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Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: Welcome to the SimChamber

The Simulation Chamber or SimChamber for short (or SC for REALLY short), is an online, textual-mathematical RPG that emulates the schematics, elements and essences of the Super Robot Wars and SD Gundam G Generation games.

Throughout the RPG, gamers (hereafter referred to as "pilots") will get the chance to use their favorite mechs, complimented with their abilities, along with the many loads of Pilot Classes available to make powerful and deadly combinations. In the SimChamber, the possibilities are almost endless.

The SimChamber is a turn-based RPG. In other words, pilots have to wait for others to finish their turns in order to proceed to theirs. However, some rules are implemented to make sure that the waiting does not affect the fights in a monumental way. In this chapter, you will be introduced the many sectors that the SimChamber utilizes, and the many objects that each pilot must learn in order to survive.

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The SimChamber Sectors

The various sections of the SimChamber are numerous. There are around 20 forums, some with their own sub-forums. This may seem like a lot, but they are divided into six general categories. Though each section gives a short summary of its function, descriptions of each section will be listed here as well.


The Entryway (so called because it is the first section listed) is the more informal part of the board. Everything in the Entryway does not have anything directly to do with the rules of the game, but discussions about the game can occur there.

Pilot Lounge

The Pilot Lounge is the most informal part of the board. Topics on it range from random silliness, people posting pictures or artwork, and discussing things like TV shows, movies, games. If you are a new member, this is where you can go to introduce yourself and say hello. Pretty much anything goes in the Pilot Lounge, with two notable exceptions: Politics and Religion (the real world kind), as they easily lead to flame wars. If you wish to discuss these topics, there are plenty of other places on the internet to do so.

The Pilot Lounge currently has three (3) subforums: Factions, SC Junkyard, and SC FAQs.

Factions is where threads for the various factions on the board are located. What factions are will be covered in detail later.

SC Junkyard is where people go to sell units and items they no longer wish to own, usually at discounted prices. Some of these are done in the style of auctions, but there is also a thread for pawning something off; that is selling it for half price so that another member may buy it at half price if they choose. More complete rules on the pawn shop can be found in its own thread, but in general auctions work just like Ebay or similar (except with fake money).

SC FAQs is where game walkthroughs and hints made by members of the SimChamber are posted. This is basically our own little version of GameFAQs (where you will find a much greater quantity of such things than you will find here).

Holograph Chamber

The Holograph Chamber is the SimChamber's image gallery. It is open for all members to use to share images. There are four subcategories: Random, Mecha, Avatars/Icons, and Model Kits. Random is for whatever amusing images you might want to use. Mecha is for posting pictures or sprites of robots. Avatars, Icons, and More is for things like forum avatars or faction icons. Model kits is for sharing any model kit, action figure, or other collectable photography you might do.

Please keep the images safe for work and relatively inoffensive.

Communication Link

The Communication Link, or CommLink for short, (or CL for REALLY short) is where you may post and enter various contests. Contests for various prizes occur quite often. Each contest has its own rules on what you might need to do posted within. Sometimes it might be a random giveaway. Sometimes it might involve winning some kind of a SimChamber fight. The rules are up to the creator of the contest.

Moderators on the board get an amount of money each month specifically to be given away, so they might create contests themselves. However anyone can create a contest if they so choose, but the prize(s) must be provided by that person (though assistance from others is fine). Also once you create a contest, you have committed to awarding the prize should a legitimate winner be chosen. Finally, the conditions of the contest can not violate any general rules of the board, nor any laws (so no making a contest asking someone to find you child pornography).

Operations Manuals

Operations Manuals is where one finds everything related to learning how to play the game, as well as all the units and items you can make use of.


The Updates forum is where all rules updates and announcements for the entire board. If new units or items are added to the Hangar or Arsenal, or if old units or items are modified for some reason, it will be listed there. If the way a rule works is changed, it will also be listed there. We also occasionally have sales in the Hangar and Arsenal, and exactly what those are is mentioned in the updates forum as well. It is recommended you check this section often.

Simulation Chamber Rules

Like the name suggests, Simulation Chamber Rules is where all of the rules for the SimChamber are located. If you are reading this, you are in this section now.

SimChamber Shops

The Shops is the portion of the SimChamber where you spend your hard earned credits and Blue Stones to increase your arsenal of mecha, items, and classes. The Shops link to a wiki which contains three main sections: The Bio-Enhancement Lab, The Hangar, and The Arsenal.

The Bio-Enhancement Lab, or BEL for short, is where you'll find the various Pilot Classes, skills, and spirit commands that you can use in your SimChamber battles. All of these concepts will be discussed in greater detail in a later chapter.

