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This is where you apply for Duel Arena Fights. Be sure to read up on the rules and different types of Duel Arena matches before applying.

Fight Name

- Battle Type: (Standard Duel, Training Battle, or Exhibition Match)

- Partiicpants:: Team 1 (Names of Participants), Team 2 (Names of Participants), etc.

- Units: Number of Units Per Team and Unit Rank Range or Names of Specific Units

- Pilots: Pilot Level Range

- Items: Allowed Item Ranks

- Terrain Map: Which Terrain you wish to fight in.

- Wagers: How much is being wagered per side, if any. (maximum is 200 credits)

- Additional Conditions: Other rules such as disabling certain abilities, limiting items to a certain type, or including wagers.

Here is an example Fight Application:

Team Effort: The Next Generation

- Battle Type: Standard Duel

- Participants: Team Shitbird -1 (Mechalomaniac, Imban), Team Warden Bros. (Umbaglo, Fleed)

- Units: 5 Units per Team, Up to Rank 7

- Pilots: Level 12 and under

- Items: Rank 2 and below.

- Terrain Map: Tokyo

- Wager: 150 Credits

- Additional Conditions: The losing team has to do a Let's Play of Mugen Souls.

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