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Air Support Group 581

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- Bekoe Ogoun: UN Pilot



Floating PPs:


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Bekoe Ogoun

Pilot Summary

Level: 4 (1600 PP Spent)

SP: 116

[+]-type Weapon Damage +30%

[F]-type Weapon Damage +30%

[+]-type Weapon Damage Received -10%

[F]-type Weapon Damage Received -10%

Dodge Cost -5%

Target's Dodge Cost +5%

Counter Cut: 5 AP

Counter Shot: 5 AP



Damage Received -10%, Weapon Damage +5%, Target's Dodge Cost +5%.


Range Lvl 2

[+]-type Weapon Damage +25%, Countershoot Cost -1

Melee Lvl 2

[F] -type Weapon Damage +25%, Countercut Cost -1

Evade lvl 1

Dodge Cost -5%

Skill lvl 1

Countercut and Countershoot Costs -1, Critical Cost -1, Shield Usage +2

Spirit Commands

Grit Lvl 1

(15 SP): Gain Weapon Damage +10% and Damage Received -10% for one turn.

Shackle Lvl 1

(5 SP): For this turn, the AP cost for target enemy to move to another terrain is increased by 10

Will Gauge

Thrust: Costs 1 Will. Your first attack phase this turn gains Target's Countercut Cost +50%.

Defense Pierce: Costs 3 Will. The last hit of your next attack phase gains Barrier Pierce and Armor Pierce.

Strafe: Costs 5 Will. Instantly evade all attacks in the first attack phase you receive this turn. This is considered an Evasive Secondary Defense. One (X) or (F) type weapon on your unit has its limit increased by 25% this turn, rounded up.

Impervious: Costs 6 Will. Cap all damage received this turn at 500 damage per hit.

Bekoe's Battles





Bekoe's PP

+1000 (starting package)

-800 (Brave)

-150 (Grit Lvl1)

-50 (Shackle Lvl 1)


= 0 Free PP.

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