The Hangar is where you'll found the thousands of units available for purchase in the SimChamber. They are organized alphabetically by series, with an index to make finding a specific series easier. What these unit stats mean will be discussed in greater detail later.

The Arsenal is where you can find the various items you can purchase in the SimChamber. Items play a major part in the flow of a battle, and can be the difference between victory and defeat. Items are organized alphabetically by category.


The Tracker is a set of forums for public discussion regarding the SimChamber's game mechanics, the general board rules, or technical issues with the board itself. If you have a problem or a question regarding any of these things, feel free to ask it here. If you notice an error in something, please mention it in any of the specific sub-forums for various sections like that (Hangar, Arsenal, et cetera), generally making a new thread. If you have statted some new units that you'd like to see in the Hangar, you can post them in the Hangar section as well. You can also feel free to give your opinion on an ongoing discussion as well, but we ask you to do so in a professional manner (and generally jumping into a thread and calling people a bunch of idiots is a good way for people to want to ignore you).

Central Dogma

You might not be able to see the Central Dogma, but it is there. The Central Dogma is the forum where the mods of the SC discuss issues in private. Some times an issue discussed there will be brought to the Tracker for more discussion before being implemented on the general board. In general it is used to hammer out rough ideas into a more workable form, or to develop events so as not to spoil players.

Simulation Chambers

This is where the actual playing of the SimChamber game occurs. There are five sections, and two subforums listed.

SimChamber Wars

This are the main section where people do battle in the SimChamber. You compete in mecha battles, earning Credits, XP, and Blue Stones. The details of the aforementioned things will be discussed later.

Duel Arena

Unlike the SimChamber Wars, the Duel Arenas are just for players to duke it out between each other. Battles here are more relaxed and don't follow the same kinds of rules that govern SimChamber Wars.

Virtual Stadium

The Virtual Stadium is where all events occur. Events will be discussed in detail later

SimChamber Application Board

The SimChamber application board is where you can seek out challengers or teammates for SimChamber Wars or Duel Arena fights, and where you can queue those fights once you find them. You can also sign up for events. Fights that have been queued will generally be opened in the order they're posted when there is room in the respective forums for them.

Roleplaying Domain

The Roleplaying Domain is where players who like a little bit of story or just want to do something out of the ordinary gather. The Roleplaying Domain currently consists of one forum.

SimChamber Custom Games

SimChamber Custom Games is a fairly open ended area for people who want to run some sort of ongoing game involving either custom rules or a game with a specific focus. Examples could include running a D&D-like game for a group of your friends, or doing a recreation of Mobile Suit Gundam's One Year War with your own little twist on it.

Storage and Lodging

Storage and Lodging is where you record your endeavors in the SimChamber. In the various forums, you'll have a bank, a place to mark down what units and items you own, as well as a place to track what classes you have and the Pilot Points they acquire. There are three forums to the Storage and Lodging section.

ARC Network

The ARC Network (or just ARC for short) is where the players of the SimChamber note down what classes and sidekicks they possess, as well as track all of their XP. More detailed rules on the ARC can be found within the forum itself.

Axial Mainframe

The Axial Mainframe (or AM for short) is where players of the SimChamber keep track of all of their items and units, as well as any evolution points acquired for said units. You are also required to list your favorite series in your AM in order to get the benefits provided by the favorite system. The Axial Mainframe basically acts as your Inventory, and some units will have attacks/abilities that requires a certain unit/item in your Inventory. More detailed rules on the AM can be found within the forum itself.

Credit Depository

The Credit Depository (or CD for short) is where players of the SimChamber keep track of all their Credits gains and expenditures. Credits are the virtual money system found in the SimChamber, and is used to purchase a great many things. More detailed rules on the CD can be found within the forum itself.

SimChamber Archives

SimChamber Archives is a catchall area for older forums that are no longer in use for one reason or another. They're available for reading or for reference, but posting new topics and replying has been disabled.

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The Quick-Start Guide to starting in the SimChamber

Now that you are familiar with the sections of the SimChamber, reading this before diving into the fury of the SimChamber will make your life much easier in upcoming battles.

Assuming you have not already registered and are reading this, here are the steps you need to take.

Step 1: Register & Choose a name

Before you can do anything, you need to register on the board and choose a name for yourself in the SimChamber. This name is very important, for it is how people will identify you. Once you have chosen your display name, you are allowed to change it once every three months, however please do not feel that you NEED to do this. Going about changing your display name willy-nilly can, and will, cause confusion among the members. Also we might end up calling you a silly hybrid of all your names combined. So make sure that you choose a name you like. If you change your name, and make a mistake with it (such as a typo), you can PM an Administrator and they can change it for you.

