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Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: Money Makes the World Go 'Round

Here in the SimChamber, we use three main types of currency: Credits, Blue Stones, and Unit XP.


Credits are the primary form of currency use in the SimChamber. They are used to buy units from the Hangar, items from the Arsenal, and additional pilot classes.

Earning Credits

All new players receive 500 Credits as part of their starting package. You gain credits for participating in SimChamber Wars Missions and some Duel Arena battles. Some events and contests will also reward credits. Finally, all members of the SimChamber are eligible to receive credits each month as allowance.


Each month, everyone in the SimChamber is entitled to a certain amount of credits. To claim these credits, simply note them in your CD. You may claim allowance only once per month, and must do so during the month. If you did not claim allowance within a month, you can not claim it after the month is over, so remember to claim it.

Regular Member: 500 Credits

Moderator: 1000 Credits (Except MechDev Moderators)

MechDev Moderator: 500 Credits + 100 Credit commission per unit statted (up to 15 units).

Administrator: 1000 Credits

Moderator Stipend

Moderators, Global Moderators, and Administrators receive a separate amount equal to their Allowance to go into their Stipend account. The Stipend Account is for rewards given to other members of the Simchamber, as the moderator sees fit, but may not be used for themselves in any way.

When a moderator decides to reward a member, he or she deducts that amount from the Stipend Account and notes it under Expenses in their CD account. The Stipend account is cumulative for up to three months, at which point, any unused stipend will be lost. This is to encourage moderators to use it on a semi-regular basis. Giving it away on a monthly basis is highly encouraged. Additionally, even if it is not given away, Stipend may be designated for a particular purpose (such as the completion of a hangar bounty), in which case it will not be lost at the end of the three month period, but it must be used for that purpose. Should an event transpire that causes it to be impossible to use those designated Credits, the moderator may change what they are designated for.

Blue Stones

Blue Stones (BS for short) are a special type of currency earned from SimChamber Wars battles, and is used to buy units and items from the Bazaar. Like Credits, they are tracked in your Credit Depository Account.

Earning Blue Stones

Blue Stones are earned by participating in SimChamber Wars missions and by some SimChamber Wars related events. Blue Stones are not earned through Duel Arenas nor are they given through allowance.

The Bazaar

The Bazaar is a shop, similar to the Hangar, that sells units and items that are available for a limited time. The Bazaar's stock will change two weeks into a new SimChamber Wars season. Units and items may be made available again, but there's no telling how long it will take so if you see something you want, don't hessitate.

Other Notes on Blue Stones

- Blue Stones may only be given, traded, or sold to members of your faction, should you have one. Units and items bought from the Bazaar can be sold or traded to other members normally.

- You retain unspent Blue Stones between SimChamber Wars seasons.

Unit XP

Unit XP is a currency which is spent to improve units that you own. Like Credits and Blue Stones, it is tracked in your Credit Depository.

Earning Unit XP

Earning Unit XP is as simple as using your mecha in battle. Most types of fights grant Unit XP. Unit XP is tracked by your account, in your credit depository. Some account items, such as Combat Data, will also give you Unit XP.

A unit earns a number of Unit XP in each fight equal to its full number rank, and is cumulative for all units you use in a fight. For example if you took a rank 4 unit, a rank 5 Kai unit, and a rank 6 Kai unit into a battle you would earn a total of 15 Unit XP. 4 from the Rank 4, 5 from the Rank 5 Kai, and 6 from the Rank 6.

For more on how to spend Unit XP to increase a unit's rank, see Chapter 3, Annex C: Unit Upgrades and Evolutions.

Finally, Unit XP may not be given, sold, or traded to another player in any way. However, items that give Unit XP such as Combat Data can be sold, given, or traded normally.

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