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Gundam AGE Game Unlocks

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[02:23] <@MasterKruz> http://gundamage084....8ed72b4bdfacef6 <--Hey AGE people, here are some passwords to acquire pilots and research.

[02:23] <@MasterKruz> The left side is the password, the right is the reward.

[02:23] <@MasterKruz> パイロット are pilots, 設計図 are research.

Just real quick I'll try using Google Translate to translate some of the rewards. You still need to pay to research the blueprints so watch out.

1) トルージンベースのエース | Pilot: Flit Asuno (Youth)

2) ドクロをかかげたえいゆう | Pilot: Captain Ash

3) うらぎりのXラウンダー | Pilot: Girard Spriggan

4) せんじょうのきょうせんし | Pilot: Dessil (Youth) HAHA NO

5) Pilot: Yurin (No Password at time of writing)

6) Pilot: Zeheart (No Password at time of writing)

7) なもなきせんしをつぐもの | Blueprint: AGE-1 Gradas

8) ナインテイルのつかいて | Blueprint: AGE-1 Badran

9) エースパイロットのあかし | Blueprint: AGE-2SP (White AGE-2)

10) てんくうのアマテラス | Blueprint: AGE-2 Amaterasu

11) せんじょうのセラフ | Blueprint: AGE-2 Seraph

12) キバをもつあおきせんぷう | Blueprint: AGE-3 Zameruga

13) しんくのシャルドール | Blueprint: Shaldoll M (Dark Red Madorna Custom from show)

14) あらくれもののきたい | Blueprint: Desperado Segu

15) やみをかけるオオカミ | Blueprint: Genoace Nacht Custom

16) かいぞくのほこり | Blueprint: G-Xiphos

17) れんぽうのXラウンダー | Blueprint: Thielva Domina

18) てんくうのそげきしゅ | Blueprint: Syla Khronos

19) Blueprint: Kiel Zeydra (No Password at time of writing)

20) Blueprint: Weisz Ghirarga (No Password at time of writing)

To enter these go to the green option on the main menu that starts with エ and load up your save, then select the first option and enter the password.

To unlock the bonus mobile suits you have to play through crossplay. You have to play a LOT of crossplay. To get Strike Gundam in Cosmic Drive you need to play mission C-2, for instance.

You also unlock a large number of Vagan mobile suits by finishing Asemu's chapter and can probably unlock the rest through the story.

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