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Enter the Colosseum

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Enter the Colosseum

Faction: N/A.

Team Size: 2 People

Level Range: 1~10

Unit Ranks: 8 and lower

Item Ranks: 3 and lower

Reward: 200 Credits, 500 PP

Additional Reward: People of Fantasia like you better.

Job Details: A brand new arena dedicated to robot fighting and gladiatorial combat has just opened its doors and it wants people to display their fighting prowess for the crowd. There are a variety of events so who knows what you'll be assigned to. Oh, the flashier, the better.

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Producer: Shiho-P


Name: Shiho Sannomiya

Class: Untouchable Empress

Theme Song: Sawatte Violet, Noumitsu Whisper, Over the Future feat Shiho

Quote: "You can really taste the suffering and hatred of the bream that was cruelly murdered."

Level: 7

Maximum CP: 74

Skills & Abilities:

1. Level 7 Psychometer

PP gain from missions increased by 30%.


1. Psycometry: Offense

Level 1 (5 CP): All units you own gain Weapon Damage +10% for this turn.

2. Psycometry: Darkest Secret

Level 1 (15 CP): Choose one target enemy. All attacks from units you own that target that enemy alone gain Weapon Damage +20% and Accuracy +20%.

Idol Unit: Chiaking & Mingos


Name: Azusa Miura

Class: Oneesan

Theme Song: Tonari ni, Mythmaker, Massugu

Quote: "Ara ara, are you my destined person?"

Level: 9

Maximum SP: 132

Skills & Abilities:

- Countercut Cost: 5 AP

- Countershoot Cost: 5 AP

- Critical Cost: 10 AP

- Critical

Class: Passive (Main)

During the attack phase you may pay 8 AP to gain Weapon Damage +15% and Accuracy +15% for the first attack phase made this turn.

- Idol

Level 4 Defense, Level 2 Skill

Damage Received -20%, Shield Usage +3

- F91

Class: Passive (Main)

Damage Received -10%, Weapon Damage +5%, Target's Dodge Cost +5%.

- Boin

Class: Active

Gain Damage Received -15%. Charge (4) to activate.

- Improved Shield

Class: Passive (Main)

Shields reduce an additional 10% damage.

- Guts Gauge

Class: Active

- Forgetful: Costs 4 Will. Blocking reduces damage by 75% instead for this turn.

- Iron Will: Cost 5 Will. The first attack phase you receive this turn that would reduce your HP past 0 this turn reduces it to 1 instead. Your next attack phase gains Weapon Damage +25% and Target's Dodge Cost +25%.

- F91: Costs 6 Will. Cap all damage received this turn at 500 damage per hit.

- My Pace: Costs 3 Will. Gain Damage Received -15% for this turn. This counts as a terrain effect.


1. Iron Wall (鉄壁 Teppeki)

Level 1 (15 SP): Gain Damage Received -25% for one turn.

Level 2 (25 SP): Gain Damage Received -50% for one turn.

Level 3 (40 SP): Gain Damage Received -75% for one turn.

2. Resist (不屈 Fukutsu)

Level 1 (10 SP): Gain Damage Received -75% against the first attack received this turn. This is considered a Secondary Defense.

3. Substitute (みがわり Migawari)

Level 1 (35 SP): For a single turn, trade Defense Phases and Terrains with one target ally regardless of any condition. That ally must not have taken his or her turn to be a legitimate target of this spell. MAP Attacks are not affected by this spell.

4. Perseverance (根性 Konjou)

Level 1 (20 SP): Recover 30% of your maximum HP.

Level 2 (50 SP): Recover 50% of your maximum HP.



Name: Chihaya Kisaragi

Class: Mecha Lesbian Pettanko Diva

Theme Song: Aoi Tori, Me ga Au Toki, Nemuri Hime

Quote: "I'm not really interested in being an idol, but as long as I get a chance to sing, I'll do whatever it takes!"

Level: 4

Maximum SP: 112

Skills & Abilities:

- Countercut Cost: 7 AP

- Countershoot Cost: 7 AP

- Critical Cost: 10 AP

- Critical

Class: Passive (Main)

During the attack phase you may pay 10 AP to gain Weapon Damage +15% and Accuracy +15% for the first attack phase made this turn.

