System, mounted on left arm
  • 1 x Armor Gauntlet, on right forearm (1 x Silenced Triple Chaingun, 1 x Falchion Blade)
  • 6 x "Grapple Stunner" Multipurpose Wire Launcher, 1 on each limb, 2 on back

Optional fixed armaments: LQ-02M Mythril Shroud, LQ-02N Neptune Shroud, SQ-01W Wisp Shroud, SQ-0E

Optional hand armaments:

-- N.Plasma Rifle Type 2SP (Suppressor Type w/ Lancer Mode), power rating unknown, on rear skirt armor

After the "Ragnarok Incident", the ISI5 forces temporarily halted all ATs from ever being built (and cancelled all ACS units entirely), the data on the Fenrir and her pilot were subsequently deleted from all records. Commander Masaki Raidoushi repeatedly requested to have a squad go and retreive the Fenrir in order to repair the unit, since in the right hands, the Fenrir would be a powerful ally. All requests were barely denied (as in the vote was always nearly locked in a stalemate), leaving Raidoushi very fustrated and angry. He went about his duty, however, his conscious got the better of him and thoughts of the Fenrir's pilot was haunting him again..

"Family is always the most important"

~~ These words repeated themselves over and over into Raidoushi's head, bringing him to the point where he decided that he would do anything to get that pilot back, and thus, he began to plan. With his influence and status, he was able to enlist the aid of over 3000 ISI5 agents to his cause under the guise of a "fact-finding mission regarding the disappearance of some mines in the asteroid field." This ruse was merely a diversion as HQ quickly found the mines present and accounted for, but this short lapse in time allowed Raidoushi to recruit his entire design team from the LFSC, when he came back to HQ on the moon, he was brought in for questioning but was released when HQ could not find any motive for doing so. Raidoushi, in the course of just 2 and a half months, have managed to recuite not online his team of designers, but pilots, mechanics, as well as rallying the support of hundreds of ISI5 civilians to his cause.

The true separation occured on March 15, when Raidoushi, running out of options at that point, decided on an extremely risky venture, since Laverys Industries was based on Earth, ISI5 could afford to lose it, and so, Raidoushi sabotaged the base, allowing the UEF (United Earth Federation) to cease the base. Using this time to extradict themsevles from ISI5 while they're busy doing damage control, Raidoushi made sure to evacuate everyone from the base and to delete everything from the base's computers first, leaving only the hollow shell of a base. The UEF's attention to Laverys Industries sent widespread panic throughout ISI5, as this effectively blows all the covers of ISI5 agents and brings this highly exclusive and powerful organization into public eyes (no real info was "lost", Raidoushi made sure of that).

Setting up a new base took a long time, but it was finished eventually, it was at this point that the SolCor Vanguard was born... SolSEC , the engineering sector of the Vanguard (and formerly SolCor Ltd., a design team from the LFSC) quickly set up shop and proceeded to relieving the shortage of ATs in the name of the SolCor Vanguard.....

The SMA-01 Spectre is the first series of mass produced Assault Troopers designed solely by SolSEC, it 'borrows' liberally from it's sister unit the LMS-02S Orion SE-R (which was redesignated SMA-00R after Masaki Raidoushi (aka Maximillian Raiden) temporarily left ISI5 to form the SolCor Vanguard. In most ways, the Spectre was considered to be a refit of the Orion SE-Rs, but in many situations, it is considered to be a low-end compliment. The unit was designed by the same team that created the original Orion SE-Rs, hence the similarities. The Spectre is mostly used as an infiltration unit, to infiltrate the bases of ISI5 in order to gather information, but should the need to fight arises, it is more than capable to defend itself.

The basic weapons on this unit include 14.6mm Machine Cannons (the same found on the LMS-02M and SMA-00) and 6 Stun cables. The unit also consist of some specialized arnaments including the N.Plasma Rifle Type 2SP, a further modification to the N.Plasma Rifle, which now features a suppressor to provide more focused shots, effectively increasing the weapon's range in the process. The Type 2SP also an alternate mode as a lancer-like weapon for close range jabs. The most specialized of the units equipment is the "Corona" Defense System, in which a shield is equipped with a field generator, which provides the unit with additional protection. The field can be expanded to protect the entire unit or to nearly double the shield's protective ability. The shield itself can also use the field to deliver large amounts of damage by smashing it into enemies. This is an evolution to the Plasma Energy Shields utilized by it's prodeccessors.

The shoulders of the unit stores a Stealth Jacket, which is deployed whenever it needs to, this provides stealth capabilities beyond just radar neutralization, it also provides traditional forms of camoflauge as well, as the prevalence of Graviton Fluxes and Mirage Cancellers are evident. The engine system adopted for this unit is none other than the Syphios+, which has since become the mainstray form of energy generation in the SolCor Vanguard (Elysium Industries are the providers of NanoCell Arrays, which are for the most part, still loyal to ISI5).

The Spectre undergoes many different changes during it's lifetime, the two most important changes were the additional of the Armor Gauntlet and the added capability to utilize Shrouds. The Armor Gauntlet was installed when the Spectre was found to be less than capable of defending itself, the Gauntlet adds a Triple Chaingun with a suppressor to maintain it's stealth capabilities. Another weapon added is a Falchion Blade which is merely a cutting weapon used either in conjunction to or alternative to the Lancer. The other major change was the Shroud capability, while the ability was enabled when the series was first designed, no one actually thought of it (as the Shrouds were prioritized on the SMA-00Rs, a "superior" alternative), but when it's abilities were put to the test, it surpassed everyone's expectations and since then, Shrouded Spectres were as common as their sister units. While some shrouds work, some are specifically designed for other units (ie. Jager and Crusader Shroud for the Orion SE-R) and thus incompatible, one setback is that since the Armor Gauntlet was added and not part of the original design, it must be removed in order to equip Shrouds.

The final legacy of the Spectre is that it was cheap alternative, but many still would use it due to the newer design and easier control as well as doing what their pilots do best, covert ops....

Edited by Maximillian Raiden

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Kazow Na Dev Project

Series: New Century Conflict

Units: EAMS-01 Kazow Na, EAMS-02 Kazow Na II, EAMS-02B Kazow Na II Enhanced

This uses the New Century RP world from a ways back that Mai posted and I used to make the Destiny and Independence. These take place in the same world but many many years before the creation of those mecha.

***EAMS-01 Kazow Na***

In the early years of mecha development, the super power, the Eastern Alliance, sought to match the Western and Japanese mecha developments following the Pacific War. Using the best minds at their disposal as well as enemy mobile suits salvaged during the war, they began a rapid catch-up development project. Within two years, the first prototype “Kazow Na” was developed.

The first production Kazow units weren’t very fast or as agile as their western counterparts; the development of combat ready artificial muscles and high powered generators were still many years away. Instead the designers focused on improved defenses and firepower as a way to narrow the gap.

These are really the first generations of MS Development of this world, so they’d be something around the Zaku I and Zaku II, if you want something to compare them to.

Kazow Na Armaments

Combat Knife - A high density metal knife stored in a compartment in the left leg for ease of access.

Vucans - Head mounted vulcan guns. They were originally not included in the design, but an optional pod was made available later as a means to combat personnel ands vehicles without using the weapons needed to fight other MS.

Micro-Missile Pod - Small leg mounted pods that could be attached to both the right and left legs of the unit. It could fire guided misses as an effective way to counter aircraft and give bonbardment capabilities.

Hand Grenades - Hip carried concussion grenades with a variety of uses from blowing up small buildings to chucking at people you don’t like.

Mk100 Machinegun - A low rate of fire but high energy projectile machinegun designed to fire explosive rounds. It was one of the first weapons designed to destroy mobile suits.

180 mm Howitzer - These were artillery cannons that were modified for hand carried use on the Kazow Na. The ammunition was carried in a top loading 5 round magazine.

F01 Flame Thrower - A built in flame thrower that fires from the left wrist. Originally designed as a means to lay down smoke screens, an imbalance in the chemicals actually cased fire to shoot out of the units hand. It was decided that the fire could lay down a smoke screen if needed and could also serve as a weapon, so the left arm was strengthen and the flame thrower was made a standard weapon.

“Aegis” Heat Sword - As combat between mobile suits increased during the second war between the Western Powers and the Eastern Alliance, the Kazow Nas were given a Heat Sword ment to give it an edge in close range combat over units that mostly carried knives.

Kazow Na Abilities

Shield - Your standard mecha shield.

