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- Horus Hildegarde Reinhard



- None.


Floating PP:

- None.



- None.

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Horus Hildegarde Reinhard
Grand Admiral, Part-time Newtype



Horus began his career as a mercenary, a captain of his personal cruiser. He was hired by the desperate loyalist army of the Null Empire and was inducted to the imperial navy. He and his men was thrust in to the 1337 Rebellion, and various large scale skirmishes instigated by the Zwei and Drei Empires, and by the time the Loyalist forces were victorious, Horus had been promoted to an Admiral of the Loyalist Fleet. From this position, he often led from the front lines, earning him the respect of the men under his command. Horus rose quickly through the ranks, proving to be a masterful strategist, adept at coordinating both defense and attack. He had a natural genius for commanding any unit of ships, whether it was a small strike force or an entire battle fleet, and his genius and charisma is not seen in the empire for generations.


Years later the Empire discovered alternate realities. Horus decided to take a "vacation" in one of these alternate realities. After a few hijinks with the local security they discovered he has psychic abilities, he was captured. His captors called him a "Newtype" trained him on how to utilize his new found powers. He managed to escape and return to his empire. Now he returns to this alternate reality, tasked to build the 1st Null Imperial Alternate Battlefleet from scratch.



Level: 4 (1600 PP spent)
Starting Max SP: 100

Skills & Abilities:

- Target's Dodge Cost +5% (New Type)
- [+]-type Weapon Damage +45% (Range 3 + Gunfight 1)
- Psychic Energy
- Damage Received 15%
- Countercut Cost: 7 AP (Minimum cost: 1 AP)
- Countershoot Cost: 5 AP (Minimum cost: 1 AP) (Range 3)

Class: Active
During an attack phase, you may pay 9 AP to gain Weapon Damage +15% and Accuracy +15% for that attack phase. Any effect that would reduce this cost below 0 AP only reduces it to 0 instead.

Class: Passive (Main)
Pilots who prefer not to get the paint on their mechs scratched up in melee fighting may opt to be trained in the art and science of marksmanship.

Level 1: [+]-type Weapons gain Damage +10%. 300 PP

Class: Passive (Sub)
Thought to be the next step in human evolution, certain people have developed psychic abilities, including superhuman powers of intuition and awareness, and telekinesis.
In addition to gaining the abilities naturally, by receiving numerous physical and mental enhancements, including organ transplants, biotechnological modifications, and chemicals that increase their reaction speed and radiation resistance, it's possible for a person to gain psychic powers like that of a Newtype. These procedures have a tendency of making the person mentally unstable, however.
Gain Psychic Energy. Gain Target's Dodge Cost +5%
Cost: 400 PP


Flash 1 (10 SP): Gain Dodge Cost -75% against the first attack received this turn. This is considered a Secondary Evasive Defense. 100 PP

Perserverance 1 (20 SP): Recover 30% of your maximum HP. 200 PP


Defense 3 : Damage Received -15%
Range 3[+]-type Weapon Damage +35%, Countershoot Cost -2


Will 1
Missile Lock: Costs 1 Will. Your first attack phase this turn gains Target's Countershoot Cost +50%.

Will 2
Newtype Flash: Gain Dodge Cost -10% and Target's Dodge Cost +30% for this turn. Requires Psychic Energy.


Will 4
Volley: Gain 1 additional attack phase this turn. During this attack phase you may only use [+] type attacks. You may only use this ability once per turn.


Psychic Pressure: Costs 4 Will. Disables all attack phases of a single target for one turn. The target gains Damage Received +25% (to be calculated as a Pilot Ability) and Dodge Cost +10% for their next turn only. Requires Psychic Energy. This is considered a Status Attack.

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yellow.gif Yellow Haro


Level 6 (2700 PP)

- None

- Flash [L3]
- Lucky [L1]
- Snipe Attack [L1]
- Vanishing Body [L1]


- Cowardice: (Cost: 800 PP)
Class: Sidekick

- Weapon Damage -50%
- Dodge Cost -40%

Item Statistics:
Type: Installable
Class: Sidekick
Rank: 3

Cost: 600 Credits

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