- Idol

Level 2 Evasion

Dodge Cost -10%

- Idol

Class: Passive (Main)

You are considered to have the Sound Energy System ability in any unit you pilot, however you may only use Songs that you have learned through Song Memory. This ability does not overwrite or take up the (System) slot of the unit you are piloting. If the unit piloted already has the Sound Energy System ability, or you install the Sound Energy System item, then it overwrites this ability. Gain an extra Technique slot to only be used for the Song Memory technique.

- Song Gauge

Class: Active

- Arcadia: Costs 2 Will. Gain Dodge Cost -10% and Target's Dodge Cost +20% for this turn.

- Tori no Uta: Costs 3 Will. Disables all attack phases of a single target for one turn. Requires Singer. This is considered a Status Attack.

- Aoi Tori: Costs 4 Will. Gain 1 additional attack phase this turn. During this attack phase you may only use [M] type attacks. You may only use this ability once per turn.

- Inferno: Costs 5 Will. If your next attack phase uses an [M] type attack, its status is extended to five turns instead of three.


1. Flash (ひらめき Hirameki)

Level 1 (10 SP): Gain Dodge Cost -75% against the first attack received this turn. This is considered a Secondary Evasive Defense.


1. Futari no Mojipittan: [M] Futari no Mojipittan- 2000 damage & Morale Boost, 20 Song EN/attack [+10%]

Boost Stellia


HP: 4800, EN: 170, Agi: 280

IS: 2, Move: G, Size: M, Rank: 8


[+] Star Shooter (SF:6)- 1360 damage, 30 rounds [+55%]

[+] Boost Magnum - 2720 damage, 12 rounds [+65%]

[F] Booster Blade (M)- 3060 damage [+35%]

[F] Booster Blade [Dual] (M)- 2550 damage x 2, 10 EN/attack [+55%]

[+] Booster Shotgun (S)- 4080 damage, 8 rounds [+50%]

[F] Space Tornado (SV:5)- 1360 damage/4 EN [+45%]

[H] Starlight Spectacle (X:6)- 1360 damage/5 EN [+55%]

Combo Attacks:

[H] Starlight Crash- 11050 damage, 20 EN/attack [+55%]

Inherent Abilities:

1) Brave

2) Countercut: Booster Blade

3) Countershoot: Star Shooter, Boost Magnum

4) Damage Received -10%

5) Dodge Cost -35%

6) Starlight Spectacle (5): Same effects as Double Image.

7) Chou Ryuusei Gattai (Great Arknoa): Arknoa (Lead Unit), Boost Stellia. The first time this ability is used in battle, restore HP and EN by 50%. Requires 3 Evo points on Ark and Stellia. Same effects as Combine.

8) Starlight Crash: Requires an allied Arknoa to execute.

Purchasing Cost:

N/A. Stellia and Star Booster must be in your inventory.

Pilot Slots: 2


Attack Upgrade x 7

Accuracy Upgrade x 7

Mobility Upgrade x 7

SS5: Infight +1

SS6: Infight +1

IS1: Pierrot's Mask

IS2: Grapple Sensor

Presenting the newest 82 Pro Idol group! The Chiaking & Mingos duo! With their experience in doing silly radio shows and singing various cover songs, they're sure to be able to entertain everyone! Their song repertoire ranges from the spirited Let's Go Rider Kick! to the slow yet beautiful Ai Oboeteimasuka? Boost Stellia's advanced AI will also provide additional assistance to them, allowing the two idols to sing in peace while it flies around in battle, fighting the good fight. Or fighting to provide entertainment to the people. If it is necessary, Stellia will also provide backup vocal, and use her Starlight Spectacle to project a brilliant light show to enhance the performance some more.

Chihaya also has lesbian tendencies, and we also think that she might actually be a mecha wearing a human skin.



Commanding Officer


Name: Kousei Kougami

Nationality: Japanese

Gender: Male

Age: 43

Level: 6

Pilot Class: Cakeboss

Current CP: 58

CO Orders







CO Skills

1) Skilled Teacher

Class: CO

Category: HQ

PP gain from missions increased by 30%.