***EAMS-02 Kazow Na II***

The first generation Kazow Nas performed admirable for their limited combat abilities. But within a few years of their development the older technology from which they were based off was already becoming obsolete. The West’s 2nd generation “Avanguard” prototypes, which incorporated synthetic muscles and internal frames as well as improved generators and the first “Beam” energy weapons, had outclassed anything the EA had developed.

Luckily for the mecha developers, the EA’s network of spies were able to capture one of the new “Avanguard” prototypes and deliver it intact into the EA. This units data combined with the technologies the EA already had in development generated the first upgrade unit to the second generation Kazow Na, simply named Kazow Na II.

If the Is were Zakus the IIs are something about the area the 0083 Gelgoogs or some of the early Zeta Gundam Era machines.

Kazow Na II Weapons

The unit’s armament mostly carried over from the I to the II. The Vulcans were built directly into the frame. As were the micro missiles, they were built into pods around the hips because of balancing issues having them around the legs. The impromptu flame thrower in the first generation was improved slightly, better materials available at the time allowed them to create a hotter, more powerful flame then the first modes.

”Lacer” Beam Rifle - A beam energy developed from the captured Avanguard unit. It used used an energy capacitor to store multiple ready to fire beam energy rounds. It replaced the MK100 Machinegun as the basic armament. (It‘s your standard beam rifle.)

”Gigas” Bazooka - The “Gigas” replaced the 120 mm cannon as the unit’s main long range weapon. The bazooka had greater accuracy and gave more versatility.

”Djinn“ Beam Saber - Another captured technology. Superheated plasma suspended in an EM Field to resemble a sword. This replaced the heavy “Aegis” combat sword.

Kazow Na II Abilities

The Na II heavily improved on the first generation in all areas. Improved armor materials ment it could withstand more punishment in combat. The improved generators also lead to better thrusters as more energy could be used to heat the propellant which lead to greater agility as well as the ability to hover in combat for short periods of time.

Shield - Another standard shield added in for your typical shield uses.

***EAMS-02B Kazow Na II Enhanced***

The II saw a limited production and was fielded as a command unit during it’s combat life. A few modified ones, code named “Enhanced” went to a team genetically soldiers. The Enhanced models where as a whole a Na II+. They featured better generators, armor and thrusters that were deemed to expensive for regular production. It’s why only a handful were made in the entire lifetime of the Kazow Na II and why during the war, the squad of Enhanceds were the EA’s trump card in combat.

Kazow Na II Enhanced Weapons and Abilties

Asside from the standard weapons usable to the Na II, the Enhanced model had access to two extra weapons because of it’s improved generators.

Twin Beam Cannons - Two beam cannons mounted one atop each other and were attached to the units left arm via a connector. These fired directly from energy in the Enhanced’s generators. Typical MS Beam Cannons. They attached to the body in a similar type to the Full Armor Gundam.

“Atlas“ Buster Rifle - A prototype beam weapon that uses a large amount of beam energy released in an instant to great an expanding beam that could only be used on the Enhanceds due to their improved generators. These were prototypes, so something one level less the Wing Gundam’s Buster Rifle would be about the level of power they had.

Enhanced Control System - A complicated and highly advanced control system that offered greater combat potential to any pilot that could master it. This is the same control system on the Kazow Na IIS Custom, refer to her mechdev for more detail.

Edited by Saito Ryujin

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Model number: CC2345-RD

Code name: Red Doll

Unit type: mobile suit

Manufacturer: unknown

Operator: Earth Militia

First deployment: unknown; discovered in CC 2345

Accommodation: pilot only, in standard cockpit in torso

Dimensions: head height 17.53 meters

Weight: max gross weight 49.8 metric tons

Construction: unknown

Powerplant: ultracompact energy battery, power output rating unknown

Equipment and design features: sensors, range unknown

Fixed armaments: 2 x vulcan gun, fire-linked, mounted on head; rusted katana, mounted on left hip, hand-carried in use

Optional hand armaments: machine gun, drum-fed, Borjarnon bazooka, minchi drill, Cannon Illefuto laser cannon, Mahiro shield

Ultimate Attack: Scarlet Finger

As the war with the Moonrace began in CC 2345, Inglessa leader Guin Sard Lineford directed miner Sid Munzer to search the mountains for mobile suits. His search yielded the AMX-109 Kapool, which would become the first mobile suit used in mass numbers by the Inglessa Militia. However, he would discover another mobile suit in his expedition. Far away from the Kapools, Sid would find a red humanoid mobile suit with a v-like fin on its forhead. Uncovered along with it was a large sword stuck rinsted into a sheath. Noting the resemblance the suit held with the "White Doll" mobile uit used by Loran Cehack, the mobile suit was referred to as the "Red Doll". Due to its lack of inherent weapondry (the only working weapon on the Red Doll was a pair of machine guns in the head), the Red Doll was passed over by most Militia pilots. Only a young, rather inexpericed pilot by the name of Hubert Winfreid would see the hidden power in the Red Doll. Hubert was given permission to take the Red Doll as his own personal unit as long as he was solely responsible for its repairs and armerment. Hubert calls on the help of his childhood friend Janice Springfield. She and her father, David, come from a long line of mechanics. Although they are completly unfamilar with the design of mobile suits, they manage to repair the Red Doll to operatonal parameters. The Red Doll is equipped at first only with a spare Bonjaron machine gun and bazooka Hubert begged his superiors for. The only defense the Red Doll posessed was a Mahiro shield Hubert had managed to buy from a band of wandering battlefield vultures.

The Red Doll proved to be an effective unit, but hard to maintain. Unlike the other Militia MS that used fusion reactors, the Red Doll was powered by a kind of large battery. After battles, the battery would have to be charged by a large diesel generator Mr. Springfield kept in the flatbead of his pickup. In addition, one of the consoles of the Red Doll's cockpit would never activate with the rest of the unit. Janice could not figure out why the screen would never light up, and concidered it hopelessly broken. Even so, the Red Doll was one of the most agile units on the battlefield. During a battle against the Moonrace's newly fielded Cannon Illefutos, Hubert found himself out of ammo. Surrounded by three of the mencing units, Hubert desperately reached for the katana on his side, jerking it from its hold. Wit the sword in hand, Hubert was able to take down two of the Cannon Illefutos in three thrusts before the blade snapped in half. Hubert thrust the broken blade into the cockpit of the last MS. With the broken sword in hand, Hubert returned to his comrades with a hero's welcome. In recognition of Hubert's bravery, some of the Militia mechanics had found a way to make a laser cannons from one of the fallen Cannon Illefutos work with the energy plug on the Red Doll's hands. Armed with the new laser cannon, the Red Doll was an even mightier match for the Moonrace forces.

During one of the final battles of the conflict, Hubert would unlock the last secrets of the Red Doll. After losting most of his unit to the hands of a WaDom, Hubert struggles to find a way to take the behemoth down. In his frustration, Hubert slams his fist down on the broken computer console. The screen subbenly bursts to life, printing out several screens worth of information, then mistakes Hubert for a man named "Lowe". With the WaDom preparing to aim its missles down on the Red Doll, Hubert pleads with the computer for some for of assistance. The computer tells Hubert about a "special attack" involving the plug in the Red Doll's hands. Following the computers instructions, hubert is able to cause a largeball of energy to form in the Red Doll's hands. Jumping into the air, Hubert slams down onto the WaDom's cocpkit, hurling the energy ball and destroying the WaDom (this is Scarlet Finger, although it's never named in the story). Depleted of its last ounces of energy, the Red Doll falls to the ground inactive. The war ends soon afterwards, and Hubert and Janice decied to bury the Red Doll in the ground again, so that it may sleep until it is called upon again in the future.

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Hey guys, I've got a problem. I'm pretty good at writing up the specs of the mecha, but I can't pour out a lot of explanation. I fear that my starting RP is woefully insufficient, and I'd really like some help on this.

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Post what you got so far, so we can see what you need help with?

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May i post it here too? my custom PT

Model Name:Alt Eisen Wiglaf

Type: Custom Personal Trooper

Designation: PTX-003C-WF

Manufacturer: Mao industries

Operator: ATX Team

Length: 21.0 Meters

Weight: 80.4 Tons

Pilot :kyosuke nanbu

The Alt eisen mainframe has sought some glorious days as a very powerful combat machine.this type was going to be incorporated as the federl forces' main close assaultPt.Dr Marion Radom was requested to design a

new type of alt aisen which can use its' primary melee weapon repeatedly,and able to saturate wide areas of combat with assault fire.the institute began to change the stake type weapon to a jet thruster supported drill type weapon,and retained the other configurations.

