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Characters: Kyoshokan Tsuchikan

Location: Still there

"Once, a long time ago, yes. I hope you recover soon." Kyoshokan bows to him and to Lemon. There's no point in punishing someone who doesn't remember for their crimes, after all. And a fresh start is always someone should have a chance at, like her.

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Characters: Aiko "Sakura" Kanno

Location: Same as before

"Yes, I really hope you do as well..." Aiko said, smiling. Axel... Axel... No, name doesn't ring a bell, though he sounds like he has amnesia... poor guy... "However you got hurt, it must have been pretty bad..." Should I tell her that Excellen and Kyosuke's looking for her?

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Characters: Erika Pram

Location: You know the drill...

Erika frowned slightly as she focused her gaze on Lemon, pushing her hat up once more ~She does look alot like Excellen... But... Her personality is a complete one eighty...~ She shook her head slightly before speaking, not thinking of the consequences of what she was about to say "So would there be any reason why Excellen or Kyosuke would be looking for you?" She tilted her head slightly, regardless of if the man had been injured, she didn't trust either of them at the moment.

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Characters: Lemon, Axel

Location: Same as before

"Oh my!" says Lemon, suddenly remembering. "I was supposed to meet them several minutes ago" she laughs, waving them off "Dont worry I'm sure they'll find me." She looks down at Axel for a moment then says "We should get back anyways, you need to get more rest." She pushes the wheelchair and walks away "It was nice meeting all of you."

((OOC: Alright guys, so we dont slow down too much, I propossed a fast foward through the shopping. If you want to do this in more detail, you can all make a combined post and send it to me to edit into the next post. This way we'll get to the next part and on with the story.

**Time Passes**

Hour later, the city personel are treated to a spectacular sight. The launching of Battle-14 can been seen from almost any view point in the city. It's a rare event to see ships this big around Earth, let alone one taking off and people show up to see it in droves. It slowly pulls away from the moon and when it reaches high enough, its warp fold engines engage and the massive ship vanishes from sight completely.

((OOC: At this point, all PTA RPing, pelase return back to the PT Academy Thread! *kicks all of you out!!* Rei post to come soon.))

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Characters: --

Location: Not Space

Onboard Battle-14 the bridge crew is attentive as they undergo their second major fold jump. Outside the ship, space appears to be a mishmash of colors, but this strange subspace appears to have no affect on the ship as the trip is very calm.

The genki first officer turns around and says “Warp Fold successful estimated arrival at Iracus” she looks at her watch “2 minutes.”

“Two minutes?!” asks Marcus in surprise.

“Yes sir, currently the ship is traveling almost 10 times the speed of light we cant safely travel much faster inside the solar system due to the gravity wells from the planets” says Megumi.

“How fast can this thing actually move?” asks Marcus.

“Well, it's due to (super technical talk here)” says Megumi as she goes into an explanation of Warp Fold Physics.

Marcus winces as he thinks 'oh great, look what I did now.'

“And that's how it works” she says finishing up. The ship suddenly drops back into normal space and Megumi says “Oh look we're here!”

In the time Megumi was explaining the ship had made it all the way to the main base of the SDF for operations in the Solar System, Icarus. Located just beyond Mars' orbit, the space is a massive conglomeration of multiple asteroid bases combined with the remnants of an ancient battleship from The Supervision Army. Docked with the base is a small contingent of the new Excelion Class warships, 10 in total. “Appearing small at a distance, these ships are in fact more 4 times bigger than the Battle-14 and claim firepower greater than that of he Balmarian Hulehs!” says Megumi in a near tour guide like manner.

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Characters: Kim Johnson

Kim is listening quietly as she stands on the bridge. "You DID ask Marcus." She does look like she understood more than half of it, though.

She looks outside at the base and ship as they near it, frowning as she asks. "What will we be doing at the main base, anyway? Refueling and orders?"

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Characters: Megumi, Marcus

Location: Battle-14

Megumi turns to Kim and says “The original orders were to bring the ship here but due to the problems with the Fold Drive we had that stopover at the moon.” Megumi turns to Mika and says “Right now, we have to meet Commander Breetai.”

“Breetai?” says Marcus, he asks himself “That name sounds familiar.”

“Oh, well it's not too surprising” says Megumi “The commander doesn't get out much. He's really cool though wait till you meet him.”

In no time, the Macross docks with Icarus. Large mechanical arms extend into the hangar and lock onto the ship. Several airlock conduits dock with the ship, linking it directly to the Asteroid base.

“And we're back!” says Megumi excitedly “please follow me, I was ordered to take the new command staff directly to him when we arrived.”

The inside of the base appears to be like any other base in the world except much larger. The personnel are mostly humans but every few times then see people that have somewhat pointy ears and are taller than average.

New Location: Inside Iracus

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Characters Kim, Marcus, Megumi, Mika

Location Icarus Base

"Megumi, has Harry re-appropriated my scooter yet or do we have to walk?"

Megumi grins "No worries, I've made arrangements for our transportation. This base is bigger than this ship so a scooter wont cut it ma'am."

