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Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: Items and Upgrades

Items are objects used that can improve the performance of a mech and/or its pilot. Items are not permanently installed onto a mech; players equip them during deployment, and they become unequipped as soon as the battle ends.

Items are divided into five main types:

Account Items

These are items that are not equipped on a machine, but are instead consumed to grant various account-wide effects, such as a gift card for the various shops, or unit training data to grant more Unit XP.

Perishable Items

These are items such as repair kits, propellant tanks, and the like. Each one lists a number of uses that are available per battle. When there are no uses remaining they may not be used again during that battle, however they are not deleted from your inventory. Perishables are activated in your Item phase, and unless otherwise stated, can only be used on the unit that equipped them.

Customize Modules

Customize modules (also known as Frames) are parts that add extra functions to a mech, such as adding weapons (for example, the Divider module for Gundam X) or changing the form of the mech altogether (Excellence and Aestivalis frames, for example). Frames are unit-specific, and can only be used when deploying as a unit that specifies the Frame as part of it's acquisition method.

Installable Items

These are items such as additional thrusters or armour. As such, Installable items have a continuous effect on your mech or its pilot throughout the battle. Installable items are typically bonuses to a unit's or pilot's stats, however some do give various inherent abilities normally found on a unit's base stats. As such, any ability granted by an Installable item is activated as appropriate for the ability in question.

Installable items have a number of sub-categories that are mainly used for categorization purposes. However, a unit may only have one item of any sub-category installed at a time, except for items that do not take up IS and for the Sidekick and Other categories. In addition, you cannot install the same Installable more then once on the same mech, unless that item has the Stackable sub-category.

Stockpile (X/Y) Items

These are items that allow for multiple copies of the same item to be equipped in the same item slot, at the cost of increasing the item's Rank.

The numbers after Stockpile mean how the rank increase is calculated and how many copies of the item can be stocked in one IS. X means how much the item's rank goes up by for each item after the first stocked, while Y is the maximum number of copies that can be stocked in one IS. X can be a decimal value, in which case it is rounded up after all items have been placed in the stock.

For example, an item with Stockpile (0.5/5) can have a maximum of 5 copies in one IS, and the item's rank would increase by 0.5 for each item after the first. If only 4 copies are put in the IS, the item's rank goes up by 2, as the rank increase would have been 1.5. An item with Stockpile (2/3) can have a maximum of 3 copies in one IS, and the rank increases by 2 each time another copy is stockpiled.

Item Ranks

Items are divided into three ranks. The higher an item's rank, the more powerful it generally is and the more credits are required to purchase it. A particular fight will have a limit on the item ranks available. If a fight does not allow such an item, it can not be used. Other effects might reference an item's rank, such as the unit upgrade bonus which allows for the permanent installation of an item.

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Acquiring Items

Before you can equip an item on your mech, you need to acquire it first. There's a number of ways that a player can acquire an item.

The Arsenal

The easiest and most effective way to get a hold of items. Simply choose the item, deduct the listed amount of Credits from your CD account and list the item in your Axial Mainframe account -- PLEASE make a detailed record of each transaction, the mods inspect both accounts thoroughly.

In terms of selling, you CAN sell items back to the Arsenal. Note that if you do sell, you will get the 50% of the current price paid back to you.


As a member of a Faction, you can borrow items from fellow Faction mates or from the Faction AM. A very important thing to remember when borrowing an item is that the item still is put in use when equipped. As such, the Faction or the other player must make sure to keep track of where their items are being used.

SC Pilots

Other pilots may choose to sell you their items. The good part here is that you may be able to get these items cheaper than you would in the Arsenal.

On the other hand, you can do the same; sell items to other SC participants. Just post in the Marketplace to indicate what you want to sell (you can even sell mechs too!) You set the price, and if others are interested (or not), then they will post in your thread.

The Bazaar

Occasionally you will find items available in the Bazaar. Such items can be purchased with Blue Stones, which are earned by participating in SimChamber Wars missions.

Prize Rewards

Occasionally, events and contests may give out items as part of the reward. If, for whatever reason, you want to sell your prize awards, you can sell it back to the Arsenal for half it's sale value, or to other members.

Regardless of the way you acquire an item, however, you must still specify where you got it in your AM, though items acquired temporarily do not need to be recorded there.

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