To fix the difficult handling apparent in the previous series,and also to develop a way to make this wild horse pilotable by common soldiers,the manufacturers began inventing a new type of Active mass balancer auto control system,this time by incorporating gyroscopic counterweights on the arm units,and designed the core area with three computer controlled active thrusters that react on the loads the wiglaf received while turning or moving.the thrusters then shoots exhaust gases that would help it maneuvering.

Named after the young warrior that inherits the Throne and Sword of the legendary King Beowulf who perishes

after the fight with a dragon,the Alt Eisen Wiglaf is a new model PT designed to inherit the legendary abilities of the Alt Eisen series and perfected it to be the perfect close/mid range combat Personal Trooper.Kyosuke Nanbu was assigned to pilot this unit as a potential replacement to his Alt Esien Reise,and also to test this model prototype which will soon become the main close range attack personal trooper for the EF.

The Wiglaf is a more slender rendition of the old Alt Eisen.Gray painted,with a slightly longer horn and a mouthpiece that resembles an iron cain,It has two additional thrusters on its' back that helped its' lateral movement.For balance and mobility,it has canard wings in its shoulders,that helps it maneuver in difficult positions.With more powerful feet boosters,and sporting auxiliary boosters in each elbows for more powerful impact,the Wiglaf is promised to deliver more devastating melee blows.The material used for Wiglaf uses a more complex Hybrid Composite,made from some fragments of the metals found in

the balmar white star and frozen einst fragments.

he Wiglaf has a mysterious force within,probably due to its' einst fragments.It has a tendency to go berserk when it's cornered,or nearly running out of energy.

At some points, Wiglaf is shown to have sentience;it could reject certain OS datas and feedbacks from

systems in contact with it.


Split Missiles:The WIglaf carried four missile carriers that split into eight smaller missiles that seek the targets.

Railgun:The primary long range weapon.Carried on the left hand,the railgun uses electromagnetic waves to accelerate the Type 99 Projectile;a new special railgun projectile designed to split in three upon impact.

Plasma Horn:The trademark weapon for Alt Eisen Series.The horn is heated using plasma bolter unit

that makes the horn glows red.The Wiglaf then charges the enemy with that horn,then blasts its stored plasma energy contained in the horn when lifting it.

Impacting Drill "Grendel":Replacing the revolving stake type weapon,the Drill is meant to be Wiglaf's standard melee weapon.delivered to the target with the booster from its' elbow,then extends upon impact and drills with maximum torque to break the enemy severely.

Grenade Rifle:The Cannon on its left hand shots a powerful RN(Radiationless Nuke ) grenade that

blasts teh enemy.

Neo Saturation Claymore:The strengthened Titanium ball bearing launcher launches its' load fiercely on the enemy.Wildly crashing the target.It has a new Rapidloader type feed installed on it to make it load faster and burst the balls with higher kinetic energy by using the same effects of a rifled barrel;the ammos are applied with slight torsional loads before launched.It cna be used after movement since the loads are not threatening the radiator systems of the Alt

Royal Straight Flush:Known as a stereotype to nanbu's finisher technique.a strange phenomena often occurs; a blue haired girl is often sighted in the targeting screen,presumably Alfimi.

The Alt suddenly increased its power output and launched Split Missiled,and the railgun.It then boosted faster than its top speed so that it arrived by the time the missiles and the railgun impacted.It stabs its' plasma horn and drags the enemy along with it.It punched the target fiercely with the drill several times and activated its' elbow boosters to make the drill smashed the enemy to the air upon extending.It fired its; grenade and showered its' Claymore to the poor target.For the finish blow,Wiglaf charged it with one last drill.

Edited by Majin_Senna

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Your writeup here Majin asks for too much with little to no explination.

For starters, why would they build anoter Alt Eisen? Alt was a horrible design that only one man in the whole world could pilot effectively, and partially because he's unnaturally lucky. Reise as it is is pretty damn powerful. It hard to get much more powerful than it in the OG verse without relying on Black Hole reactors, tornium, Balmarian technology, or SR magic.

You say the unit posesses sentience with no explinaton for it. That's not something to toss in lightly, as it could be anything from a system, sidekick, another pilot slot, or even nothing. Why does it have this intelligence? Is it artifical? Magical? Is there a dead PD girl in Alt now? ht exactly does it do in detail? When you say it ignores OS data, does that mean it can run without the computer? Des it ignore Kyosuke's commands when it thinks it has a better one?

You know what you want your unit to look like in terms of weapons, and that's good, but you haven't sold us on why they would make this unit besides "Because they can," and that doesn't fly in MechDev. Keep working on this one, adding in more details as they come to you. Don't rush yourself.

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"Behold my cannon fodder mecha!" Post 1 of 117(Seriously. I don't think I'll be running all of them through here...)

SPAF-0 Base S-Frame

Series: Assault Frame Valius(Orignal)

Unit type: Assault Frame

In year 403 of the Viranda calendar, the first Assault Frame was used by the Juri in the long standing war against the Virandans attacking their nation. Although even the prototype was enough to destroy a entire tank company, the Juri were eventrully defeated and intagrated into Virandan sociaty due to slow production of the giant weapons. However, the preformence shown by the few that were used inspired the Virandan forces to massproduce it themselves, opening up a new chapter into its history. Although the first units appeared to be ackward in movement, they proved to be extremely nimble and powerful against anything thrown against them. As time went on, new break throughs were made, including the rediscovery of space travel. Soon, the demand for space militarization led to many researchers to work on not only a unit capable of moving and fighting in space, but also of one that could operate independent of short battery times and umbilical cables. However, many predict that this could take years before a new source of powering Assault Frames can be discovered. In the year 427, the Space Prototype AF Zero is produced to both test diffrent theories and to protect ships from attack. Although many fewer units are seen then its dependent massproduction brother the Space AF-1 Frame, they are capable of more power and precision movements, at the sacrifice of armor to install sensor packages to the base frame. They are also just shy of twice the size of the regular AF, allowing for easier change of equipment and extra batteries to supplement theortical reactors.

Two 30mm Assault Machine Cannons: The mainstay weapon of most Assault Frames in the average firelinked Machine Cannon installed on most units. Although seen as little more then a weapon used to pick off smaller targets not worth the trouble of using melee combat or heavier weapons against, it can still put a major dent into another AF.

Punch: A rather obvious weapon of the Assult Frame is its fists. In older models, they lacked fingers entirely and were nothing more then knuckles to use against armor. Newer models have replaced the often called 'knuckle bomb' with a more sensiable hand, as well as a more effective knuckle shield for melee combat that has proven to be a extremely popular move by vetern pilots.

Hand Operated 100mm Rail Cannon: A new weapon technolgy in production, Rail cannons are powerful, hard to produce due to the need for extremely magnetic materials, and very, very fast in travel. While powerful, they also require service regularly and will damage without regular service.

Prototype Laser Rifle: A protoype weapon that uses energy instead of typical ammo, the first prototype units have been sent to be tested with the Zero frames. Using the energy of the unit itself, it is extremely draining.


The Zero has very few frames due to not really being a combat unit. While it has the standard equipment and some weapons in testing, it lacks the combat ability of normal AF's and is rather ackward in space and can barely move in normal gravity. The SPAF-0 Laser S-Frame, SPAF-0 Combat S-Frame, and SPAF-0 Ground Combat S-Frame are attachable.

{Unit specific history}

While the SPAF-0 saw little use in combat during its time with its makers, the United Freedom Front stole them after they were put to storage and later to be decommisioned in early 429. Several of them were customized by pilots and used on the ground with heavier armor and support systems, dubbed the UFFAF-3. These units were so popular, its led to the UFF enlarging its units as oppsite the move by Viranda to shrink combat armor later the same year. The few units that survived the war were later seen as a great honour to pilot and frames were made specificly for pilots to keep them current.


All AF's borrow from my knowlege on modern weapon systems either currently used or being tested as well as anime real robots like Gundam and Dragonar. This itself would end up putting a mobile suit/heavy metal/metal armor/other real robot and giving it more realistic armor as well as mobility and, in all reality, height. At almost eighty feet tall, its the tallest AF I'll ever make. It can barely be used on land because the weight-to-myomer factor, the unit has much less the average myomer fiber due to being meant souly for space unless agumented by a frame in times of extreme emergency.


SPAF-0 Laser S-Frame

With this frame, the Zero gains a small boost to energy to support the frames built in equipment and gives it more thrusters to compensate. However, the added thrusters are often too powerful to compensate for and makes hand armorments harder to aim.