"Ohh, did you get me a motor bike?"

"Even better!"


The small group that disembarks from Battle-14 consisted of Mika, Marcus, Megumi and Kim. They leave the ship at high speeds in a sports car with Megumi at the wheel "I notified them to bring my car! We have Trams but those aren't as fun!"

"...As long as you drive better than Marcus." Is Kim's sole response.

Marcus sits in the back seat of the car with his head tucked between his legs "My driving isn't bad."

Kim Responds with "... right, do you remember that time you nearly got Mika and me killed in Hawaii?"

"You two should just be glad I'm not driving" says Megumi

"Dont worry, I know this base like the back of my hand" says Megumi as she makes high speed turns "Plus since almost no one drives in here, we can go as fast as we want!" She shifts gears and the car speeds up even more.

"..." Kim seems calm. Seems.

"Megumi. If we crash before that idiot saves enough money to pay for the wedding ring her promised me 6 years ago i will personally toss you out of heaven."

"Very well, I'll slow down" she brings the car down to a more comfortable speed "Since we're not driving fast I can give you some background information about the base."

Marcus relaxes and is able to sit more comfortably in the back seat.

"In case you didn't know, Iracus was completed shortly after the Aerogator War. We needed a place from where to stage fleet maneuvers in space and with the Zentradi's help we were able to build it in less than a year" says says "Since the start of the Macross Expeditionary Missions it changed into the staging point for Earth's Solar Defense Force against STMCs."

"What are stmcs?"asks Mika.

"Not many people on Earth know about them" says Megumi.

"Kyoshokan mentioned them once.. something about terrible monsters that kill any sentient life they find" says Kim.

"Well I'm from plant and i have been cooped up in Green Noa for the past few years. I haven't heard alot of things. Weren't you supposed to brief me on this before we got here?"

"The Battle-14 wasn't designed to fight STMCs; we're more of an exploration mission. We were going to brief you about it when we got underway." says Megumi

Marcus speaks up "it wouldn't be the first time Earth's government kept it secret we were fighting against aliens." He thinks backs to the war against the Guests.

Kim adds "Considering the xenophobia..."

"Ohh well, I have to think about my talks with this Breetai guy first, what can you tell me about him” Mika asks.

Megumi pauses for a moment "Well...he's got a pretty big presence in the room."

"... Not micronized?" asks Kim, nervously.

"Aww! Dont ruin the fun" she says parking the car. "Yes, Commander Britai is a Zentradi. He was one of their leaders during the invasion and was instrumental in the creation of the Human-Zentradi Alliance against the Boldoza Fleet."

Marcus steps out of the car and holds it hand out for Mika.

Mika brushes his hand away, shes still mad at him for using the shin before.

"I know." Kim gets out by herself. "I was on liason to the SDF during that time."

"Alright, walk this way" Megumi takes them down a large corridor that's probably big enough to walk a Gundam through "This part of the base is a remnant from the Zentradi base. Which is why everything is so massive."

"Are we in danger of beeing stepped on” asks Mika as the others follow quietly.

"Oh no, dont worry! Most of the Zentradi are micronized. Britai just remains full sized because he still deals directly with many rouge Zentradi Fleets in the Galaxy." says Megumi, leading them to a large door. "They don't think highly of small people like us” says Megumi.

"Hmph, i bet i could toss one of them across the room" boasts Mika. She has never seen an actual zentradi in person and does not reallise they are infact 30 feet tall.


Through the large door is a dark room, the walls appear to pulsate as if alive. As Mika says she could toss one of them, a towering figure appears before them. He is dressed in an long dark coat with massive commander rank pin and with half his face covered by a large metal plate.

Marcus stares up with his mouth open 'I've never seen one this close...'

Mika looks up and blinks. "Might take a bit more effort then i tought..."

Kim salutes, seemingly amused by Marcus's and Mika's reactions

The giant man laughs, taking Mika's comment as humor. He responds with his own quip "Maybe if you knew Judo, Captain Hitasumi."

"Well I can lift a car... i didn't realize you were more on the order of a semi truck though"

Megumi salutes "Lord Britai, First Office or Battle-14, I've brought the new Captain of Battle-14 and her crew as you asked. Sorry for the delay, the Warp System didn't want to cooperate."

"Ohh! Right, sorry sir! I was caught up in the moment. I have never met a zentradi before. Forgive my indiscretion sir” says Mika.

Britai walks back over behind a massive zentradi sized desk "Better late than never, when we received your distress call we thought that if we didn't remove you from the Alliance's hand we'd loose you."

Ahead of the crew is a large elevator ment to take them up to the top of Britai's desk. Megumi shows them the way "this way everyone."

"I got an advance warning and was able to hide from them sir” says Mika.

Marcus crosses his arms and whistles, trying to look innocent.

"Not from YOU, you were to busy getting thrown in your own brig” says Mika looking at Marcus.

When the group reaches the top of Britai's desk they find that they're is are four human sized chairs and their own desk there waiting for them.

