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SimChamber Custom Games Rules

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What are Simchamber Custom Games?

Welcome to SimcChamber Custom Games. This is the arena for long term games that have a specific aim or wish to use a modification of the base SimChamber ruleset. Examples of this might be a focused role-playing campaign for a small group of people, or a recreation of Gundam's One Year War with the players trying to change history.

Running a Custom Game

The first step in getting your custom game up and running is finding players who will join it. You can do so in the forums below. Simply make a thread seeking players. Once you have players (or if you already have a group of players), simply send a message to an administrator requesting a Subforum for your custom game. Include the name of your custom game and a short description. Someone on the admin team will make the forum at their earliest convenience and give you moderator privlages over it. After that you're free to get up and running.

Keep in mind that beyond creating the subforum and assisting with any technical issues that may arise, the moderating and administration team will not interfere in your game. The management and direction of your custom game is completely up to you and your players.

Joining a Custom Game

To join a custom game, seek out any threads in this forum for people seeking players and ask to join. Note that it is up to the person running the custom game to decide who can join their game.

Rules Regarding Custom Game

- Your Custom Game does not give, nor can it take resources such as credits, Blue Stones, or Unit XP from players' Credit Deposits. Inclusion of some sort of internal currency specific to your custom game is fine, as is having players make use of items, pilots, and units they already own.

- Your Custom Game can modify any SimChamber game rules that you see fit. You can make custom classes, skills, or units for your game if you wish. You can change the combat order or streamline the system further to control groups of units on a more strategic level. Do keep in mind that you are still on a forum however, which will limit what you can do. You must also follow all rules of etiquette still.

- A Custom Game can have more than one person running it. IF you wish to have Co-GMs, so to speak, mention all GMs involved when making the request for the subforum. All parties involved will have moderator privlages.

- Custom Games are meant for longer term engagements. If you simply wish to do a single fight utilizing altered rules, consider setting up a Duel Arena match with custom stipulations or proposing a Virtual Stadium Event.

- Custom Games that go inactive for three months will be move to the SimChamber Archives. If an extended break in your game is going to take place, please inform a moderator. Should the participants wish to make the game active, it can be moved out of the archives. Similarly, if a Custom Game reaches a conclusion it will be moved to the archives.

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