Two 30mm Assault Machine Cannons: The mainstay weapon of most Assault Frames in the average firelinked Machine Cannon installed on most units. Although seen as little more then a weapon used to pick off smaller targets not worth the trouble of using melee combat or heavier weapons against, it can still put a major dent into another AF.

Punch: A rather obvious weapon of the Assault Frame is its fists. In older models, they lacked fingers entirely and were nothing more then knuckles to use against armor. Newer models have replaced the often called 'knuckle bomb' with a more sensiable hand, as well as a more effective knuckle shield for melee combat that has proven to be a extremely popular move by vetern pilots.

Frame Mounted Laser Rifle: A more fine-tuned version of the prototype that uses less energy and less strength, its size is also extremely reduced and is built into the frames right wrist, although this move is considered a design flaw but is never corrected before the Zero is decommisioned.

Hand Operated 100mm Rail Cannon: A new weapon technolgy in production, Rail cannons are powerful, hard to produce due to the need for extremely magnetic materials, and very, very fast in travel. While powerful, they also require service regularly and will damage without regular service.

Prototype Laser Rifle: A protoype weapon that uses energy instead of typical ammo, the first prototype units have been sent to be tested with the Zero frames. Using the energy of the unit itself, it is extremely draining.


SPAF-0 Combat S-Frame

With more and more open terrorist activity, older models like the Zero were serviced for police action against anything from grunts with machine guns and RPGs to other AF's. A more fine tuned thruster pack was added, increasing the speed without overcompensating, and more armor and weapons were added while still making room for the delicate sensors, and mounting a shield on the left arm.

Two 30mm Assault Machine Cannons: The mainstay weapon of most Assault Frames in the average firelinked Machine Cannon installed on most units. Although seen as little more then a weapon used to pick off smaller targets not worth the trouble of using melee combat or heavier weapons against, it can still put a major dent into another AF.

Punch: A rather obvious weapon of the Assault Frame is its fists. In older models, they lacked fingers entirely and were nothing more then knuckles to use against armor. Newer models have replaced the often called 'knuckle bomb' with a more sensiable hand, as well as a more effective knuckle shield for melee combat that has proven to be a extremely popular move by vetern pilots.

Hand Operated Mass Production 90mm Rail Cannon: The finished product of the protoype Rail Cannon, the mass produced version cuts back on the stength of the orignal in exchange for longer service and smaller size.

Frame Mounted Laser Rifle: A more fine-tuned version of the prototype that uses less energy and less strength, its size is also extremely reduced and is built into the frames right wrist, although this move is considered a design flaw but is never corrected before the Zero is decommisioned.

Cruise Missiles: A few cruise missiles mounted under the shield on the left, used against heavier craft like battleships or extremely armored AF's like the Type-Three S and is one of the few conventional weapons equipped to Assault Frames.


SPAF-0 Ground Combat S-Frame

Mere days before its decommsioning is anounced,the first ground combat frame for the Zero is made. Saddly, it never saw service under its own makers but gave the United Freedom Front the ability to get away with stealing them and later using them against the Viranda forces on the ground. Using support and giving the Zero three times the Myomer fibers in the base frame, the Ground Combat frame is self explainitory. Extremely ackward in space as well as slow on the ground, it is however extremely well armored now and packs a few new weapons commenly seen on normal AF's but just refitted for the Zero's large size as well as several weapons from battleships.

Two 30mm Assault Machine Cannons: The mainstay weapon of most Assault Frames in the average firelinked Machine Cannon installed on most units. Although seen as little more then a weapon used to pick off smaller targets not worth the trouble of using melee combat or heavier weapons against, it can still put a major dent into another AF.

Ingram Micro-Missile Launcher-Delivery Package: Mounted on the left wrist is a battleships anti-fighter missile launcher, too large for a normal AF but perfect for something the size of the Zero and able to supplement the frames joint missiles.

All-Directional Missiles: Built into the joints of the frame are experamental battleship micro-missiles almost a quarter smaller then normal, although dumb-fire instead of tracking.

Punch: A rather obvious weapon of the Assault Frame is its fists. In older models, they lacked fingers entirely and were nothing more then knuckles to use against armor. Newer models have replaced the often called 'knuckle bomb' with a more sensiable hand, as well as a more effective knuckle shield for melee combat that has proven to be a extremely popular move by vetern pilots.

Assault Knifes: Stored under both wrists are two double size assault knifes, giving the Zero enhanced melee combat abilities.

Hand Operated Mass Production 90mm Rail Cannon: The finished product of the protoype Rail Cannon, the mass produced version cuts back on the stength of the orignal in exchange for longer service and smaller size.

Frame Mounted Hi-powered Tri Machine Cannon: Instead of the laser rifle installed on most of the Zero's frames on the right wrist, a more conventional machine cannon was installed. While larger then most AF machine cannons due the size of Zero, it packs just barely above average power. To help with this, the designers instead put three firelinked cannons into the frame in a attempt to equalize the balance of size versus power.

Back Mounted Artillary Laser Cannon: Mounted on the back is a optional battleship laser cannon built for anti-battleship capability, and slows the unit down even more then it is normally.

Edited by Master Kruz

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Spacing is your friend. Space out the weapons, the background info, and the two mecha RPs. You spelled Assault wrong a few times too.

Other than that, seems pretty good.

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Fixed. Also, this is proof that working in fastfood kills braincells. I misspelled assault seventeen times, everytime I used the word...

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Even though Nergal Heavy Industries was driven underground after the Lizard War due to accusations of promoting the war for profit, it could not be denied that their technological developments were some of the best in the world, and even without as many contractors they were still successful.

Gutsy Geoid Guard, the famous defence corporation, were likewise famed for their advanced technology which made use of G-Stones, a potentially infinite power supply.

Nergal had previously been commissioned by an outsourcing 3G to use exclusive technology combined with their own in-house mechanics to produce another mechanoid, purchasing samples of materials normally kept under lock and key for mutual benefit, which resulted in the Brave Jumper G-Aestivalis being built.

Not only was this an experiment in break-through technology (which never got to be used), nor was it just outsourcing by 3G to a capable heavy-industry company, but it was also an attempt by Nergal to clear their reputation as a typical war-mongering weapon-manufacturing corporation. By associating themselves with a heroic Earth-defending organisation such as 3G, they could reap the same reputational rewards by contributing to their victories. Due to overconfidence in the field and inexperience in pilotting the unit however, it was destroyed, and the pilot critically injured.

Though Nergal's CEO was furious, 3G were willing to provide resources for another robot. The new robot would be a new image for Nergal, and its success would mean renewed success for the company. And so the same team of scientists convinced the CEO to provide a budget for them to set about improving on the old designs. Below is a copy of the document sent from Nergal Research and Development division to the CEO as a brief explanation of their work.

- - - - - - - - - -

Brave Jumper Helianthus

In basic, the new mechanoid is a heavily modified version of the Alstromelia frame, itself a heavily customized Aestivalis frame built in secret for the benefit of the Jovian B-Class Jumper, Genichiro Tsukiomi. Instead of many of the long-range frame modifications on the standard Aestivalis to preserve itself, the Alstromelia is customized specifically for melee combat, in-line with Tsukiomi's Jovian Yawara martial-arts skills. Plates with sharp blades integrated into them would slide over the manipulator hands, ejecting the claws within and ready to pierce most armour. These weapons were often used in combination with the ability to boson jump, to avoid being taken down from a distance as the unit approached the enemy, and to catch the enemy off-guard as they expected a charge, unprepared and often unable to defend themselves from so close a range.

Being an avid Gekiganger fan, full of hot blood and with a strong sense of justice in much the same way as the soldiers of the Jovian Federation, and lacking a real head for overt logical thought, the intended pilot would benefit from similar methods. As an A-Class Jumper he could be trained to boson jump at will (as he may not already have discovered this ability), which would largely aid him in avoiding attacks and lessening distances between himself and the enemy, or allowing a quick retreat (for want of the word "escape") for self-preservation or repairs, which would allow a reinforced attack where an earlier attempt may have failed.

Power Source: Since it was unlikely that this mechanoid would see use on the political battlefield, and would not be used in conjunction with a Nadesico-class battleship, it was decided not to include a Graviton Wave Antenna.

As with all mechanoids produced by the Gutsy Geoid Guard, the Brave Jumper Helianthus (named under the Nergal naming code) was considered for an Ultra-Technology Engine (or Ul-Tech Engine), an engine powered by a G-Stone, or as it is sometimes known, the "Infinite Information Circuit" (due to the G-Stone's ability to provide and store potentially infinite amounts of energy or information).