"Have to give him credit, Walker wasn't known for anything but brute force."

"I doesn't matter who did who or who sent out our top secret mecha plans" says Marcus nervously, as he sits.

Kim sits quietly at a desk,

Mika sits down behind a desk and looks up. "No offense sir but... uhm am I supposed to feel so awkwardly dwarfed by your DESK too?"

"I thought you'd be more comfortable if you didn't have to look up at me from the ground" says Britai.

"Well, I'm still getting used to this. Your so tall you could fight a valkyrie with your bare hands sir. I am used to the comforting feeling that i can punch most of my staff through a wall if i have to. This vonerability is new to me."

"My staff and I have reviewed the data you sent us" he says. "The new Gunbreak units along with your test pilots and your own scientific record were impressive Captain."

Mika blushes at that and looks to the side. "I can't take all the credit for that. I was specifically modified for enhanced physical strength and intellect."

"...And now I know why Kiyaini stays out of meetings." Kim remarks in a soft voce. "Remember Falana, Mika."


"...She worked with you in designging and building them?"

"Hmmm.... I don't remember~"

Britai brings up their data on a large computer screen "I am worried about this fellow." Marcus' data comes up "A former Titan and career Alliance Pilot. Can you trust him?"

"...Considering he's sitting right there.." Kim discreetly points.

"Hes my husband” say Mika.

"He is?" Britai leans forward and squints "Oh sorry about that. I cant see humans very well sometimes."

Marcus waves "Hi there."

Mika backs Marcus up by saying "Relationships with the Alliance are always hard to judge Commander. I worked for them voluntarily because there are good people with them too. Its just that LOGOS manipulated the military so only people they could bribe were in the top ranks. Thats why he was skipped over for promotion and they decided to take the facility out of his hands. I have no doubts about HIS loyalties... however."

"Very well, If he has your approval then we have no problems" he says.

"Lets see then" Brital goes back to his previous position "We're transferring you into the SDF's personnel records. Mr. Arno and Miss Johnson will be given Lt-Commander status, and the test pilots Cephess, Andes, Takeda, Endou and Ikade will be Lieutenants. You will be given Captain rank aboard the Battle-14, but due to your lack of direct combat experience we've decided to send someone with you more suited for combat operations."

Mika says "I have been in combat before sir. But most of my record had been classfied."

The elevator mechanism behind them activates and from it slowly rises a micronized zentradi, wearing a miniature version of the Zentradi Commander's uniform. He has slightly blue hued skin and blue hair.

"Either way, I think you may find his help invaluable. He has hundreds of years of combat experience and he was one of the Zentradi Commanders that rebelled against Boldoza" says Britai.

Mika frowns "I already have an excellent officer with years of combat experience."

Kim looks at the new arrival and says "Pleased to meet you." She semi bows from her position, then looks at Mika. "Yes, but this gives the SDF more oversight Mika."

The Zentradi stands next to the table "This isn't oversight, Britai just knows that I'm finally overdue for my own ship but has decided to stick me on a babysitting mission for a few scientists."

"... I.. see. This is going to be fun." says Kim.

"You want to be the captain of battle-14 then? That suits me just fine. I never signed up for this to begin with" Mika tosses her captains hat at him. "Here, shes all yours."

"Kamjin" says Britai, looking down on the officer with a stern look.

Kamjin takes the hat and hands it to Mika "I'm sorry for my outburst it was uncalled for Captain."

Marcus looks at the new arrival closely. He thinks 'Kamjin. That name is familiar but where have I heard it before.'

Mika takes the hat puts it on her head and punches her fist straight through the metal desk. "I also suggest you don't underestimate me. I have read a thing or two about how you guys used to handle command on your own ships and if you want to challenge me for it come at any time."

"There goes Mika, making her point with temper." Kim sighs as she remarks to herself, mentally talking to Kiyaini from her position on the Battle-14.

"I will keep that in mind, Captain" he responds, sweating a little.

"Aslong as thats clear we will work together fine" responds Mika "Sorry 'bout the desk..."

"It's alright, as long as you don't damage the big one. You don't know how hard these are to find" says Britai, probably trying to make another joke.

"I will now let Kamjin give you the mission details for this tour of action" Britai sits back in his chair as the room lights up bringing a star map of the Galaxy.

"No kidding, i could build a Gundam out of the amount of metal that goes into one of these. You might wanna look into getting it some phase shift armor. That would be a cool desk" says Mika.

Kamjin clears his throat and points everyone to a flashing dot "This is the Sol System, where we are. The 14th Macross Expeditionary Fleed is still being constructed so for now Battle-14 is an independent ship. This will be a shakedown tour of the 5 Gunbreak Prototypes on board the ship."

Mika raises her hand.

"Yes Captain?" says Kamjin.

"Speaking of the Gunbreak I would like to officially present the SDF with the other project we were constructing at side 7 which was highly classified and I could not risk revealing until we were well shot of Alliance Territory. This disk contains the technical specification of this mobile weapon" Mika hands kamjin a data disk.

