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Mai Kobayashi

Mechdev comments thread

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Hey Setsuna. I was interested in when your GN-033 Boreas Gundam will be completed. How goes the work on it?

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Agh, I've been wanting to mechdev these for a long time, but while I have the ideas (mostly), putting them into words is being a pain. (I'm not even putting down Gundam Double Destiny yet)

Backstory for the units involves some spacenoids (not a gundam series, but close enough to use that word) designing loosely zodiac themed mecha to invade Earth (reasonings are being played with ATM, but likely conflict over the science that they are doing). After a short while, the earthlings develop their own mecha to fight them.


The basic attack robot. Actually not shitty, unlike its Gundam Wing counterpart. Can turn into a lion form (or a tiger or cheetah form for the variants). Armed with vulcans, beam claws and various optional weaponry. More or less a balanced machine. Notably piloted by Mouko (Leo Mouko Custom) and the Cheetah Squad (Leo Cheetah Customs). (Grunt units, but fairly good ones)

Probable weapons: Mouko Custom:

Cheetah Apollo Custom: High Powered Beam Rifle (capable of charged shot, snipe shot and rapid fire), Beam Saber

Cheetah Aries Custom: Faster than the others, has a regular beam rifle and twin beam sabers.

Cheetah Hercules Custom: Slower, but more powerful, has a beam cannon and large beam saber.


Offensively based robot. May turn into an animal/MA form, but may not (haven't decided yet, but I was planning on devving Leos first). Designed as a new unit for Aries, but he died before he had a chance to pilot it.


As Aries is for offence, Taurus is for defence. Unfortunately, this means it's also nowhere near mechdevvable yet. Probably would've been Hercules' new unit, had he survived.


Actually two robots, Gemini-Sword and Gemini-Shield. Gemini-Sword is armed with a large beam saber and (beam?) bazooka. Gemini-Shield a large beam shield, smaller beam saber and beam pistol. They also combine into Gemini Robo, which combines the best traits of both, and can be (main)piloted by either of the two, with the support of the other. Piloted by Michael and Celeste Valentine.

Cancer: I have no idea what this unit was designed for, but a Mobile Armour with two pods at the side. The custom version, at least, has drills there.

Virgo: A command unit, full of sensor equipment and similar. The custom version, at least, has DRAGOONS.

Aquarius: Re/Re vessel. Maybe a mothership, maybe not. Pretty much just there to provide supplies though.

Scorpio: ...I've got nothing yet. Probably based around wearing an enemy down gradually.

Sagittarius: Sniper-bot. I have little else yet.

Libra: Nothing for this either. Maybe a multiframed unit, or something?

Capricorn: ...agh. (Apollo's new unit?)

As always, more weapons/attacks should probably be added, but I'm not sure what yet.

On the Earth side:

Trooper: The original unit built in response to the Leo. Well balanced between offence and defence.


Missile Launcher: Fires Missiles. Can be upgraded with guided missiles.

Shotgun: A mech-sized shotgun. Does high damage at short range. Because of its scattering fire, it is easy to hit with, although it quickly becomes outranged.

Sword: A simple mech-sized blade, as a last resort.

Scout: Basically as the trooper, but refitted for speed over weaponry and armour.


Shotgun: The same as the trooper's.

Pistol: A pistol, sized for a mecha. A handy sidearm.

Sword: Same.

Heavy Assault Unit: A more heavily armed and armoured Trooper. Slower though.


Automatic cannon: A devastating, but heavy, machine gun. Even a single shot does notable damage.

Shotgun: The same as the trooper's. Still a backup weapon.

Axe: A heavier weapon for the Heavy Assault Unit.

Long Range Unit: Designed for sniping. Finished almost immediately after the HWU and Scout.


Sniper Rifle: A long ranged, powerful rifle designed for sniping.

Machine Gun: A machine gun. Nothing on the AC's power, but still impressive.

Combat Knife: A rather weak backup weapon, just in case. A skilled pilot should never have to use this.

Shinobi: The ninja obsession of one of their top pilots, along with the need for sneak attacks, led to the design of this unit, shortly after the LRU was finished. The first unit to acquire Optical Camouflage, along with stealth armour, which was applied to all the previous designs shortly after.


Pistol: Same as the Scouts. Upgraded to Shuriken Catapult for Kagemaru.

Katana: A mech-sized katana. Think Gerbera Straight or Shishio Blade. Best used from behind.

Firebee: Developed on a whim, this is a fire-using version of the Trooper.


Flamethrower: A flamethrower given to the unit.

Shotgun and Axe: Same as before.

High Explosive Trooper: Another random development, this unit is loaded with explosives... maybe because the pilot had trouble hitting normally?