Into the engine is incorporated the GS-Ride, a system able to draw energy out of a G-Stone, and G-Liquids (a special type of fluid that conducts the energy produced by a GS-Ride that flow throughout the mechanoid's body) distribute the power to each individual circuit, mechanism and processor in the machine more effectively than when using most standard power sources. A more advanced power source was planned, but was deemed too costly to fit into such a small unit in which it would not reach its full potential. Still, the current Ul-Tech Engine was built with a possible future modification in mind.

Controls: Also included is yet another combination of Nergal and 3G's technology: The G-IFS. As a rule every Nergal Heavy Industries mechanoid is controlled by the Image Feedback System, a mechanism that links the "nervous system" of any given robot with that of the pilot through a conduit, which forms a circuit with the pilot's system through a colony of nanomachines injected directly into the pilot's blood.

As mentioned earlier the mechanoid has G-Liquid running through conduits within its machinery to transfer energy. It appears that the pilot's commands will sometimes travel through this stream instead of the standard circuitry designed for the purpose, a peculiar turnout. Different test pilots were used in testing of individual parts of the mechanoid, and with some pilots, who are notably more soldierly and obedient, the IFS tends to use the standard circuits, whereas with the more outgoing, confident, and overall determined pilots, the G-Liquid stream is further stimulated while the nerve circuitry remained inactive. In fact, under these latter types we've found that reaction times are significantly lessened, and so we've decided to remove the original nervous system in favour of the more efficient G-Liquid stream.

Defensive Capability: Helianthus' armour is built out of the same materials as all Nergal mechanoids, i.e. a composite ceramic-plastic material that is tougher and more durable than steel. The main body was painted gold and the claws and other separate sections painted black purely for cosmetic reasons, as gold is a colour often associated with benevolence, a quality we need to promote if we are to clear Nergal's name.

Also built in, designed to make the most of the new power source is a modified Distortion Field. Energy produced by the Ul-Tech Engine is expelled outward from the unit, generating a projected barrier in a similar fashion to the standard Graviton Field around an Aestivalis. This newer field seems to be able to stop energy projectiles and physical force equally well, protecting the unit from all kinds of attacks while having no particular weaknesses that we've discovered. We've dubbed it the Distortion Shade.


Claw: Alstromelia's only real weapon was its claw blades, contained in plates that slide down over the manipulator hands of the mechanoid. A standard melee weapon, as melee weapons were preferred by Tsukiomi, a practitioner of Jovian Yawara, but designed in such a way that distortion fields and other force fields are easily pierced by its triple blades. Helianthus, being based on the Alstromelia, also has these claws.

Double Claw: Of course, since both arms have the claw plates attached, both arms can be used for an attack on an enemy.

Wired Claw: In the original Aestivalis design, each fist could be rocket-propelled for a pseudo-melee attack on an enemy, then using a winch mechanism and a steel cable attached to the fist it could be retracted and locked into place, ready to be fired again. However for the original Alstromelia design this was removed so that the bladed plates could slot in over the arm more smoothly, as there is otherwise no room in the forearm. This mechanism is incorporated again in Helianthus, with the winch this time located in the upper arm section, and the cable being connected to the entire section to which the claw plates are attached while deployed, to be used in a more devastating version of the Wired Fist attack.

Boson Jump Claw: A favoured technique of Genichiro Tsukiomi, who, now with the skills of an A-Class Jumper, was able to visualize and initiate a boson jump at will. Instead of approaching the enemy and leaving himself open to attack, he would usually jump within close range and attack instead, usually too close for the enemy to be able to retaliate or parry in time. Though the current pilot may be unaware of his abilities, he is in fact an A-Class Jumper too, and with training could also learn to jump as a tactical maneuver.

Spin Claw: An extra mechanism was built into the arms of the Alstromelia, where the inside of the forearm was attached to the frame via a circular railing and clamps for sturdiness which would be released during the use of this attack. The main frame connected to this railing via a motor which would spin the railing at high speeds, causing the forearm itself to spin at a high speed. Using this form of "drill attack" could be devastating when applied to an enemy mech. Naturally this mechanism was also kept for the Alstromelia.

Spiralling Wired Claw: This is another technique not present on the Alstromelia, where the Helianthus' ability to rapidly spin the claw segment is utilized to build up momentum, before launching the spinning claw at its target, causing even further damage on impact.

Claw Shot: A combination of attacks, first the Helianthus will fire off one of its claws at the mark, which will latch onto the target. Using the winch, Helianthus will then either a) pull itself towards the enemy, or b) pull the enemy towards itself, depending on matters of size or weight. Either way, the rapid speed of the winch will allow Helianthus to use the other claw to attack, and with the extra weight of the unit itself and the momentum gathered because of the winch's speed, it will cause no small amount of damage.

Distortion Shade Attack: Another attack inspired by the Aestivalis, where, using the Distortion Field (or in this case, the Distortion Shade), the mechanoid propels itself at the enemy, using the extra repelling strength of the barrier to inflict a heavy blow.

We hope it's understood that this mechanoid isn't as cost effective to produce as the standard Aestivalis, but since it won't see mass-production we're sure it won't be a problem for our prospectors and financers, considering the profits we'll be expecting following its use.

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Post what you got so far, so we can see what you need help with?

Here, have sum unfinished MechDev Contest entry.

Jokyuu no Gunshin: Hero of the Skies

It is the year 20XX, and the Earth has known relative peace. Large-scale war has not broken out for years, every nation able to rapidly analyzing meteors that landed in rapid succession. Shortly after the first meteor hit, the First World nations produced an amazing advance in jet propulsion. Enriching fuel and engines with the various alien minerals, scientists were able to create efficient and powerful jet engines. Due to this, the world enjoys great advances in aeronautic and mechanical technology.

As soon as these creations were thought up it seemed that prototypes for new airplanes were developed. The newfound power and lightness generated from trace amounts of liquid and solid Macrosium allowed for innovations thought of as impossible. The pinnacle of this new way of thinking became highly advanced airplanes able to take on humanoid forms. The newly created plane prototypes were initially developed for rescue and reconnaissance, but have become a facet of the new face of national defense. These plane/mecha hybrids were classified as Multipurpose Humanoid Aircraft, shortened to MHA or simply HA's. As soon as the first production models were workable, they became the pride and joy of their respective nations. Some pundits consider them the greatest multipurpose invention since the original airplane. Even though Macrosium is somewhat well known, the origin of these advances is kept under lock and key, classified to all but the top members of the military. It is that origin, however which brings us to the current state of the world.

On October 4, four countries unveiled what they believed to be their greatest achievement: Tandem MHAs. During the lavish coronation, the video feed was hijacked. Instead of the expected military brass or pencilnecked engineer, vaguely humanoid faces appeared on the screen. Across the world, these alien beings muttered a cryptic message. "Return our technology, or face hell." Confused by the message, the countries continued the unveiling. The unveiling was a great success, and there was much high-fiving.

The next day, unidentified vehicles, much like the MHAs began bombing runs. They came from the skies, streaking like comets as they destroyed countless military and industrial facilities. The respective countries were forced into scramble mode, launching their early HAs and aircraft into the meat grinder. Wave after wave of allied manpower fell to the alien menace, completely outclassed. Desperate for something to stem the tide of destruction, each tandem was thrust into action almost completely untested. The world watched on with baited breath as the new HAs faced their trial by fire. Shockingly, they were successful in repelling enough of the enemy to force a retreat. The machines were badly injured, but still functional.

After that ordeal, the United Nations convened. They had to do something to keep the alien threat (heretofore known as the Matradei Nation) at bay, but they were woefully unprepared. They managed to ratify a unilateral treaty in defense of the Earth, allocating enough resources to each able country to repair and redevelop the new MHAs; refitting them for combat purposes. However, the development process was long and the Matradei pushed harder after their loss. There were only four prototypes were ready to go, out of the original MHAs, only those from the United States and Japan were plausible. England and Germany 's machines were created, but had taken heavy damage during the fracas and needed repair. Seeing as how the weight of the world was mostly on their shoulders, the UN sponsored a pilot recruitment program, so only the best and brightest were in the cockpit of Earth's saviors. These are their mecha, this is their story.

United States

MHA Names: Shooting Star, Lady Luck

Pilots: Buddy "Ace" King, Jacquline Queens

Tandem MHA: Novaeon, Hyper Novaeon

SDP-007 Shooting Star

The Shooting Star is the most well-balanced machine out of the eight prototypes, even though it was made second to last. It, like all other Skydogs are made primarily as fighter planes, with the humanoid innards normally folded up into the fighter body in F-Option. The flexible jointed armor plating on the humanoid body makes folding in relatively easy, compensating for the drag that would be added with jutting appendages. When necessary, a simple flip of the switch unfurls the humanoid body, molding the fighter pilot shell into wings and additional plating in S-Option. The machine is outfitted with standard 60mm Vulcans and Missle Pods, along with a Combat Knife and set of Plasma Pistols for use in S-Option.