Kim says "... More secrets again, Mika?" seeming a mite irritated.

"Well, you have already seen it tought. we had to use it to escape afterall" responds Mika.

Kamjin takes the disk and inserts into into a device in his wrist. The data for the unit “Prototype 101” appears on the large screen where Marcus' pilot data was displayed.

“... Oh, that." says Kim looking at it.

"This is Prototype 101. Mobile weapons platform "Independence" Classified as a mobile suit mobile armor hybrid."

"I will review this later, right now we need to finish the mission briefing Ma'am" Kamjin doesn't seem to like Ma'am very much, his face clearly shows it.

Five more dots appear on the screen "These are planets that have been or are in the process of being colonized by humans and zentradi. They will be our support as we travel through the friges of our commonly explored space."

"How many of those planets are having problems with Rogue Fleets or other threats?" asks Kim.

"We consider them secure" he says "Each has been colonized by one of the Macross Fleets."

"Ah. Thank you for clarifying that” responds Kim.

The meeting goes on for about an hour more. Kamjin gives the details of their mission which involve visits to these 5 planets and putting the Gunbreaks through tests at each location against different treats. After the briefing Britai says "the ship is being prepared as we speak and should be ready to leave at any time you wish Captain Hitasumi. Except for Kamjin. All of you are dimissed."

Megumi stands up and slates Britai first. She's been unusually quiet during the entire meeting for some reason.

Mika nods and gets up quickly seeming eager to leave and glaring heavily at Marcus. He follows behind Mika, dragging his feet a bit due to being glared at.

Kim also salutes as she leaves.


"So he sent Kamjim" says Megumi, seeming surprised by the selection.

Kim asks"Didn't Kamjim once attack Earth?"

“At one point most of the Zentradi here did, so you cant really hold it against him for that. He's an experienced officer he just has an attitude problem.”


Back inside the large room, Britai looks down at Kamjim and says “This isn't punishment. I'm giving you a chance to show your worth by helping them.”

Kamjin crosses his arms “Very well, I will help the humans. But be sure to hold up your end of the bargain. I want command of my own battle group again.”


Outside Mika snaps at Marcus "Didn't you tell me this was a civilian job?! What the hell were you thinking. You drafted me into the friggin millitary as an OFFICER. I am a SCIENTIST. You were supposed to handle all this hard stuff. And now we get stuck with that guy looking down on my fingers and I have to do all that stuff myself. I never asked for this gig. You go back in there right now and explain that you used my name to sign up here." She pauses then adds "and get me dropped of back on earth damnit" Mika blows up at marcus once they are out of earshot.

Marcus crosses his arms and looks down at the floor, unsure of how to respond.

Kim looks surprised "... Geez, Mika, could you calm down?"

Mika says "How could you do this to me marcus!?"

Marcus finally speaks up and says "look on the bright side, you can order me around now."

Apparently that was not the right thing to say and Mika goes "Ugh, thats it. Were through. I am going home."

Marcus was actually thinking out loud when he said that "Wait wait!"

Kim quietly says to Megumi "There's sometimes I feel I'm being ignored."

Megumi shakes her head and takes Kim asside "It's a marrige thing. Leave them alone for now."

"I guess." Kim sighs.

Mika marches of angrily and glares at kim as she blocks her path, she clearly holding back tears and its been a very long time since Kim has seen her this miserable, if ever at all. Marcus gives chase "Mika wait" he says trying to get her to come back.

"Poor Kiyaini. Stuck being a civilian again." says Kim, watching the commotion.

Mika runs off through the hallway and there is no doubt shes actually crying right now.

Kim looks on and says ".. one of these days, Mika and Marcus will not be on the outs with each other. End of the world."

Megumi pokes her chin "We should leave them alone for now, want to go for a drive?"

"Sure. Just uh.. try not to go at warp speeds again?"


Marcus doesn't manage to catch up to mika for quite a while. He eventually finds her in her quarters on the Battle-14 crying with a book pressed against her .

"I wish sorry would cover this" says Marcus "but I know it's not that simple. I didn't think you'd get this upset over some upstart Zentradi..

Mika opens the book and holds it out to Marcus its a picture album. the only picture on this page is that of a class of young children.

"Is this your class from school?" Marcus asks.

"I lived in Orb for most of my childhood, did you know?" she asks dodging the question.

"No, but you never talk about that part of your life much."

"There were naturals in my class, and coordinators too. Me and Seta joined Zaft after Blue Cosmos killed our dad. I helped develop the GINN then and got command over my own squad afterwards. Half the people in this picture died because I ordered my friends to kill them. Thats why I left ZAFT and came to Green Noa. I wanted to create a weapon so terrible nobody ever dared to start a war again." She closes the book and says "I don't want to be in a military ever again Marcus....Not like this..."

Marcus sits down next to her "It's not the same this time. You have me here, and the others."

Mika says "I can't do this..."

Marcus stays quiet for a moment, trying to sort in his mind what to say "If you want, we can leave. We can return to Earth."