Grenade Launcher (Normal rounds): A grenade launcher. Reasonably powerful.

Grenade Launcher (Remote Explosion): As above, but the grenades are set to explode on a radio signal sent out by the unit

Knife: Because grenades won't always work.

Eventually, two supply units were designed.

Repairman: Designed for repairing units on the field, and given advanced repair tools, a chainsaw, and a pistol for defence.

Constructor: Designed to assist with supplies, this machine was given advanced construction abilities. Also a shotgun and pistol.

(I may roll these two into one unit. I'm not sure yet.)


Black Rock Shooter

A black gundam, designed as an improvement on the RX-78 (NUC version), with a large beam rifle, or possibly beam cannon mounted on one hand. While an improvement on the original, most of the improvements seem to be in armament and movement speed, though it has problems moving at maximum speed while firing the beam cannon.

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Well even though im still inexperienced in mechdevs. I think it looks fine. Why not dev em?

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Still not got the writing down fully, but for some of them, it's pretty close.

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Okay, I'm planning to dev the Pawn soon, but run into a minor problem, that might not be one, but probably is.

<Patchoulli> It's more or less a highly modifiable frame, though

<Patchoulli> Unfortunately, I don't want to have to mechdev every variation, because that'd get crazy fast, and it seems like a borderline mechdev-dressup as is

<Patchoulli> Then again, it's not like there's a shortage of Zakus

<Patchoulli> I just... don't want to seperately dev that many...

<Patchoulli> I guess I could just do Frame + Hardpoints though

<Patchoulli> Or... I suppose I could just do the in universe justifications and stuff, and leave the mods to work out how the hell to stat something like that.

Previous comments:


The Pawn is a MP Grunt, designed to be cheap, cost-effective, and modular. It's effectively the Zaku/GM/Dagger of the series. It's used for basic combat, and any non-combat tasks requiring mecha.

Frame styles: Sniper, Close Combat, Repair, Civilian. All except Civilian have the same base weapons, but the different modes have different additional equipment.

For all military types, they're equipped with a large shield for defence, beam saber and beam rifle.

Sniper gets improved ranged weapons, Close Combat improved melee, Repair gets Repair and Resupply.

Civilian gets... Punch and Kick. (Basic melee techs that you'd expect on any mech without a "real" melee weapon.)

The Terra Custom is most likely a custom (improved) version of one of these... or rather, the civilian version, which is weaponless.

Currently, the customisations I am planning:

Extra motors (increases speed and evasion), Extra armour, Shield, Water Use Mode (needs details), Flight Pack, Space Use Mode (also needs details), Burrowing Drills, EWAC, Missile Jammer, Communications Jamming Systems, Stealth Armour, Anti-Radiation Shielding, Repair/Resupply kits, Inflatable Decoys?, Reinforced Frame (see below), various weapons (see below).

Weapons available:

Burrowing Drills (they're drills, of course they're weapons too), Reinforced Frame (increases Punch and Kick power), Chainsaw, Crusher Tentacles (like Heat Rod, but more crushing, less melting), Flame Saber (weaponised version of an oversized butane torch, basically), Laser, Flamethrower, Machine Gun, AutoShotgun, Sniper/Artillery Rifle, Multi-Rocket Launcher, Missile Launcher (Guided and normal), Nuclear Missile, Wired Fists, Wired weapons pods? (various), Tesla Coil, Psi-Amp? (Something almost Lambda Driverish, requiring Psychic Energy)

I'm trying to go for basically "every weapon possible that isn't SR level/too strong for a grunt to have".

Basically, if you can imagine a RR grunt carrying one, I want one available.

I'm also wondering whether to round the Terra Custom into this, despite most of its attacks technically being techniques.

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Prototype mechdev:

The Pawn is a MP Grunt, designed to be cheap, cost-effective, and modular. It's used for basic combat, and any non-combat tasks requiring mecha. (It's effectively the Zaku/GM/Dagger of the series.)

The basic design concept was simple. Produce something that could have systems inserted and removed as required, in order to have a unit that can be quickly customised to the task in hand. As such, a simple basic machine was produced, and various additional parts that could be added or removed as required.

A civilian version was also produced, primarily for industrial work, without any of the weaponry options of the military unit. (This... is probably either exactly the same as the basic unit, or the basic unit with hardpoints or similar that can only be used on improvements to the basic stats. No weaponry whatsoever.)

Typical basic loadouts were quickly determined, even though, apart from the basic requirements for the machine to work, practically the entire system would be replaced. (I was informed that if I want the thing to ever get devved, I'll have to use Frames rather than Hardpoints: Everything. With this in mind, the basic unit should probably be shitty and cheap, and the frames provide most of the actual value.)