[+] 60mm Vulcans: A bone-standard set of fire-linked machine guns in the head/nose unit of the Shooting Star. Primarily used for projectile neutralization and annoying your opponent. A standard belt holds enough ammo for about 20 concentrated bursts.

(20 round Vulcans...)

[F] Combat Knife: A serrated knife made of the same materials as the Shooting Star itself, tempered for maximum effectiveness when digging into weak points in armor. It also functions as a decent parrying tool, anti-ballistic measure, and letter opener. In desperate times, the arm necessary to use this weapon can be released in F-Option, but it severely hampers flying ability. Thusly, it is only left to skilled professionals and the insane.

(That's not a knife; this is a knife! Maybe CC: MA Mastery in F-Option?)

[+] "Outlaw" Missile Pods: Mounted on the wings in F-Option and attachable to the wrists in S-Option, there are two sets of 8-Pack missile pods. Each missile contains a powerful explosive charge along with superheated liquid. Once the missile blows, either on contact or after reaching a certain range, the liquid sprays into the target, doing corrosive and/or "splash" damage to those in the blast radius. The two pods are usually launched separately, but a "rock 'n' roll setting exists.

(Painful missiles in stereo.)

[+] P-Pistols: One of the signature weapons of the Shooting Star, these are two mecha-scaled revolvers of intricate design. Two siphon plugs attach to the hand hardpoints, drawing energy into the chambers. There, the plasma energy condensed via electromagnetic fields into "bullets" ready for firing. The pistols were originally meant to be used one at a time, but Buddy prefers dual-wielding for more firepower. To aid him, a minor OS change was made to allow fanning action with both pistols, allowing him to pump more "lead". After a few sorties, a hasty modification was made for an auto-fanning mode.

(Yeehaw, dual wielding like a real cowboy! I'm thinking x2, maybe (F)?)

[H] Shooting Star: The other signature weapon of the SS, and it's namesake attack. Transforming into S-Option (if necessary), the boosters are overclocked and the Shooting Star spirals towards the enemy. Then, oddly enough, it blows past the opponent. Keeping speed, it whips past the opponent several times before ramming head on. Even though this is very dangerous and somewhat nuts, it is a very powerful attack. Buddy calls it his "Ace in the Hole", seeing as how he's the only one who would even consider this.

(Highspeed, RR Dynamite Tackle!)

Frame and Structures

The Shooting Star is sort of a benchmark machine, not really excelling in any statistic except for consistency. The airplane shell (F-Option) is made of a light Kinesium alloy, a combination of Macrosium and Urethane shaped into a thin yet durable outer skin. The humanoid part (S-Option) is made of a denser Steel-Titanium alloy, shaped into numerous interlinked plates. This gives the MHA a perfunctory amount of armor and lasting ability; it can't outtank a Super Robot, but it definitely isn't Balsa Wood. The plates also allow excess energy to escape while allowing for surprising flexibility. This is a great boon for the fluid metal skeleton, allowing for the great dexterity and transformation ease that has become a hallmark of the series. The powerplant is a fuel/plasma engine, a two chambered vessel that can convert the standard jet fuel into Macrosium laced "plasma". This creates a highly efficient, long-legged power system that has very slight regenerative properties.

The propulsion systems are the hallmark of these machines; almost totally Macrosium built fueled by a 50/50 mix of fuel and plasma. The Macrosium casing resonates with the Macrosium inside of the power system; creating large amounts of explosive propulsion with little material. This gives the machines an insane amount of speed, able to near the speed of sound with great ease. Not only that, but by changing the amount of Macrosium in the fuel via the OS's management systems, the propulsion and power can be finely tuned, allowing for minute control of the machine.

(tl;dr: Decent HP, comparable to a high-end Valk, high EN, low Agi (this baby can turn on a dime, Macross Zero style!))

Transformation Systems:

The Shooting Star, as all MHAs do, has two modes: the Fighter Plane F-Option and the Humanoid S-Option. With a simple button sequence, the MHA can switch from mode to mode with ease. In F-Option, the machine is totally converted into a plane, akin to current fighters. In this form, the Shooting Star is incredibly agile and quick, but it loses the use of any hands or feet. To rectify this, the P-Pistols are attached to a recessed part of the underbelly of the machine. In S-Option, the humanoid form unfurls, and the plane shell wraps around the body and shoulders. The wings separate and are able to move independently. In this form, the arms and legs are free to do whatever necessary. However, the S-Option is not made wholly for aerodynamic action, and can't move nearly as fast as the F-Option. They can still fly thought, thanks to the power of the main jets.

(tl;dr: Two forms, F-Option [A Plane] and S-Option [Mecha]. F-Option should be crazy fast, but the Knife can't be used. S-Option should be slower, but can use every weapon)

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Chronicle 1: The Death Knight



In the beginning of time, the origin of all things, Ordinance, created the primal chaos from a shard of its soul. During millions of years, this chaos stabilized itself and gave birth to Yggdra, the great mother, whose mission was to maintain life. With her birth, Ordinance stopped feeling lonely.

Yggdra, staring into the chaos, felt the sorrow of the souls that lived in it, and, taking fragments of her own spirit, she created the universe (Yarrha), the galaxies, the stars and the planets, giving a peaceful home to the sorrowful souls that stood in the chaos. From all of those worlds that bloomed in the cosmic sphere, the most beautiful of them all was Pheln, the blue paradise, where humans lived.

The beings of the other planets weren’t happy with this. They felt that the inhabitants of Pheln had privileges over the beings of the other worlds, which was actually untrue, because, though beautiful, Pheln was a world with its own harsh and thriving conditions. But the other worlds didn’t listen to Yggdra’s reasons. Soon, among the inhabitants of the universe, surged a new being, who wanted to bring the worlds back into the chaos. The name of this being was Mortifer. With its arts, Mortifer managed to manipulate the hearts of the males in Pheln, but was unable to do so with the women, who were more attuned to the great mother. As a result of this, the blue paradise quickly became a wasteland of near extinction by the hands of war.

Yggdra, cursing the weak will of males, whose hunger for power didn’t allow them to discover the deceives of Mortifer, had no solution but intervening, casting a plague to destroy all the males in Pheln, leaving only females alive in the world, and then cast Mortifer off, sealing it in the blue paradise so that it learnt about the harshness the inhabitants of Pheln had to withstand, even more now that males had stopped existing.

During millennia, peace returned to the universe. Using magical means, the females in Pheln managed to keep the species alive, so that issue was not as important as others that already existed since the beginning of Pheln. The eight kingdoms of Pheln (Valar, Sohm, Oldna, Celia, Phalca, Telos, Barm and Gul) lived in a practically normal equilibrium.

Nothing could foresee that strife would come again, in such a sudden way...

Mortifer, though sealed, hadn’t given up in its will of bringing Pheln back to primal chaos, and so, started filling the minds of the people living in the harshest conditions to be jealous of those in the most thriving kingdoms. It turned out that the ones living in harshest conditions were the inhabitants of the wastelands of Gul.

The jealous queen of Gul, Aegina, seduced by the dark deceives and promises of Mortifer’s agent, Nessiah, became its worshipper and waged war against the other kingdoms. Yggdra knew what was the cause of this war, but having had acted once on the lives of the Phelnians, she could do nothing directly to stop the pointless conflict. Desperate, the goddess cried, and from her tears the relics to protect order in Pheln, the braves, were born. Among them stood the one with the greatest power, Yggdrasil, which carried a holy sword on its hand: The Sword of the Seven Stars.

With the power of the Holy Sword, queen Aegina was slain, even though her link to the goddess as queen of Gul made her immortal. However, although dead, the queen was far from disappearing from existence, and that would be proven a few years later, when Nessiah revived Aegina’s body and turned it into an undead being known only as the Death Knight. Upon her resurrection, Aegina started ruling Gul with an iron grip, and forced the inhabitants of the kingdom to go into the flames of war once again...

Meanwhile, high in the heavens, a goddess cries for the suffering of her daughters...

Character profiles:

+Main characters:

-Iisayana Eisenstern (イサヤナ=アイセンステーン)

-Age: Ageless (She looks like a 20 year old girl)

-Eye colour: Blue

-Hair colour: Blond

-Likes: Collecting pictures of girls.

-Important things: Herself.

