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Chapter 1 Annex B

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This thread will cover everything that you, as a SC participant, need to know about Factions.

About Factions

Factions, in the SimChamber, are organizations of players that join together to help one another. Being a member of a Faction gives access to allies and the ability to share units and items with other members.

Faction Benefits

While being a member of a faction is not required, it does provide you with several benefits.

Unit/Item Sharing

Members of a Faction can share their units and items with other Faction members. Additionally, a Faction is allowed to maintain it's own AM and CD account, which can be accessed by members, though CD withdrawls require the approval of the Faction's Accountant. It is important that the Faction maintain their own method of ensuring that anything borrowed from the Faction AM is not already booked for fights that lock these things.

Blue Stone Trading

Members of a faction can trade, sell, or give Blue Stones earned through SimChamber Wars missions to one another.

Joining a Faction

To join a Faction, you simply need to apply to them in their appropriate discussion thread. While there are no prerequisites to joining a Faction within these rules, some Factions may have their own requirements a player must meet before they are accepted. In the event that a Faction does have entry requirements, they must make them clear in the opening post of their Faction's discussion thread.

Leaving a Faction

As a player can only be a member of one Faction at a time, in the event that you want to switch to a new Faction (or wish to become Factionless), you simply need to inform the Faction in their discussion thread. After you have left a Faction, you can no longer share units or items with members of that faction.

Creating a Faction

In the event that there are no existing Factions that you wish to join, you can instead try to make your own. The process is fairly simple, however there are some requirements.


In order to have a Faction created, a minimum of three members are needed to fill the three key roles within a Faction. These roles are:

Leader: The Leader is the face of the Faction. While a Faction is not required to be governed solely by it's Leader, the Leader is the person who would bring things to the Admin Team for actioning, such as registering or removing Faction members.

Vice Leader: In the event that the Leader is unavailable, the Vice Leader is there to fill the role.

Accountant: The Accountant manages the Faction's CD and AM, making sure that any purchases or gains are appropriately accounted for.

Thus a minimum total of at least 3 people are needed to form a Faction. Any group who does not contain this will be deemed invalid. Any Faction who happens to lose one of these positions will be dissolved immediately, unless the position is filled promptly. In addition to this, a Faction cannot have more then 20 members.

Roll-Call and Faction Thread

Each Faction has its own stickied thread in the Factions subforum in the Pilot Lounge. However, to prevent long threads and cluttered faction information, whenever a Faction thread reaches 20 pages, then a new thread must be made, with the old one being unstickied. The thread must start with a rollcall of all members. Members that do not respond to the rollcall are automatically rendered Factionless and will not receive any benefits that come from being a member.

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