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Garr Shyver

Real Robot Pilot


Level: 4

Max SP: 100



Skills and Abilities:

Countercut Cost: 7

Countershoot Cost: 5

Dodge Cost: -5%

Damage Received: -5%




Class: Active
During the special phase you may pay 10 AP to gain Weapon Damage +15% and Accuracy +15% for the first attack phase made this turn. Any effect that would reduce this cost below 0 AP only reduces it to 0 instead.



Range Lv.2 - [+] -type Weapon Damage +25%, Countershoot Cost -1

Accuracy Lv.2 - Target's Dodge Cost +15%, Countershoot Cost -1

Defense Lv.1 - Damage Received -5%

Evade Lv.1 - Dodge Cost -5%


Will Gauge

Class: Active (Main)

- Steady Shot: Costs 1 Will. Countershoot cost -50% for this turn.

- Cover: Costs 3 Will. Gain Damage Received -15% for this turn. This counts as a terrain effect.

- Lock On: Costs 3 Will. The first hit of your next attack phase negates secondary defenses such as Double Image and Barriers.

- Iron Will: Costs 5 Will. The first attack phase you receive this turn that would reduce your HP past 0 this turn reduces it to 1 instead. Your next attack phase gains Weapon Damage +25% and Target's Dodge Cost +25%.



Spirit Commands:

1) Sure Hit Level 3 (40 SP): Gain Target's Dodge Cost +75% for your next attack phase and disable all Evasive Secondary Defenses (such as Double Image).

2) Perserverance Level 1 (20 SP): Recover 30% of your maximum HP.

3) Iron Wall Level 1 (15 SP): Gain Damage Received -25% for one turn.



1) Combat Specialist Level 1: All weapons gain Damage +10%. (Passive)

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Garr Shyver's Battles










  1000  (Starting Package)

- 350 (Sure Hit Level 3)

- 200 (Perseverance Level 1)

- 150 (Iron Wall Level 1)

- 300 (Combat Specialist Level 1)



-  1000


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