-Dislikes: Those who hurt people.

-Nickname: “Melon chest” (Gushana)

-Units: Sildra, Yggdrasil, Queen Yggdrasil

Those who need a reason to help someone are not less evil than those who hurt people for no reason.

The princess of the kingdom of Valar, Iisayana Eisenstern is a 20 year old girl with a strong personality who hates evil doers fervently, and whose behaviour can turn rather extreme if she is pulled to the brink of anger. Being the first daughter of queen Paltina 437th, she has been raised to be the inheritor to the throne of Valar since she was a kid, and her connection with the goddess gives her eternal youth and prevents her of being killed by humans. The only thing that could kill her is Yggdra herself, or a weapon crafted from yggdranium, the legendary ore.

She’s very popular among the people for her skills in swordsmanship and military strategy. However, she’s remembered better for her considerably endowed physical attributes, more exactly, her huge F-cup breasts, which cause her not few embarrassing moments. Also, though righteous and noble in public, her natural personality shows only when not in front of big crowds, and is that of a considerably licentious gal with a deep love for alcohol and a cheeky behaviour, which she has clearly inherited from her mother.

Being a descendant of queen Iisayana the 1st, she has the power to wield the legendary sword of the seven stars, and summon the brave created by the goddess Yggdra, Yggdrasil, to fight against the followers of evil.

A long time childhood of queen Jayna of Phalca, her treatment towards the young queen makes some people suspect she may have a Lolita complex. Her sisters, Gushana and Ruyana, make fun of this fact constantly, which drives Iisayana mad. In fact, her two sisters are a nuisance most of the time, except during battle, at which time, the three of them concentrate just on the fight.

Upon the resurrection of queen Aegina, she can’t help but wonder how the heck a human being could come back to life. It was obvious that she didn’t know about the existence of Mortifer and its high priestess, Nessiah...

-Gushana Eisenstern (グシャナ=アイセンステーン)

-Age: Ageless (She looks like being 14 years old)

-Eye colour: Green

-Hair colour: Red

-Likes: Laughing at her older sister’s breasts

-Important things: Friendship

-Dislikes: Her older sister when she gets drunk

-Nickname: “Rapscallion” (Iisayana)

-Unit: Yggflyer, Yggdrasil (Support pilot), Queen Yggdrasil (Support pilot)

I don’t care who you are. I care about what you do.

Gushana Eisenstern is one of the two younger daughters of queen Paltina of Valar. She’s Iisayana’s younger sister, and Ruyana’s twin sister. Like the other princesses, she has a special link with the goddess, which prevents her of dying unless killed by Yggdra herself or by a weapon crafted from yggdranium.

She’s rather tomboyish, and likes to wear pants and play rough games with her friends. Also, if it is needed, she can deliver some pretty good punches to anyone who pisses her off, although that does not prevent her from having a kind side most of the time. With her older sister, however, she prefers acting like a little, naughty kid, laughing at Iisayana (More precisely at her exaggerate breasts) and pissing her off most of the time for pure fun. Sometimes, she tends to make things look more absurd than what they really are, and is extremely alarmist when things are actually not that bad. However, she is also a great support in battle, always being there to help her sister when battles become more and more enraged. Sometimes, though, she exposes herself to danger more than what one would prefer...

-Ruyana Eisenstern (ルヤナ=アイセンステーン)

-Age: Ageless (She looks like being 14 years old)

-Eye colour: Green, wears glasses

-Hair colour: Red

-Likes: Reading

-Important things: Book of magic gifted by her mother by her 11th birthday

-Dislikes: Arguments

-Nickname: “Book lover” (Gushana)

-Unit: Yggflyer (Support pilot, main pilot on certain counted occasions), Yggdrasil (Support pilot), Queen Yggdrasil (Support pilot)

Killing, killing and more killing. Why do people prefer to destroy rather than create?

Ruyana Eisenstern is Gushana’s twin sister, and therefore one of the younger daughters of queen Paltina. Like the queen and the other princesses, she’s immortal, and can only be killed by the goddess Yggdra or by a weapon crafted from yggdranium.

Much quieter than her other two sisters, she tries to work as the voice of reason for her other two sisters when they waste their time quarrelling, and prefers reading to fighting. She tends to spend a lot of time at the Valar palace’s library, reading history books and magic manuals. Her most prized possession, moreover, is a full copy of the Tome of Power her mother fetched from the great library of Phalca, and presented to her by her 11th birthday. She even knows how to cast some of the spells contained in the books she reads, but normally, her sister Gushana does not allow her to do it, fearing that the spell goes out of control and causes some catastrophe.

During the times she goes out to battle, she supports Gushana from the back seat of the Yggflyer, taking care of its motion detectors and energy systems. However, at certain occasions where Gushana was unable of going out to fight, she has taken the main controls, and has proven to be rather good at managing them. Her natural hatred to arguments has led her to some troubles rather often, though.

A long time friend of Reina Scarlet, sister of queen Jayna of Phalca, it is rumoured that she has a sentimental relationship with her.

Rid Eavel (リッド=エーヴェル)

-Age: 22 years old

-Eye colour: Red

-Hair colour: White

-Likes: Tranquillity

-Important things: Mother’s memento sword

-Dislikes: Cowardice

-Nickname: “Traitor” (Aegina)

-Units: Eavel banisher, Grand Eavel Banisher, Lord Eavel Banisher

Having sworn loyalty, should I live like a servant?

A woman of Gul, skilled in swordsmanship. She is sophisticated in her way of both speaking and acting, and imposes herself a strict code of honour: Never give up, never surrender, and always stride towards victory while protecting innocent people. An honourable warrior, she never backs off in a fight, and despises those who run away only to save their lives.

She is queen Aegina’s younger sister; therefore, she was once immortal from her link with Yggdra. However, after Aegina was killed by the sword of the seven stars, she lost the favour of the goddess and became mortal again. Upon the resurrection of the queen, she ran away from Gul and joined the Valarian army with the brave she had inherited from her late mother, Vilya. Since then, she is considered a traitor by the Gulian ranks, and many people in Valar consider her a spy of Gul. But the truth is, she’s the most loyal soldier of Valar, and always follows Iisayana’s orders.

Rumour is she has a personal rivalry with Luna, knight of the kingdom of Phalca.

COMING SOON: Mech specs.

In the meantime, could you please tell me what you think of the background and the character profiles?

Edited by Makaishinsei Shinki

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1st Project




A.D 2099, a mysterious meteor fell on earth.This mysterious meteor fell in Ciamis,Indonesia and destroyed nearly

anything in 100 km radius and transformed Lake Lengkong,the crash point into a beautiful,yet mysterious glacial lake with crystalline

towerlike sturctures proturding from the bottom to the sky.Glowing with light blue rays and semi transparent mists which is

later referred by scientists as "Zanurd Phenomenon".Based on Professor Zanurd who thesised of an unknown phenomenon

caused by a "Special wavelength of quantum based energy form that emerges from metals that have been altered

with Quantum reversal process in refining it". The metal in the meteor is suspected to be a proof of the existence of alien civilization because the metal chunk recovered from the lake that has been analyzed shown that the metal has underwent a process that transforms it by {?} tempering it in Photonic furnace and involved antimatter energy in the process and have experienced a controlled time dilatation process (shown by the reaction of age measuring instrument to display absolutely impossible number of age of 15900000000000000 years) {?} process where even the subatomic structures has been transformed so it becomes an element nowhere to be found on earth,

even in this dimension.The metal is called the Quantium metal.It,of course,has shown some magnificent abilities

like it is an aero-thermo acoustic and absolutely ductile,yet proved to be amazingly hard and light.

The metal is then studied by Indonesian Scientific Research Community and has kept as a top secret. During the process, the metal is shown to "grow" hypothesized because of its' time dilatation that made it unstable. But questions of why it could _grow_ is yet to be answered.

Ten years later,with the Quantium metal is still being researched, myriads of UFO and giant robots attacked the whole earth, and quite surprisingly, the pilots were human! They claim themselves to be the "Ast Sapien,Secret race of mankind, preserved by the "Nine Unknown Men" to live in distant stars for dozens of centuries to come back in this age, to destroy the earthlings and recreate the world and live in earth as the true fated race of mankind".They landed in Netherlands,Spain,Portugal,Southern Japan

and seas north of Borneo. They occupied it and easily kicked mankind's arsenals. They then attempted to land at Lake Lengkong and claimed it as "Tanaa Suci nan Barjanjiah" their Holy Land prophesized in their religion which proved that this earth_IS_their promised land,and all they have to do is to retreieve the Holy Star,which have changed the place into tanaa Suci nan Barjanjiah.The Holy Star is,of course, the QUantium Metal,still kept secret and is now developed to be the only possible weapon to ward off the Ast Sapien as the

The Proposals to make this sentinel machine is then selected from a wide range of proposals from various engineering institutes,and one is accepted,courtesy of Professor Erik Alexander.