"After what Durandal did Blue Cosmos is going to be even worse. I don't want to go to earth..." says says. "I want to see mama... and Seta..."

Somewhere in Battle-14's crew lounge Seta sneezes "I can't believe they didn't even have the decency to drop me off. Ohh well at least they have uniforms i fit here..."

Back in the room. "We cant escape our world Mika, here in space or back on Earth, these are the times we live in" Marcus says "people live, people fight and people die. But this is our chance” he says "A chance to do something different. We're standing at the beginning of a great adventure, to see and experience things far greater than we are. To learn things previously unknown."

"I'm scared... This place is so strange to me. I know I'm not normal either but this is on a whole new scale..." says Mika. “And that guy really hates me... we don't belong here."

"Forget that Kamsomething, you managed to give him a good reason to be scared himself didn't you?"

"He used to be as big as that breetai guy... who knows how strong he is."

"Well...I heard they can make humans into Zentradi sized. If you want I bet they could make you 30 feet tall. You'd be huge! With giant breasts and bras that I could use to repel from your bed" he says, trying to make a joke to cheer her up.

"I don't want to be 30 feet tall. Everyone could look at my panties. The female captains uniform comes with a skirt here."

Marcus pauses for a moment, staring up at the ceiling probably thinking about the scene.

Mika nudges him with her elbow. "stop it."

"Ok ok" he looks back at her.

"Trust me though, that guy? Dont worry about him. We've delt with annoying commanders before, and you're still his superior."

"Do you think I'd get in trouble if I tie him up in a broom closet for a few months?"

"Maybe, how about instead we lock him in a room with a bunch of Minmei dolls that sing constantly? Minmei's voice is torture for anyone. I bet the Zentradi just allied with us to keep her mouth closed."

Marcus laughs at the thought.

Mika adds "I wonder if that'll work on those STMC things."

Marcus responds "I doubt it, but that scientist mind of yours is probably already thinking isn't it? What do you think, do you still want to go back to Earth?"

"Fine, but don't you ever do something like this again or I really will dump you."

"Dully noted Captain!" he says "But for now, you're stuck with me."

"Aslong as you stop thinking about making me 30 feet tall just so you can play with giant underwear" says Mika.

"That I cant promise!" he stands at the door.

Mika doesn't move to followe him and instead flops out all over her bed thinking about the future.

Marcus turns around before stepping out "I need to go settle the others in you can rest for now if you want. Do you want me to come back later or should I sleep in my quarters tonight?"

In the short time, Mika appears to have fallen asleep. The stress of the day was probably too much for her. Marcus smiles as he closes the door.


Characters: Marcus

Location: Battle-14

Marcus sits atop the left of a Gunbreak looks around the the hangar, noticing the increased activity since they arrived at Icarus. The place is full of people comming and going, new pilots, technitians, and mechs being brought onboard. "Hmm, maybe she's right..."

"Who's she?" asks a voice near him.

Marcus springs up and looks around noticing Ryu next tom him. He already dressed in the pilot's uniform with the proper rank insignia, word seems to move fast in this place.

Ryu poses and flexes in his new clothes saying "I like the huge shoulders but it doesn't show off enough!" After his fun he turns to Marcus and says "btw, it was Aisha's idea but we moved the special units down to the secondary hangar. That way they wouldn't draw attention."

Marcus still seems abscent minded and says "Huh? Oh right good idea."

"You know, normally I'm the one spaced out at staff meetings, where do you think the others are?" Ryu asks.

Marcus thinks for a moment imaging the kinds of mischief they could all be getting into "I dont...know."

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Characters: Lots of People

Location: Battle-14, Hangar

Kim and Miyuki rush up, in their new uniforms. Kim seems a little irritated and Miyuki happy.

Marcus continues waiting from his position on the Gunbreak's foot. He fiddles around with his new rank insignia, looking at it closely "Btw did you tell Asiha, I wanted her to show up for this?"

Ryu kicks and puches into the air, getting in some practice as he waits "I think I did, don't worry. She usually tries to show up late to make everyone thing of her." He notices Kim and Miyuki coming and waves over at them "hey you two."

"Did you have to call just when I was going to finally beat Miyuki at a game?"

Marcus clips his insignia back on "Sorry about that, we need to do a quick overview. The ship is slated to depart Icarus really soon and I need to make sure everyone is on board for this. Getting back to Earth wont be easy when we're half a galaxy away."

Aisha walks into the hangar, he hair tied back into a ponytail and shes wearing a white suit with a blue silk shirt underneath and a white tie loosely around her neck. She seems to be checking something on a noteblock laptop as she walks into the hangar. "It just so happens that I was delayed for a good reason Ryu."

Shortly after Aisha, the three remaining pilots, Deisuke, Titus and Lorna are seen dashing and swerving through the crowded hangar towards Marcus' position. It looks like they barely manged to get their uniforms on in time. Deisuke is the first to arrive, huffing and puffing from the run. He looks up at Kim, who is nearest to him, and says "Sorry Kim, I mean Ma'am. We got lost."

