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Journal Entry #5029

I have discovered a new dimension not found in our records. The people there call it the "Simulation Chamber", and it seems to be a world centered around mecha fighting. Similar to the IDPA, it uses mecha from various worlds, as well as custom ones from the residents, to fight in an arena like area. I have submitted to be a fighter myself as well as set up everything needed for fights here, using my company name for a title. Though I cannot use my own robots, I have found that the administrators of the arena allow people to submit designs for custom ones. So, I will try and submit designs for my mechs in Journal entries detailing their design specifications and backstories, with a few modifications so that others can use them to their full potential if they so desire. I think the way this world works is very interesting and, possibly, might even invite other agents here. This is going to be a fun one, I'm sure of it.

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