Pilot Entry #01


Name: Godai Yuusuke

Nationality: Japanese

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Level: 8

Pilot Class: Passing through chaser of dreams

Current SP: 128

Skills & Abilities:

- Dodge Cost -10%

- Countercut Cost: 6 AP

- Countershoot Cost: 6 AP


Class: Passive (Main)

During an attack phase, you may pay 10 AP to gain Weapon Damage +15% and Accuracy +15% for that attack phase. Any effect that would reduce this cost below 0 AP only reduces it to 0 instead.

Mastery of 2000 Skills:

-Melee Level 2: [F]-type Weapon Damage +25%, Countercut Cost -1

-Range Level 2: [+]-type Weapon Damage +25%, Countercut Cost -1

-Evade Level 2: Dodge Cost -10%

Skill Gauge:

Class: Active (Main)

Ranges between 0 and 10. Gain 1 Skill counter each turn during your Regen Phase. Skill counters can be expended to give different effects. Skill abilities are activated during the Spirit Command Phase.

-Dive Roll: Costs 2 Will. Gain Dodge Cost -10% and Target's Dodge Cost +20% for this turn.

-The Stomp: Costs 3 Will. The last hit of your next attack phase gains Barrier Pierce and Armor Pierce.

-Juggle: Costs 5 Will. Gain 1 additional Attack Phase this turn.

-Hissatsu: Cost 5 Will. Your next attack phase gains Weapon Damage +100% and Target's Dodge Cost +25%.


1) Flash - Level 1

2) Duty - Level 1

3) Direct Attack




Pilot Skills

1) Kamen Rider

Class: Passive (Main)

Gain Dodge Cost -10%, Weapon Damage +5%, Target's Dodge Cost +5%.

2) Accurate Attacker

Class: Passive (Main)

All weapons gain Target's Dodge Cost +30%, Damage +10%.

3) Unit Specialization (Evasive: R.I.D.E.R)

Class: Passive (Main)

Damage Dealt +20%, Dodge Cost -5%, Target's Dodge Cost +10%








RIDER Kuuga (Rising Mighty Form)


HP: 5000, EN: 200, Agi: 280

IS: 2, Move: G, Size: M, Rank: 8


[F] Mighty Chop (M)- 2550 damage [+10%]

[F] Mighty Punch (M)- 3400 damage, 5 EN/attack [+10%]

[F] Mighty Pummel- 2550 damage + (F:5)- 680 damage/4 EN [+20%]

[F] Mighty Flare- 5440 damage, 15 EN/attack [+20%]

[F] Honoo no Ichigeki- 3060 damage & 3740 damage, Barrier Pierce, Armor Pierce, 20 EN/attack [+20%]

[F] Rising Mighty Inferno (V:5)- 1530 damage/5 EN [+20%] Req: Golden Power

[K] Kaenguruma- 7650 damage, 20 EN/attack [+20%] Req: Golden Power

[K] Mighty Kick- 8840 damage, Barrier Pierce, 25 EN/attack [+30%]

[K] Rising Mighty Kick- 9860 damage, Barrier Pierce, 30 EN/attack [+40%] Req: Golden Power

[K] Amazing Mighty Kick (S)- 11050 damage, Barrier Pierce, 40 EN/attack [+40%] Req: Golden Power

[H] Renzoku Chou Henshin- 2720 damage x 4, Barrier Pierce, 50 EN/attack [+30%] Req: 5 Evolution Points

MAP Attacks:

[K] Amazing Mighty Kick (T:6)- 7650 damage, 40 EN/attack [+10%] Req: Golden Power

Combo Attacks:

[F] Double Rider Punch- 8160 damage, 12 EN/attack [+30%]

[K] Double Rider Kick- 12240 damage, Barrier Pierce, 25 EN/attack, [+40%]

Inherent Abilities:

1) R.I.D.E.R

2) Countercut: Req: Martial Arts Mastery

3) Golden Power: Found in the Mechdev Lexicon. Rank +1 when this ability is unlocked Req: 5 Evolution Points on RIDER Kuuga (Mighty Form).

4) Chou Henshin: Found in the Mechdev Lexicon.

5) Dodge Cost -20%

6) Double Rider Punch: Requires an allied unit with Double Rider Punch to execute.

7) Double Rider Kick: Requires an allied unit with Double Rider Kick to execute.

