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Kold of Caelin

Super Robot Wars Eternity demo released!

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After many many years of pain and suffering, we SRW fans finally have something resembling a SRW of our own.


The guys behind the fan-project SRW Eternity just released a demo, which can be found on their website over at

To run the game, you need a Windows PC, and to have both the latest XNA Framework and the .NET Framework 4 Client Profile installed. It's recommended that you have at least 2GB RAM.

It's still clearly a work in progress, and they need a ton of help! If you find any glitches or want to complain about a feature, the guys have a few places you can do it in:

I've been following this game closely since pretty much day 1, and many of the people working on it are my friends, so that's a bit of a disclaimer for this post I reckon :V But I've always wanted to have a real western-made SRW fangame that doesn't use any japanese engines, and I'm sure that whenever the engine is actually done other people will pick it up to make derivatives. Maybe it will be the next RPG Maker! (it won't)



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