"It's okay." Kim smiles. Kioni ghosts up. Well, not really, but she suddenl appears. "It's easy to get lost in here."

Ryu turns to face Aisha "oh yeah? And what's that?"

She pulls a data card and hands it over to Marcus. "I reprogrammed the second hangars access code lock, these are the new individual pass codes for our members so these UN Spacy guys don't go snooping about the System XN."

Marcus looks at the card "That's a good idea, but that's what I wanted to talk to you about." He puts the card into his jacket pocket and says "When are you and the others from the future planning to return? I'm not to sure about how this trip works for you guys and I wanted to make sure we didn't screw it up by leaving the Solar System."

She looks at Ryu and frowns for a moment before looking at Marcus. "I don't know how much Ryu has told you, but I cannot go into specifics. In any case the event we are here to change is not slated to happen for quite some time, and beeing in outer space is more convenient for us"

Ryu nods "Thats right, we're here for a while. So you're stuck with us old man!" He says putting his arm around Aisha and bringing her close while grinning at Marcus.

Aisha elbows Ryu in the gut and calmly adjusts her glasses. "Such shows of affection are inappropriate while we are working here. Despite what the badge on your uniform says your still my subordinate. Please remember that."

Ryu makes an ugff sound as he's hit in the gut and releases Aisha.

Kioni looks at them oddly. Just plain looks.

"Actually, no." Kioni speaks up. "Your appointment will not exist for 10.352 years. Give or take a tenth, and give or take a time line wobble."

"I assure you it will occur much sooner then that."

Lorna and Titus finally arrive, they weren't running as fast as Deisuke so they aren't as tired. "Finally reporting in! What's going on Kim-san?"

"Ok well, time and space deviation asside. I need to give you guys some details" says Marcus "I'm sure you all got your new uniforms and badges and paychecks by now right?"

Kioni eyes Marcus and returns back to leaning.

"I even took the liberty of adding Aisha and Kioni as Civilian Sciensts into the roster" he says very proud of himself.

"...I suppose I can mimic a scientist." Kioni sighs at him. "Even though I'm not that great at it."

"Anyways, at 0800 Hours" he says while looking at his watch "Or in 12 hours, we're leaving Icarus base and heading for the Altairis Star System and meeting up with the 3rd Macross Fleet for the first field test of the Gunbreaks. I'm not allowed to tell you guys what the test will be, but I can assure you it wont be easy."

Kim says "Fun."

"After that, we're due in about 4 other locations across the known parts of the galaxy. We're going to get some some several trillion flight miles done when this trip is done but we should be back here in less than a year if all things go well" he says. "Anyone have any questions?"

Ryu doesn't respond at first, instead he looks around the others trying to see if they have anything to ask.

Deisuke raises his hand and says "So does that mean when we come back to Earth it'll be like years into the future or something?"

Aisha responds to Deisuke with "No, the macross using an alternative technology called the space fold engine, the macross does not actually travel faster then light, in essence it creates a folded space area similair to a wormhole that means that the macross infact takes a shortcut. theres virtually no relativistic decay."

"Exactly" says Marcus while noding along to what Aisha says.

"What about aliens? Earth hasn't been a picnic in the last 10 years or so due to one group our another" says Titus. "Isn't there a problem if we run into them?"

In response to Titus, Kim says "According to the commander, our flight path is relatively clear of hostile aliens."

"Exactly, and if they want to fight, we have about 14 Gigawatts of Macross Cannon for them to deal with" adds Marcus.

Aisha interjects and says "Our biggest concern is the fact that in our time at this point the STMC are on the move. If we encounter any were to put it bluntly, fucked either way."

"Wow Aisha, since when do you say that?" says Ryu, quite surprised.

Aisha says "It seemed appropriate to illustrate the immense power of even a single stmc. and they rarelly travel alone."

Kim adds "Considering it was really only the destruction of the Exelion that saved Earth.. it's not a bad assumption."

Aisha nods gravely. "The largest class of stmc is capable of obliterate a planet in a single blast."

"Ok well I got a question" says Deisuke "What about these green alien women I've heard about?"

Aisha chooses not to awnser this question and instead just facefolds while Kioni just eyes Deisuke.

"What?" he asks "Ok fine, I'll just find out on my own."

"So if there are no further questions, I'm going to call this meeting complete" says Marcus "I'll have piloting assignments by tomorrow for you guys. So dismissed."

Kioni shrugs and follows Kim and Miyuki as they start talkling.

"Oh before you guys leave, has anyone seen my freakishly large brother in law?" says Marcus. "He might actually pass off as a Zentradi around here" he says laughing.

"..Hmm? What's his name?" Kim asks, pausing on her way out.

"Last I saw him he was in the pilot lounge. He even started to look green to match his blue hair but I think thats because he drank to much vodka."

"...Oh, Seta." Kim nods. "I saw Kioni talking to him earlier...?" Kioni blushes a little. "I think he went to find some coffee..." She shrugs

"Alright, I'll need to find him before tomorrow" Marcus hops off the Gunbreak's leg. "Everyone dismissed."