Purchasing Cost: 400 Credits

Theme Song: Kamen Rider Kuuga, Senshi

Designated Pilot(s): Godai Yusuke

Additional Information:

x4 Mobility Upgrade

x7 Attack Upgrade

x2 Accuracy Upgrade

Evolution Points:

  • x4 B-Class Combat Data (Bought)
  • x1 B-Class Combat Data (Evolt)

IS1: Grapple Sensor

IS2: A-Up SC

Kuuga was a being created to fight, therefore it's only natural BOARD send its best and brightest for this task. Godai has expectations to live up to and by damned if he won't fail them.

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Oh christ, you better follow these rules or else you're gonna be in some big trouble. Or something, I dunno, I'm new at this thing. Well okay, not as new anymore.

* Two weeks! That's all the time you have to blow my mind.

* Write well! Make your posts interesting or at least not an utter drag to slog through since I have to do this stuff. Preferably at least have a paragraph or two in your post, but going slightly shorter or slightly longer is cool too. One/two-liners and goddamn novels are not okay. I am assuming that you have to be even MORE awesome cause you have a justification for this. By the way, doing something dumb, totally not cool.

* Prone limit? What prone limit? Don't take too long to post though or else I'll just write you off and totally screw you over when I'm determining results. If I'm the one being lazy then uh...shit man, PM me or poke me on IRC. Since this only lasts like...two weeks, let's make it oh...four days before you should poke me because that probably means I've forgotten in order to RP somewhere else that's much more interesting (no).

So that's it, isn't it?

Let the games begin!

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As you receive the coordinates for the Colosseum that you'll be fighting in, you realize that the location actually isn't on any of the three continents. Instead, the Colosseum is located on a massive man-made island that sits in the middle of the three continents. Completely massive, the Colosseum covers practically the entire island with facilities for its workers, a thriving commercial district that has wares from all across the world as well as fan goods for the various gladiators and fighters that have already signed up and registered. As you approach, several planes come up to escort you to one of the many landing pads for incoming travel. As you land, you're greeted by a young woman with a bright smile. She's dressed casually, wearing a solid white tank-top and a medium-length skirt that falls at her knees and she wears an armband that immediately identifies her as one of the event coordinators.

"Hi, it's a pleasure to meet you all! The name's Emily Rodgers and I'll be taking you to where you're performing today, okay? It's a rather busy time for us right now, what with the opening events and all, but I hope you'll take in some of the energy of the place and have a blast." She says cheerily. "Now please, if you could follow me, we have you booked for Arena 2. I'm sorry if the instructions were rather vague, but we were trying to get it so that the this case you two, would have a sense of wonderment and interest about what we have planned. It would be no fun if you all knew everything that was happening, right?"

She leads you through the massive island, pointing out various locations of interest like the shopping area or the cosplay booths or...well, to put it succinctly, if there's something entertainment-related that you're looking for, this place has it. Finally, you all arrive at Arena 2 and she pauses in front of the doors, still wearing her smile.

"All right, before we get everything set up, let's get any questions you may have out of the way! First things first, though...while we call this place a Colosseum, in reality we hold all sorts of events here. What you all will be participating in is a sort of jumble of various talents and skills such as singing, athletics, piloting, the like. We don't have a name for it yet, but we're planning to call this particular even Ultimate Warrior." She looks curiously at the assembled mercenaries. "So! Any questions?"

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"Ultimate Warrior? That sounds quite okay. I would much rather sing, but if we really have to- Azusa-san! Please just stay there! We don't want you getting lost." Chihaya's complaint was interrupted when she noticed that Azusa has started walking outside. "Oh my, Chihaya-san, I was just wondering what is out there." explained Azusa after bowing a little in apology.

It did not seem like they were the best pair for an all out skill competition, but Shiho basically had asked them to go for fun anyways. She doesn't really seem to care about what the task was, but it seems like getting to know what the Colosseum exactly is is a good idea. And she would be able to let Chihaya and Azusa make some memories that will let them do great in auditions in the future, so even if they did fail during the challenges, they'll still be able to make some memories.

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"Don't have any questions, I think." Godai wasn't one to actually think too hard for his jobs, as long as he knew which of his two thousand skills to use at the time, he normally come out of bad situations with relative ease. Either way, he wanted to see what this Ultimate Warrior deal was all was actually pretty interesting sounding and it'd prove for a decent challenge all things considered. Its what he lived for after all, putting his skills to the test.

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