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New Jagged Universe: Major Players

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General Backdrop

Roughly 30 Earth years prior to the events on Fantasia, Professor Eugine Ashford discovered the first Mother Duplicator on a remote planet he was investigating due to a number of strange chronometric readings found there. Using this discovery, he was able to uncover a number of other Mother Duplicators that had been hidden on various planets around the universe, and unlocked their capabilities. This ushered in a new era of prosperity... and warfare.


Originally, the Empire of Grenovia was a fairly small empire, only managing a handful of systems. The government of the Empire works on the belief that the common citizen is incapable of taking care of themselves, and requires the aid of the enlightened to prevent the downfall of society. Though they are in expansions, it was always slow, as their beliefs caused massive inefficiencies, which limited the production of colonies or a military (though what of either they had were brutally effective). However, that changed with the discovery of a Mother Duplicator on the capital planet of Grendark itself.

With the power of a Mother Duplicator at it's disposal, the Empire began expanding at an astounding rate; mainly through warfare, though, as the Duplicator system was highly effective at producing powerful weapons. However, the expansion turned out to be too fast, as the central government now no longer has any idea what is going on outside of it's central core; leaving the majority of any ruling to the local governors. A combination of this lack of oversight and an expansion of the Grenovian "secret police" has caused the Empire to become pretty much a brutal dictatorship to all of the recently conquered worlds, and the threat of further expansion has caused the creation of galactic defense alliances such as Chevalet Blanc and Z Bravers.

Chevalet Blanc

Not really a singular government itself, the alliance that calls itself Chevalet Blanc is an agreement between a number of smaller governments formed to create a singular line of defense against Grenovian expansion. In an Earth context, they would be similar to NATO.

As it is not a government itself, Chevalet Blanc relies heavily on support from it's founding nations, as well as any other nation-system that may fall within their boundaries, but is not necessarily a full member. While there are a few Chevalet Blanc-specific military staging grounds, for the most part their forces are deployed to local garrisons. Or ARE the local garrisons. The majority of Chevalet Blanc's access to Duplicator technology is through agreements with the member nations, though there is a single Mother Duplicator that is held within the planet Filtellus, the home of Chevalet Blanc's high command, and is entirely within their direct control.

As it is a defense agreement between nations, Chevalet Blanc only acts in response to direct incursions, for the most part, and generally does not make the first strike... unless it's to take back a conquered world that is a part of a member state.

Z Bravers

Similar to Chevalet Blanc, the Z Bravers are an alliance of nations, and not a government itself. The difference, however, is that as many of the members of the Z Bravers are nomadic in nature, the alliance believes in being a traveling force of justice, willing to help people in need wherever they are.

With the bulk of their forces constantly on the move looking for people to save, the Z Bravers don't have much in the way of stationary bases. They do have a few Mother Duplicators available to them from the few non-migratory nations that are part of the alliance, but the main fleet itself has the real marvel; a mobile Mother Duplicator. Until recently, it was thought that the resource and power requirements of Mother Duplicators required them to be stationed on a planet, however the Z Braver directing staff did one better and built a moon-sized carrier to hold it in as it travels across the galaxy.

Being nomads with a burning desire for justice, Z Bravers are naturally flashy and love powerful and overly unnecessary weapons. This, though, causes the people they save to be... split on being happy for the help, or angry for the amount of destruction that was caused as a result.


The massive mercenary organization that is now known as the Alliance of Galactic Mercenaries began life over a century of Earth years ago, however it was a much smaller organization then it is now before the Mother Duplicators were discovered. Now they are a galaxy-wide organization that takes millions of contracts for even more millions of mercenaries in conflicts all over. The Grenovian expansion has also provided a huge boost to business, as everyone is looking for some mercenaries to either protect their territory or help invade it. Or both.

Stationed in neutral territory, AGM benefits from an unofficial truce with all major powers in the galaxy. As they control the flow of mercenaries, while AGM doesn't have a standing army of it's own, it can easily call one up to defend itself, and then prevent the use of mercenaries to whoever tried. With mercenaries making up an important segment of all major powers' armies, this threat alone allows AGM to continue operating with independence.

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