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Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: Mecha and Units

Unless you're Alberto the Shockwave, Guy Shishioh, or Master Asia, chances are that you're going to need a mecha in order to participate in the Simulation Chamber. This section is going to be your comprehensive guide to learning all about your giant mecha.

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What Mecha Are

In Japan, a mecha (literally meaning mechanical) is any kind of mechanical object, including cars, computers or guns. In relation to anime fandom mecha refer to giant, usually humanoid, robotic vehicles that you commonly see in giant robot anime, such as Gundam or Evangelion. For our purposes a mecha is the unit you use in a SimChamber battle.

You can use any mecha you can acquire, generally speaking. It should be noted however, that some require a certain ability to use either in part or in full.

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Obtaining Mecha

The Hangar

Very simple. The easiest way to obtain a mecha is by purchasing one from the Hangar. There are a mass of units available for sale within.


At the beginning of a new Series Cycle, you may choose one Basic unit from one of the series you have Favourited and get that unit for free.

The Bazaar

Like the hangar, some units can be purchased from the Bazaar for Blue Stones, a type of currency earned through SimChamber Wars missions.

Other SC participants

You may also buy mecha from other participants in the SC who decide to sell you a mech they no longer wish to have. They can also just give them to you if they so choose, or you can reach a mutual trade. A popular place to get pre-owned units at a discount is the Pawn Shop.

Event/Prize Awards

Also, mechs may be given as prize awards for events or contests. If you do not wish to have the unit, you may sell it either back to the Hangar for it's normal resale value, or to other players.

Remember, the funds used in every mecha purchase MUST be notated and deducted from your CD account. Additionally, all mecha you own MUST be posted in your AM account. All mecha must also state where they came from, be it from the Hangar, an event, or another player.

You can own as many copies of a single unit as you want, however it should be noted that there isn't any real point in doing so after a certain number.

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The Statsitics Block

Mecha are represented in the SimChamber by statistics blocks, an organized listing of the unit's capabilities. Let me present an example of a mecha status sheet, then explain;

RX-78-2 Gundam (Basic)


HP: 2400, DP: 2600, EN: 80

IS: 4, Move: G, Size: M

Rank: 3, Type: Mobile Suit, Gundam


[+][CS] 60mm Vulcan Gun- 250 damage, 450 accuracy, Accuracy Break, 10 rounds

Element: Physical, Bullet, Reaction

[F][MAM] Melee (M)- 350 damage, 350 accuracy, 2 EN/attack

Element: Physical, Reaction

[F][CC] Beam Saber (M)- 800 damage, 900 accuracy, 15 EN/attack

Element: Energy, Beam, Reaction

[+][CS] Beam Rifle- 1000 damage, 700 accuracy, 5 rounds

Element: Energy, Beam, Reaction

[+] 380mm Hyper Bazooka- 2400 damage, 1000 accuracy, 2 rounds, 10 Morale

Element: Physical, Explosive

Inherent Abilities:

1) Shield

2) Separate (FF-X7 Core Fighter)

The Statistics

HP: Short for Hit Points; a measure of how much damage your mech can take before it is destroyed; when this drops to zero, your mech is totaled and you're effectively out of the match.

DP: Short for Dodge Points; a measure of how long your mech can avoid taking damage, be it through avoidance or luck. If you have less DP then an incoming attack's Accuracy is, then you are unable to dodge the attack.

EN: This is a measure of how much energy your mech readily has available. Many weapons and abilities require the mech to expend EN in order to be utilized; when this is completely depleted, none of the aforementioned attributes may be utilized.

IS: Short for Item Slots; this measures how many items your mech may carry or have installed on it at one time; for more details here, refer to the item guide

Size: A general indicator of how tall the unit is. The size scales and further details can be found in the Hangar Lexicon.

Rank: This indicates this unit's general power level. Rank doesn't really do anything on it's own, however players may use it as a way to determine if a match is even, or to limit the power level of units entering certain events.