Characters: Marcus, Seta, Kioni

Location: Battle-14, Lounge

Marcus makes his way through the corridors of the Battle-14 checking all the pilot's lounges, trying to find Seta "I think I should have asked Aisha which pilot's lounge he was in." On his fourth attempt he finally finds him "Oh thank god, Seta are you ok?"

He grins and raises his glass. "Yo, little brother, about time someone came looking for me."

Marcus sits down across from him at the table "Sorry about that, we've all be pretty busy recently. I see you finally found a uniform that fits you."

"Yeah, they make them bigger here. I kinda like this place."

"About that" says Marcus "I dont know how much Mika has told you but we're about to take a very long trip. The ship is scheduled to leave the Solar System for a few months."

"I needed to ask you if you were going to stick around of do you want to head back to Earth?" asks Marcus.

"I haven't seen mika since we rescued you guys. that bossy woman told me though. she even poored away my last bottle of vodka into the drain. This skotch i found is better then nothing but its still sludgewater."

"Head back to earth huh? hmmm.. no i think i'll stay here"

"Hmm, are you just going to spend your time hitting on the women and drinking?"

"Thats obvious isn't it?"

"Well you're a decent pilot and I'm sure Mika would like seeing you around more" says Marcus "plus, I'm sure you knew a few vulture tricks on how to tune up mobile suits we dont know about."

"Ohoh, hows they pay here then?"

"It's decent, its not as much as ZAFT or the Alliance, but it's a cooler job" says Marcus.

"Seen any cute zentradi women yet?"

"I think the Female ones are called Meltrani, but probably. I cant see their faces, I'm about chest height to most of them" says Marcus.

"I think you should notice even at chest height if its a woman."

“I'd be careful though, most of them are supposed to really hate males. Atleast, that's what I hear."

"Well, they can't be worse then my cute little sister and mother can they?"

"Well no, I haven't seen them break a desk in half lately. I'm still scared of your mom."

"Any sane man should be."

"If you're in, I'll have them move your GuAIZ out of storage, unless you want to use something else from around here" he says "The ship is going out with a full combat complement."

"Hmm, get it out of storage anyway. I'll have to do some modifications."

"Alright, I'll ask them to register you as a consultant. No one ever knows what they do anyways" Marcus says laughing.

"Besides, i heard you got saddled up with a zentradi first officer?"

"Yeah" he says "Mika's not very happy about it. I'm trying to remember his name, Kamjin something. It sounds like I heard it somewhere."

"He was one of the commanders who attacked Earth." Kioni walks in. She is getting some coffee, and reading a dispatch.

"Wasn't he in charge of the battlegroup they sent after the SDF after breetai couldn't destroy it?"

"Pretty sure, yes. Kiyiani would be able ot tell you much more than I, she was serving with the UN Spacy at the time."

"I gotta go for now. I need to check up on Mika and start doing the paperwork for tommorow" says Marcus "see around guys."

"Have fun!" says Kioni.

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Characters: Many

Location: Battle-14, Icarus

With the final preparations made and everything brought on board for the trip, the Battle-14 detaches from Icarus base and begins slowly pulling away from the large asteroid base. In no time the ship's Warp Fold Engines activate and the Battle-14 vanishes instantly from sight.

Now with the Battle-14 now travelling through the the depths of warped space towards its destination. Even at its amazing speeds it will take a little less than a week to make it to that part of the Galaxy. Everyone is getting settled on the ship and everything seems pretty boring except for some activity in one of the ships' science labs.

Harry, the chief mechanic and technician for Battle-14, called Captain Mika Hitasumi to the science lab to show her something that was brought on board. He waits for her standing in front of something covered in a sheet.

Mika rubs her eyes and yawns. "Whats so important harry, I was taking a nap."

"Well, I thought you'd like this. She was brought on board before we left" he stands at a console typing away.

"She? You covered a girl in a tarp like that?"

"Well, it's not really a girl" he says as he finishes typing. He pulls off the sheet to reveal a realistic girl wearing absolutely nothing and being absolutely anatomically correct. "What do you think?" he says.

Mika says "I think your hobby of tying unconsious naked girls to a servicing rack isn't very healthy and sort of illegal harry "

The girl's first reaction is blinking and turning to look between the two.

Harry's face turns red instantly "It's not what it looks like, she just hasn't waken up" he waves his arms in front of her face "BM Four, BM Four?"

The android blinks again and looks at Harry “Hmm?"

Mika crosses her arms and says "Explain to me what it is then?"

Meanwhile, Kioni walks into the lab holding multiple sets of SDF female uniforms in different sizes "I see you completed construction already."

"Ah good! She's awake" he goes back to the console "She's a new prototype Buster Machine, an Anti STMC weapon." Harry turns to the android and says in a completely serious tone "Four, what are your measurements?"

The girl innocently says “Cup Size C50, Dress Size 32, Height: 165 cm, Weight: 240 pounds”

"This girl? A Buster Machine.... Harry are you using something i should know about?"

"Miss Kioni, did you bring the uniforms" Harry asks.