Also be tasteful in your name choice. Names that are blatantly offensive, are racist, or are written in leetspeak will not be allowed.

Step 2: Create Credit Depository (CD) Account

The Credit Depository Account is your SC Bank Account. You keep track of your earnings and spendings in here. It is also used as evidence by the mods to see if you really bought the mech/item and not 'shoplifted'. Please see the rules thread within the CD and the example CD account for more information.

Credits are gained through a number of ways, the primary way being through SimChamber fights. You can also gain Credits via monthly allowance, contests/giveaways, or by nice people giving you some in a pinch (don't count on it very often). When you gain (or lose) Credits through any means, update your CD account as soon as possible.

Step 3: Create ARC Account

Your ARC Account is like your experience sheet. It is where you list your classes and sidekicks, and is also where you list all of you class experience gains. Without it, you can only use Rental Pilots in battle, and in the long run using such pilots will not earn you credits as quickly as using your own classes will.

You MUST state what Pilot Classes and sidekicks you have in at your ARC, as well as your chosen specializations, skills, spirit commands, techniques, amd ace bonuses. Additionally, you must accurately track all experience gains from all sources (including battles, achievements, and the rare giveaway) and expenditures for Will Commands and increasing your pilot level.

All you have to do to start your ARC account is go to this section and start your own thread. You can name it anything you wish. Be creative with your layout! There is an official example ARC you can use to base yours off of, and you can look at other members' ARCs for inspiration.

Again! Your ARC must contain (if applicable):

Your Pilot Info:

-Pilot Class

-Spirit Command Information

-Pilot Skills

-Pilot Techniques

-Ace Bonuses

-Pilot XP gains and expenditures.

Your Sidekick Info:

-Sidekick Abilities

-Sidekick Spirit Commands

-Sidekick XP gains and expenditures.

Step 4: Create Axial Mainframe (AM) Account

Your AM Account is like your locker or storage space or personal hangar or whatever you like to call it. You'll need a space to store everything you've bought. Without it, you CANNOT participate in any battles because we have no proof what you have does exist.

All that needs to be listed in your AM are any items or units you own, and the series you have favorited. You do not need to reproduce the stats of such things in most cases, and can just have a list with links to their hangar stats (though there are exceptions, such as dressup units).

All you have to do to start your AM account is go to this section and start your own thread. You can name it anything you wish. Be creative with your layout! Like the ARC there is an example provided.

Again! Your AM must contain:

-Items you own

-Units you own

-Favourite Series choices.

Step 5: Get your FREE SC Starting Package

This one is easy. Any newbie which signs up automatically receives:

- Two (2) Starting Pilot Classes

- Five-hundred (500) Credits

- Three (3) Repair Kits

- Three (3) Propellant Tanks

- Three (3) Spare Batteries

- Three (3) Reloaders

You can only claim this once, of course. Put it into your CD, ARC, and AM to have immediate effect.

Please note that choosing your starting pilot classes is an important step. Your chosen class would ultimately decide on your tactics in a battle. Take a look at the Bio Enhancement Lab and choose carefully. If you want to have a feel for what the ability is like, check the SimChamber battles and see for yourself how others fight using that ability. Of course, some are more appealing than others.

Though your initial pilot classes are free, once you made that decision, posted the details in your ARC, and used the class in a battle, any subsequent changes to pilot classes, or purchasing new pilot classes will cost you credits or XP (as appropriate).

You must choose at least one pilot class before engaging in your first battle.

Step 6: Familiarize yourself with the rules

You're already looking here, so this is a good start, but before you get to fighting, you should take a look at the rules and get a feel of how the game is played. Though you obviously won't be expected to memorize the rules, being familiar with them will help your battles go more smoothly. Another good idea is to take a look at some other ongoing fights to see how the game is played. All in all you'll probably learn by doing more quickly than by simply reading, but it doesn't hurt to have some idea of what you're going into.

Step 7: Play the Game

Go out there and have fun. Although it isn't very orthodox, the SimChamber is a game, and the point of it is to have fun.

You can post in the Open Challenge threads in either the SimChamber Wars Application Board or the Duel Arena Application Board to ask to create or join a battle, to gain some experience. (The differences between a these battles are described in another thread.) You can sign up for any open events that interest you (or create your own). You can create your own units. You can participate in contests. And most importantly, you can make friends.

Remember who the mods are. All of them should be able to help you if you have any questions. You can also find us (and other players) in the IRC channel where you can get real time responses. Also once you have already posted an application in a fight, if both you and your opponent are ready, you can IM the mod where you applied the fight to start it up.

And now, in closing, a message from Daba Mylord, the founder of the SimChamber:

'Good luck in the SimChamber, and most of all, have fun. Don't take fights seriously. ;)'

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