The proposal is to make it as a flying,gigantic winged giant robot that would hover at ground level (due to impossibility of it being able to walk and run and jump since it carried such large wings),wield lots of internal and external weapons,

outstandingly agile despite its' 25m height,able to transform into a giant fighter plane and the wings can be used as

a modular,wire connected cutting weapon.

All these were made possible due to the nature of the incredibly light Quantium and advanced technologies available at that time. In addition to that,Pulse Detonation engines generate blasts of powerful,but controllable reactions when contact with Quantium.

Finally,the Delta Blaze Reactor was created and is incorporated to the very first archetype of the Project Delta.

The development for the frame,and the wing part is underway as Indonesians still fight in Guerilla warfare against alien technology powered Asts.

And as the Asts attempted to destroy the whole capital city of Jakarta in 17th August 3009 with the horde of UFOs, the first prototype (which is going to be developed but hurried to sortie) is scrambled out due to emergency issues by the President.

The DeltaBlue,piloted by Indonesian Ace Pilot Ryan "Streak" Wirastana, thrusts to jakarta and succeeded in destroying the invaders,and the Asts regard this powerful blue robot to be their worst enemy.

THE PD-X01 Aerial Versatile COmbat Super Robot DeltaBlue (Experimental Type 1)


Height 25 m

Weight 27.92 t

As you can see in the picture,this Delta Blue is still under development and is still a trial type.Blue in armor,the armor is made from Quantium,which is highly durable,light and elastic.Developed in Subterfuge Facility under the Indian Ocean and underwent simulated flight tests,the deltablue is proved to be combat worthy.The shape is still looked to be chubby due to the very first trial version of the reactor is still used so there is the need to redesign the form of the Delta Blaze Reactor.The powerplant test results still not shown satisfying predicted results,although it is considered enough in terms of safety and efficiency.In ground level combats it is designed to hover and boost in high speeds.It is transformable (the pilot sits in a Gyro Stabilizer Cockpit inside its' head which will be the nose part when its' transforms),and has high agility in both robo and Fighter mode.The Delta Blue mounts three missile pods in each arms,loaded with High Explosive and Armor Piercing Variable Target Homing Missiles,

Six pods in its wings that contain Long Range sound seeking Missiles,two Vulcan pods,and its' palm is equipped with a Blaze Buster Array

a small quantity of Quantium placed in palm to deliver bursts of energy when triggered by pulse detonation.

Its interesting feature is its' wings,built from Reinforced-Titan-Quantium alloy mounting two railguns on its' center,the wing is separable and acts as a controllable

slicer type weapon controlled by the pilot.The wing carries thrusters and canard units could fold from its' delta shape,and while in Kite mode (the term when it is separated and connected by the X-Wire,resembling a kite) it is shaped like a Hi-Mat due to folding of canards. The side tips could eject blades,also made from Titano Quantium,called the Wing Saber.

For external weapons,the Delta Blue could carry some and some was carried by its' support vehicle the Ark Wing,a giant airship able to reach Mach 3.Examples are the Blaster Rifle that is basically a railgun firing 10 centimeter calibre slugs,

and able to connect to the internal power source through the Pod in the back, to fire Quantium Pulse Blasts channeled form its' reactor.Another is the Vanguard Lancer,usually shot from the Ark Wing and is a QUantium lance powered by Quantium

energy channeled form Delta Blue,it is used for mid range melee combat. The Delta Blue is able to open the center chest armor,bursting firece burst of Quantium burst energy in wide range for mass destruction or emergency purpose.This is known as Reactor Blast as literally it bursts the energy that is generated in the reactor. The Delta Blue's WIng kite attack,has the pilot controlling the wing part and the robot (for evasion or defense) is controlled by recorded AI data of the pilot.Ryan himself has created a signature finishing attackc alled the Blue Streak,which uses his wing kite to slash at his enemy,and then reconnects the wing to Deltablue,then boosts to deliver Saber slashes,Blaze Buster Arrays,dealing fierce punches and then shoots the wing kite to slice the enemy in half.

The Delta Blue,is also able to use EMP to disable temporarily an enemy unit and able to generate chaff to interfere with guidance systems of enemies' homing weapons.


Delta Blaze Reactor Engine-QUantium Pulse Detonation (QPD) Engine.

The reactor uses a special Quantium alloy as a catalyst to generate fierce blast of unknown energy called the Delta Blaze.

The unidentified plasma form is just called "Code Delta".The QPD is providing very high level of energy generated and power,contributing to massive strength and the colossal power of its' engines. For propulsing the robot it uses that engine to have Deltablue reach speed of Mach 8.5 maximum.Similar to rockets but far more energy efficient as it is even slightly higher than nukes but produce no potent radiation.Future projects are planned to design even more powerful Boost Modules to attach in the Delta Blue for Space war against Ast Sapiens.But still unknown when to be realizated.

WEAPONS (the more bottomly placed is the more powerful)


Vulcan guns stored in the ear part.Used just to destroy projectiles or to harm infantry or man sized soldiers.Weakest weapon

Homing Missiles

The homing missiles is most used in air and land battles.missiles whoot from both arms and two larger missiles of similar

warheads is launched from the knee.


The Deltablue charges at the enemy and deals several punches,ending with a boosted uppercut powered by propulsion from its' feet and wing thrusters.


The wing shoots railgun slugs that obliterates the target with a great piercing power.Has high accuracy.

Sound Seeking Missiles

The longest ranged weapon.Seek sound instead of heat due to some enemy robots are able to camouflage themselves optically and thermally.Blasts fierce micronuke explosion.

Blaze Buster Array

The palm has a Quantium part that bursts Quantium blasts when the trigger is pressed.Used in melee combat and as a powerful close-in attack.

Blaster Rifle

The Blaster cannon shoots giant slugs (a giant railgun) that could easily penetrate titanium.

Wing Saber

The Wing ejects two Sabers that it used to slash the enemy.

Vanguard Lancer

A more powerful melee weapon that consumes Quantium energy.The Deltablue stabs the enemy with this many times before cleaving it with an upward slash.Blue QUantium light is seen as the enemy is being stabbed.

Wing Kite

The wing is separated and connected with a strong wire.The wing with the thrusters slash the enemy and slice sit five times as the Deltablue holds one end of the Wire connected to the Wire Winch and controlling it like flying a kite.

Blue Streak Attack

A combo attack by Ryan.He uses his wing kite to slash at his enemy,and then reconnects the wing to Deltablue,then boosts to deliver Saber slashes,Blaze Buster Arrays,dealing fierce punches and then shoots the wing kite to slice the enemy in half.The Deltablue than overcharges its' thrusters to leave the enemy exploding.

Quantium Rifle

Connecting the Power pod,the Blaster Rifle is switched from R mode to Q mode,then after several seconds of charging (while the computer processes the proper time and targeting position),the Blaster Rifle shoots a Blue Stream that washes the enemy with intense Quantium blast.The enemy explodes in the middle of the stream.

Reactor Blast

The green window in the center armor in the chest is opened and firece blast of Quantium Pulse Detonation Blasts come out and decimates a wide area.This weapon is meant only to be used in emergency condition and should NEVER be used when non hostile lifeforms are present or Delta Blue is in densely populated area.

(Has a MAP and non MAP version)

My suggestion if the stats is going to be presented:

Mid-High Agility

Above average armor

Delta Blaze Reactor

Transformation ability:Fighter mode

Sidekick:Record Feedback AI

Super Robot

Edited by Streaklord 1

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Never, ever, ever suggest actual numerical stats like that. It won't get statted, and you could even get banned from the MechDev that way. Instead you wanna submit a modification form if it ddoesn't come out the way you like.

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I see.Sorry. I thought that doesn't matter .

I'll edit right away.

Be sure to read the (Very helpful) Naze Nani Mechdev!, Bad and Good Submissions. It's very, very helpful. And you also probably won't be able to submit it right away, as the MechDev Rules show the prices for submission clearly, and they're usually above 500 CDs.

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It's just a measure to keep people from trying to break the system and design a robot which is a lot stronger than it should be. More often than not, a rough description of what attacks and units are and do will get you what you're after. If not, the modification form is just for that.

On another note entirely, it's an interesting submission. Certainly different, and I like different.

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