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MechDev Checklist

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Hey guys, a little help in maintaining this? Devs are ordered by date from oldest to newest within each category.


★ = Req. attention (ie, read it and dev it)

? = Req. author revision

O = Req. approval

X = Req. payment

+ = Req. adding to CDB


[] This Entire Thread, Goddamn

[] Vayu, a Vayunit of some sort

[] Rika, some fantasy series

[] Hira, "AG-026 Cataphract"

[X] Majin Senna, Full Armor Sasuraiger

[X] Almaz, Gurren Nishiki

[X] Akita, Some Series lolidunno

[X] Regris, "Fist of the Heavenly Dragon"

[X] Fleed, "Sold Out Units"

[X] Miang, "Lady GaGa Sentai"

[X] Sack, "Thunder Gear Sea of Fire"

[X] D3k, more Sonic the Hedgehog units

New Jagged Universe MechDev

[O/?] Largo, "Misc Gundams"

[X] Jusu, "MAU-001E1 Katzbalger"

[X] Nimbus, "Kamen Rider W Units"

[+] Gyrus, "GIF-P02 Gundam Astray Red Frame Kaiser"

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