Type: This indicates the unit's particular type. Many units will share common types with other units. Various skills and abilities may affect or be affected by a unit's type, but a type has no inherent effect of its own. A unit can have multiple types, separated by a comma (as seen in the above example, the RX-78-2 is both a Mobile Suit and a Gundam type unit).


A listing of all the attacks your mech may perform in a fight. Some require no consumption to use; others require EN, some require ammo, and others may require a special ability (either on the pilot or the unit) active. You may have noticed various abbreviations such as (M), (X) or additional effects such as Paralyze; these sub-abilities and notations can be found in Chapter 5b: Weapon Types

Inherent Abilities

A listing of all the additional abilities your mech may perform in a fight. If it is able to use a shield, countercut, transform, regenerate, or perform some other type of special ability, it will be listed here. Additionally, the unit Type is the first listed inherent. This Type usually means nothing on it's own, however certain abilities may only apply to units of that Type. Some Types have special effects, and these effects can be found in the Hangar Lexicon.

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Selling Mecha

If for some reason you weren't satisfied with your mecha, or if you want to clean out some of your unused mechs, you can sell it out. There are 3 ways of achieving this:

1. Through the Hangar

This is the easiest and most automated way to sell. You can sell immediately back to the Hangar, but you will only be paid 50% of the current price, unless the unit has a specified Hangar Resale Value. Think carefully before you sell.

Also, to indicate that you sold the unit, remove it from your AM Account as well as noting the 'gain' in your CD Account.

2. Through the Marketplace

This is a bit more trickier, since in this case you'll be posting an ad to sell your equipment (items can also be sold this way too!). What is different from selling to the Hangar is that you can set your own price. Of course, you'll have to figure out what is a good price so that somebody will buy your unit. You can also negotiate with other pilots if they or yourself request to adjust the price. In other words, the Hangar takes no responsibility for what you do in the Marketplace.

Again, when you make a successful sell, remove the unit(s) from your AM Account and note down how many Credits you've gained in your CD Account.

3. Through the Pawn Shop

Selling something to the Pawn Shop is like selling it to the Hangar, only rather than disappearing from existence, another player may buy it at the price you sold it for. Like selling things to the Hangar, you sell Mecha to the Pawn Shop for 50% of their current price, unless the unit has a specified Hangar Resale Value. To sell something, you note that you are selling it in the Pawn Shop thread, remove it from your AM Account, and finally note the 'gain' in your CD Account.

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Favourite System

Everybody has a favourite series, and in Super Robot Taisen there's benefits for choosing one. The SimChamber also has it's own version of this system.

When you first join the SimChamber you may choose three series to be your Favourites. Favourite series units gain the following bonuses:

  • You receive a free "Basic" unit from your chosen favorite series. (Available basic units will be listed in the Series information)
  • Favourite Series units and custom modules cost 30% less to purchase.
  • Units from Favourite Series cost 1 less Unit XP to upgrade its statistics at reach rank. (For example: a rank 2 unit normally costs 4 Unit XP to increase to rank 2 Kai, but a unit from a favorite series only costs 3 Unit XP. This continues to be true at each successive rank.) Please see Upgrades and Evolution for more details on upgrading unit statistics.

Sometimes a series will have one or more series listed below it that are considered sub-series, related to the main one. An example of this might be Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 being a sub-series of the original Code Geass.

If you choose a series with a sub-series as a favourite, you also consider any sub-series as favourites. You receive a 30% discount to those series as well and should they have Basic Units available, you may choose from them in addition to the top level series.

Additional Favourites

For every three months that you are active in the SimChamber you may choose one additional favorite series. Some achievements may also allow you to claim additional favourite series.

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Final Notes on Mecha

- You are allowed to borrow Mecha from members of your faction, but not from anyone else.

- If a mecha is "destroyed" in battle you do not lose it.

- In most types of battles, your mecha will be considered "locked", thus not allowing you to use them elsewhere.

- There are a number of ways you can customize your units to make them your own. All members are allowed to, free of charge, change names of mecha, weapons, or abilities. Statistics, including the Unit Type, however, cannot be changed in this manner. You can increase a unit's statistics by evolving the unit.

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