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Duel Arena Rules and Match Types

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Welcome to the Duel Arena, where you can pit yourself against your challengers in fierce combat to determine the victor.

Time Limits

All battles have a time limit to keep things moving. If this time limit is exceeded without a decisive victory for any one side, the fight ends and rewards are calculated. The fight moderator will then declare a winning team based on how many of their units remain operational. It is possible for ties to occur.


Arena fights offer a base reward for simply completing the fight, as well as additional rewards based off the number of enemy units your team kills. Rewards are shared across an entire team, regardless of which member of that team made the kill.


Arena fights are unique in that participants can also wager against one another. Teams may choose to bet up to 200 credits to a pot when queuing for the battle. The winning team of the battle receives the full pot. The credits are deducted from the participant's CD's when the battle is opened. In the event a battle is a tie, each team gets their original wager back.

Additionally if a winning team has lower ranked units, they receive a bonus to their winnings. For every one rank below the losing team, they receive a 10% bonus to the pot. For example Team A defeats Team B. Team A brought three units, ranked 4, 4, and 5. Team B brought three rank 5 units. Team A's total rank is 2 below Team B, so they receive a 20% bonus to their winnings.

Finally, Wagers are completely optional and must be agreed upon by all participants of the battle.

Additional Stipulations

Beyond the fights listed below, additional stipulations are possible, provided they are agreed upon by the participants and approved by the fight moderator.

There are three common types of Duel Arena battles, described below.

Standard Duel

A standard battle between two or more teams of units.

Time Limit: 1 week per Team to a maximum of 4 weeks.

Rewards: 100 Credits and 100 XP. +50 Credits and 25 XP per enemy kill.

Training Battle

A match designed to train pilots in the basics of combat.

Time Limit: 1 week per Team to a maximum of 4 weeks.

Rewards: 150 XP. +50 XP per enemy klll.

Special Rules: No Unit XP is earned from Training Battles.

Exhibition Match

An exhibition designed to show off what certain items or units can do.

Time Limit: 1 week per Team to a maximum of 4 weeks.

Rewards: 75 XP. +25 XP per enemy klll.

Special Rules: Participants are not limited to units or items that they own. They may also choose to use pilots they do not have or raise their pilot's level. No Unit XP is earned from Exhibition Matches. Abilities, items, or spirit commands that increase rewards are disabled unless owned by the participant.

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