Land Configuration: The basic combat configuration for the Pawn, with none of the additional systems of the others, giving it more room for additional equipment. (More hardpoints, probably)

(This is boring, but I don't want to drop it because it's the Pawn that doesn't burrow/fly/have enormous amounts of jamming/etc)

Digger Configuration: This variant was given drills to allow it to burrow through the ground. They also provide a useful attack if the unit is forced to use them instead of the other weapons equipped. (Burrow and a drill weapon)

Flight Configuration: A variant with jet packs on a vaguely scrander-esque wing pack. It flies. (Move F)

Aquatic Configuration: This variant was sealed airtight and given turbines, allowing it to travel underwater without problems. (Move W)

Space Configuration: Sealed airtight, and loaded with life support systems and thrusters, this little-used machine was intended for space travel. A shame, since its lack of aerodynamicness no longer matters there. (Can be used in space)

(They probably don't go into space, so a Space config can be dropped, and if they do, the units either are always aboard a mothership, or go into space anyway, so it doesn't warrant its own config, most likely)

Jammer Configuration: This version is loaded with advanced jamming equipment. While it takes up space that could easily be used for weapons, it's accepted that it's a small price to pay for a unit that can support its colleagues without being directly in the firing range. (EWAC, Missile Jammer and Communications jamming equipment)

Supply Configuration: Loaded with repair equipment, and spares, this is another configuration that can turn the tide of battle without directly attacking. (Re/Re)

(I don't strictly want to combine Jammer and Supply, but I will if I have to, even if it makes it seem a lot less accurate, since there are a lot of support units that have Re/Re even if they don't repair or resupply in show)

Testbed Configuration: With an improved generator, this machine was intended to test various new systems for use in bigger, more fixed machines. (Gets its own Hardpoint equipment list)

Wired Configuration: Technically an offshoot of the Testbed Configuration, this worked well enough, and cheaply enough, to warrant being included in combat-ready pawns.

(I can combine these two, if required. It's not a big deal, since Wired is a Testbed Config that worked)


Not Weapons: Extra Motors, Extra Armour, Shield, Stealth Armour, Repair/Resupply units if they don't get their own frame.

Weapons: Chainsaw, Flame Saber (weaponised version of an oversized butane torch, basically), Laser, Machine Gun, AutoShotgun, Sniper/Artillery Rifle, Multi-Rocket Launcher, Missile Launcher (Guided and normal), Nuclear Missile (may come with/require Anti-Radiation Shielding, if that is, in fact, worth statting)

(Railgun will be added if there's room. Otherwise, no.)

Wired only: Wired Fists (Same sort of thing as in Gundam!)

Wired weapons pods (various)

Crusher Tentacles (like Heat Rod, but more crushing, less melting)

Testbed only: Tesla Coil (? I can't decide whether to Science-Bullshit this into being a cheap, usable [+] weapon, or have it as [F] and realistic... then again, seeing the next, Science-Bullshit isn't too out of the question. Science Bullshit version: "The Tesla Coil fires a bolt of electricity from the unit to its target. It's surprisingly efficient in energy use, but was not considered strong enough to be used as an actual combat-worthy weapon." Renaming it may be a good idea.)

Psi-Amp: The Testbed Pawn was used to test the Psi-Amp, designed by the young genius Kyoko Asahina, which increases the power of the pilots psychic abilities... however, in a normal human, the effect is rather less than impressive, requiring a pilot with impressive psychic power to do anything worth the space it takes up. (Something almost Lambda Driverish, requiring Psychic Energy.)

Lumination Abatement: One of Kyoko's original experiments (using technology from the other world, not that the labs knew), this device cancels the effect of light and similar particles passing through its field. While devastingly effective at negating lasers and similar beam weaponry, the sphere of absolute darkness around the unit was difficult to deal with, and as such, the device was scrapped. (If this gets devved at all, Beam Jammer, with a probable large downside to it.)


Weapon classifications, for if it matters:

"Worker" (things with civilian uses. May even get their own seperate frame): Drills, Chainsaw (except probably not), Flame Saber

Close range (Melee and short ranged weapons): Flame Saber, Autoshotgun, possibly Machinegun

Long Range (sniper and artillery): Sniper rifle, Railgun?, Missiles?, Nuclear Missile (sortof)

"Paratrooper" (strong weapons with tiny ammo supply, or other similar "good for sudden attacks, but not for extended combat): Nuclear Missile, Missiles?

Just generally worthwhile weapons: Laser (not in water), Machinegun, Missiles?

Experimental: Tesla Coil, Psi-Amp, Lumination Abatement, Wired weapons

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