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Chapter 1 Annex A

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Chapter 1 Annex A: Forum and IRC Channel Guidelines

Forum Avatar and Signature Rules

So, to prevent people from breaking or annoying the board and its populace, the following signature and avatar rules are in place.

Signatures: TOTAL Dimensions must be no larger than 250 x 600. This includes multiple images that are on top of each other. Keep file sizes for individual images under 100kb.

Avatars: Dimensions are limited to 150 x 150. The board will resize them automatically if they go above this. File size is limited to 50kb.

Animated Gifs: You are allowed to use animated gifs in your signatures and avatars, but if they are deemed annoying or distracting, you may be asked to remove them, so don't go overboard with it.

General Content: Keep the images rated at PG-13. We don't want to get the board shut down over someone having an inappropriate signature or avatar.

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The Simchamber IRC Channel

In case you're wondering where most SC participants hang out aside from the boards, there exists a dedicated chatroom where SC members (and non-members alike) relax, chat and do crazy stuff.

Server is, the channel is #simchamber. In case that doesn't work, try the server.

Members, especially newbies, are highly encouraged to drop by the chatroom. It's a great way to get to know the community.

Hope to see you there.

#simchamber Channel Guidelines.

1) Fileservers are allowed, but please do not advertise them in channel. !list is allowed. Also abide by Aniverse's rules regarding such Fileservers.

2) All autogreets (aka "on join" greets, "WBs", etc) are banned. They clutter up the channel too much.

3) Please take care when discussing highly sensitive and potentially offensive topics, such as politics and religion. While not outright banned, such topics can make others uncomfortable. If asked by someone to take such discussion elsewhere, please do so.

4) No "spamming" or "flooding" the channel with nonsense, long rants, copy/pasting of large sections of text, etc.

5) Please be on good behavior; do not be disruptive or abusive toward others, and especially toward moderators. We're not strict heavy handed emperors here, but this doesn't mean you can come in and wreck havoc here.

6) Please conduct yourself in a mature and appropriate fashion. Explicit descriptions of sexual acts/behavior/habits, violence, pornography, and other similar material will not be tolerated. Linking to descriptions or images that are explicit will also not be tolerated. Also if you link to an image that contains nudity (as manga and anime frequently have non-sexualized nudity), mark it as not safe for work.

7) Please keep personal matters/arguments outside the channel, preferrably in a PM window. Remember, we're here to play a game, not referee over your trivial squabbles.

8) Please hide any spoilers to shows using color tags. This can be done by pressting CTRL + k, hitting 3,3 and typing your message. To end the color code press CTRL + k again. This wil require one to highlight your text to read it. If you are still unsure how this works, experiment with non-spoilers first. Additionally, there may be things you do not consider spoilers, but other's might due to them being behind on a series or having not seen it. You won't be outright banned from the channel for slipping up, but if asked to stop talking about such spoilers, please use the color tags as described above.

9) Most importantly, have fun. We're here to enjoy ourselves, and we hope you do as well.

It should be noted that aside from the first two, these are merely guidelines for how you should act, not hardset rules. In general, be respectful or other people's opinions and feelings and if asked to do something (or not do something) by a channel moderator, please do it.

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No one has the right to abuse others, for any reason. If you feel you are being abused, you have the right to do something about it. This topic will discuss abuse and how to deal with it.

What constitutes abuse? defines abuse as:

1) To use wrongly or improperly; misuse.

2) To hurt or injure by maltreatment; ill-use.

3) To force sexual activity on; rape or molest.

4) To assail with contemptuous, coarse, or insulting words; revile.

In short, if someone is treating you unfairly or making you feel uncomfortable through their words or actions directed at you, it might constitute abuse, and you do not have to stand for it. Please note the words "directed at you". If you are feeling uncomfortable due to a topic that is not directed at you personally (such as discussions of politics or religion), that is not abuse. Abuse is something that singles you (or a group of people) out.

What you can do about abuse in the IRC Channel?

If you feel you are being abused on the IRC channel there are several things you can do.

The first thing you should to is ask the person or persons that you believe are abusing you to stop. They might not see it as abuse, only as joking around, and might not realize they're making you feel uncomfortable. If this is the case, merely tell them that you don't find it funny and ask them to stop. Hopefully they will.

If the first step didn't work, the next step is to report it to a channel operator.. An operator has am @ next to them name (for example @Umbaglo). There should usually be at least one around at any given time of day. If there isn't wait until one is on to report the abuse. They might ask you for logs of the incident in more serious cases. Setting up IRC logging is explained below. They will then talk to the person or persons about such abuse, and tell them to stop. If they do not do so then they will be subject to being kicked or banned from the channel temporarily. Repeat offenders are subject to permanent banning.