"Yeah" Kioni looks through the uniforms to find one her size then hands it to the girl .

"I get it, this is some kind of joke. Very funny. Did Marcus put you up to this?" asks Mika.

"Nope, I'm serious ma'am. She's extremely powerful hardware. This is Buster Machine Unit 4” says Harry.

The android concurs with "It's true captain." She dresses in the uniform that Kioni gave her.

"Let me show you" he goes to the console and presses a button "Four, I'm releasing a limiter it should access your combat systems. Please activate your Laser Ports but don't fire them!"

"Understood” The Android activates two palm laser ports. The center of her hands resemble the miniature Ruby Lasers of Excelion Class ships "Is there anything else?"

"So who's bright idea was it to turn a real doll into a Buster Machine. I mean I can somewhat understand the logic of making a Buster Machine person sized and even look like a person. But is it really necessary to make her anatomically correct...?"

"I dont know" says Harry "It wasn't my idea to make her so...bouncy..."

Kioni facefauls "I think I know who did it."

"Ohh?" says Mika, looking back at Kioni.

Kioni says "I..think, when Falana was donig construction, she decided to make her as human as possible. Considering her ..ah.. problems, it even makes sense."

"When did falana have time to build this?" asks Mika.

"When Harry asked her to do the shell. Falana doesn't sleep, you know that."

"So does it have a name?...wait" Mika frowns and looks at the girl. "Do YOU have a name?"

"Well, her data said she's just called Buster Machine Four. She seems to respond to Four" says Harry.

"I .. think I'm going to go have a talk with Falana though." Kioni frowns.

"Just.. Four?" asks Mika.

The Android says "Four will do, unless one of you would like to give me a new name."

Mika says "Hmm, Four is no name, its a number."

The android says "I'd like a name then."

Harry thinks as he observes at the scene 'I didn't think they AI would be this real, I thought they were supposed to be making a weapon.'

"Hmm your cute so you need a cute name. How about Sakura your hair reminds me of those."

"Sakura it is then."

"Buster Machine Sakura doesn't sound as menacing" says Harry.

"But she doesn't look menacing either"

"Anyways, here's the reason I called you captain. I'm not sure what we're supposed to do with her" says Harry "The orders didn't include what to do with her."

"Well uhhh... hmmm, Sakura-san, what are you supposed to do around here when there's none of these STMC things that they still haven't told me what they are around?"

Sakura searches her data banks but no answer is found, she has no directive programming "I don't know."

"You don't know either huh? Harry shes self aware right that must mean she has adaptive programing?"

"According to Falana, who did a checkup on her primary data banks. She couldn't get a reply as to her directive programming. She probably has no direct orders" says Kioni.

Harry is staring at Sakura's breasts so he doesn't immediately answer "what now?" Oh right, well her AI seems pretty advanced."

Mika says "Hmm in that case, Sakura-san, as Battle-14's captain I'm going to give you a direct primary order. Alright?"

Sakura replys "Yes. That's fine."

"Then I want you to find a job on the ship that you like doing, not because anyone tells you you like it but because you yourself want to do it."

"Okay!...Right now?"

"No, right now Ii want you to stay here for a while."


"Hmm." Kioni's staring at a screen that's displaying data far too fast for anyone else, except maybe Sakura, to catch

"Kioni, Can you ask Falana to send me a copy of those data banks. I want to know what kind of skills and understanding they programmed into her."

She replys "So far it's pretty much all offensive and defensive abilities. I'm impressed, this code thinks of almost everything. I'm getting to the more interesting parts. I can have Falana send you them, though."

"I don't really care about the combat parts. I want to know how shes going to react to people."

Kioni asks "Ah, well. Sakura-san can tell you more about that, but the personality routines are off limits without a direct datalink."

Sakura responds with "I haven't met many people yet, but I'd like to."

Harry finally speaks up and says “Well for the time being, I'm reactivating her command limiter. We cant have her malfunction and fire on everything insight.”


Characters: ---

Location: Battle-14, Altaris

When the Battle-14 appears in the Altaris System, it appears just beyond the fourth planet from their star. It coasts toward the distance at a blue greed dot, similar in size to Earth surrounded by two moons. In no time, the ship is contacted by a cute genki girl type bridge bunny similar to the 14's own first officer “Battle-14, this is Macross-4's Fleet Colony in Altaris Prime. We welcome you to our little corner of the Galaxy.”

Marcus is standing near Mika's Captain's chair from behind with his arms crossed and watching the monitor.

Kamjin is standing near the center of the consoles, looking up at the screen.


In the hangar the test pilot crew has no doubt had their rest and is ready for action. Deisuke is making final checks in the Gunbreak's cockpit with Titus and Lorna are on the outside working at the hangar console.

“Alright Dei, you can leave it on standby for now. Systems are at peak operating efficiency” says Lorna as she looks up at the Gunbreak.

Ryu is across from them running final checks on another Gunbreak himself. To those that remember him from his world, Ryu being this involved this much in his work is a rare sight. He looks strangely determined.

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