If an operator is one of those abusing you; including possible abuse of power, such as repeated kick banning, you should go directly to another operator. Again, logs might be requested. It sill be dealt with in a similar manner. This may include possible loss of operator privileges or temporary banning from the channel. Once again, NO ONE has the right to abuse others. Not other members, faction leaders, board moderators, operators, or the Pope. If you feel you are being abused tell someone.

What can you do about abuse on the board?

Abuse on the board is a bit of a different case. What is posted on the board is public, and multiple people may see it. If you are abused, or see someone abusing another person on the board, please report it to a moderator of that board, or in the case of the board not having a moderator, a Global Mod. The person abusing another will then be talked to. Again penalties may include temporary banning from the board, or in repeat or extreme cases, permanent banning.

Abuse of moderator power will also not be tolerated. Examples of this include a SC or PA fight moderator nulling a match because you were going to defeat them, or a moderator refusing to do their job simply because they don't like you. In such cases, tell a Global Moderator or an Admin.

If a Global Moderator is abusing you, go to an administrator. If an administrator is abusing you, tell another administrator. Essentially if someone is abusing you go to next person on the ladder.

All current board moderators, global moderators, and administrators are listed here.


Please note that we can only support cases in which you first told the offending parties that you felt abused. There could simply be a misunderstanding, or they could feign ignorance. Additionally please do not claim someone was abusing you as a form of malice or revenge yourself. Multiple baseless claims could lead to punishment for the claimer. If nothing else, remember the story of the Boy who cried Wolf.

In the cases of a punishment that you feel was excessive, please ask a board moderator or channel operator for an explanation before accusing them of an abuse of power. If you are unsatisfied with their explanation you may talk to a different moderator.

Additionally, abuse that was provoked, or antagonizing someone in order to get them to abuse you is frowned upon and could lead to punishment.

Finally, please don't spam abuse claims. If you are having multiple incidents of abuse, gather the evidence and report them together. One large claim is easier to deal with than many smaller ones, and may help solve an ongoing problem more easily.


In some cases, evidence of the abuse may be requested. For IRC, this includes logs. Logs are kept in mIRC's logs directory (default is C:\Program Files\mIRC\logs).

To turn on logging in mIRC go to View --> Options. A new window with expandable lists should appear. Expand the IRC section and click on Logging. There is a drop down box labeled "Automatically Log:" that has 4 options: None, Channels, Chats, and Both. Select both. You can further modify the options, but that is a topic more suited for the mIRC help file, so reference that if you want help.

If you see a post on the board that is abusive, simply give the name of the thread, and if possible the URL to the appropriate persons. The URL is simply displayed in the top of your browser while you view a thread. Simply Copy and Paste that to a PM to the appropriate parties.

For the mods

Handling an abuse claim is tricky business. Upon receiving a claim of abuse you should first review the evidence. If you were present in the channel or on the board when the abuse occurred, logs from the claimer should be unnecessary. If you were not, ask for a log from the claimer. Additionally make sure the claimer asked the accused to stop first. The issue might have just been a misunderstanding. If the accused did not stop, then it can be considered abuse and measures should be taken to stop it.

The first thing to do is ask the accused for their side of the story. They may have been mocked in a private message by the claimer, or there may be other circumstances involved. Generally, telling them to stop and asking them to apologize to the other person should be enough. In extreme cases a temporary ban (anywhere between 10 minutes to a few hours) from the channel might be warranted, if the incident occurred on IRC. On the board, a warning should be sufficient for a first offense.

In the case of repeat offenses, harsher penalties may be issued, such as a temporary ban from the board, or an extended ban from the channel. For extreme cases, a permanent ban can be issued by a board administrator. For the purposes of the IRC channel, if you think a permanent banning may be appropriate, clear it with a board administrator first.

If you do not feel equipped to deal with a particular claim, you are free to pass it up the ladder to a global moderator or administrator.

Misc. Notes

If you disagree with the way your claim of abuse was handled, you may take it to the next level. For example taking a claim from a board moderator to a global moderator. Hanging onto a claim is generally not encouraged however, as in 90% of cases, the assessment will be accurate, and later levels will be inclined to agree. However, if this is the case please mention who you spoke to previously and what their decision was.

Secondly we can only deal with claims that occur on either the Simchamber board or the #simchamber IRC channel. If you are having issues with a member in another area, you will have to take it up there I'm afraid. If someone is abusing you in PM over IRC you can type /ignore (nickname) and you will not receive anymore message from that member.

Finally, a claim of abuse is a serious accusation. The first thing you should always do when you feel you are being abused is speak to the other person. The whole incident may be a misunderstanding and you might simply be able to solve the issue by asking the other person or persons to stop.

In closing...

These rules are here mostly as a precaution. There have been incidents of abuse in the past, but the overwhelming majority of people around here are nice people, and don't mean to offend others. Most incidents of abuse are unintentional, usually misunderstood humor, not malicious intent.

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