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SimChamber v4 Ruleset Update

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(Warning, this is going to be several long posts because there's a lot to go over.)

So today we're rolling out the SimChamber v4 ruleset. Quite a bit has changed so go have a look over the rules. The aim was to make the game much simpler to play, with much less complex math involved. We were also aiming to make it more fun. Hopefully we succeeded!

We've switched up a lot of things and plan to have more emphasis on team fights. To that end we've tried to streamline the math to make things easier to handle.

While you should give the rules a once over, as they have almost entirely changed, here are some of the highlights.


There are now only 5 attributes. Melee and Range affect both your damage and accuracy bonuses now. Evasion and Defense directly increase your DP and HP respectively, DP now being a unit stat. Finally, Skill affects how much AP you have as well as affecting the cost Countercut and Countershoot, which are now Will Commands. Attributes start at -2 for all pilots and are bought on a sliding scale, with higher starting attributes costing more points. This is to encourage a bit of branching out in your pilot design.

Pilots now choose classes which grant them core skills that define how they fight. These are still supplemented with skills, spirit commands, and techniques. This goes hand in hand with pilot levels which determine when you get skills and abilities as well as which ones you can take.

Note that some skills we had in v3 are missing. In many cases this is intentional, as we plan to add them with their respective series. In other cases we are holding back on them to see how the game plays out.


Pilots now have Morale that is used as a cost for some attacks and for the activation of some unit abilities and skills.

Unit Upgrades and Unit XP

The other big change we've introduced is how you upgrade units. We did away with upgrade items and introduced the idea of Unit XP. If you've played SD Gundam G Generation the concept should be familiar. As units have unit XP spent on them, they become more powerful but essentially go up in rank. This does allow for some conceptually silly things like a Zaku eventually standing a chance at going toe to toe with Shin Getter Robo, but if someone is having fun with it that's all that matters.

Unit XP is a global resource and is tracked in your Credit Depository. It is not specifically tied to the units that earned it. Yes, this means you can technically evolve something without having used its base form, but the point is to use things you want to use.

Simulation Chamber Wars/Duel Arenas

Beyond the rules, we're changing the focus of the game from random battles with no point but violence to more objective driven ones. Taking a cue from New Jagged Universe, which Umb ran a couple of years back, SimChamber Wars offers various missions where teams compete against one another to complete opposing objectives to earn credits, XP, and Blue Stones, which can be used to buy special Bazaar units.

Of course if you liked the random battles with no point but violence you can go to the Duel Arenas. It is essentially the old SimChamber and Parallel Assimilator rolled into one. The Virtual Stadium is still present, and has taken over handling the Default Events from the Parallel Assimilator.

In this change, all currently queued but unopened fights are voided. Currently open fights will be finished as normal. The Unidentified Walking Mecha has been reset.

SimChamber Wars Seasons and Favorites

SimChamber Wars will be using the concept of seasons. That is, only units certain series will be allowed to be used in SimChamber Wars missions. Note that this only applies to SimChamber Wars. You are free to use whatever you like in Duel Arenas. Also note that the beginning of each season is not the ONLY time new series will be added.

If you're worried about not having a unit to use in SimChamber Wars because of this, that will never happen because of the change to the Favorites System.

At the beginning of each season, you are allowed to pick three of the series as a Favorite. In doing so you not only get a 30% discout on units from that series, but you get what is called a Basic Unit for free. These are generally Rank 3 units that are either a grunt unit the hero used, or a scaled down version of a hero's stronger unit. In all cases Basic Units evolve into better units. Some series will have multiple Basic units to use, though you only get to choose one.

The current season list can be found in the SimChamber Wars section. Additionally a voting thread for the player's choice series for the next season can be found in the CommLink, so vote if you have something you want to get in!


The rules have changed entirely, but there is a new concept in play: Temporary HP and DP. Rather than having damage reduced by a percentage, several abilities will now give you a Temporary pool of HP or DP that can be used to soak attacks before they affect your actual HP or DP.

There are also new categories of defenses. In addition to (Armor)/(S Armor) and (Barriers)/(S Barriers) we have introduced (Thruster)/(S Thruster) and (Illusion)/(S Illusion). Thrusters are much like the Dodging version of Armor, while Illsions, used for things like afterimages and stealth, is much like a dodging version of barriers.

We have also rolled things like Smoke dispensers, Flares, and Chaff into Countermeasures which is a Dodging version of Shields.

Role-Playing Domain

SimChamber Custom Games takes the place of both the old Super SimChamber Taisen, and things like the SC Wars and New Gundam that Kruz ran. It is essentially for a group of players to GM any type of game they want to.

SimChamber Jobs has been retired for now, as most of the current moderating staff are not exactly good judges of forum RP. Should there be enough interest in the future it might return.

Blue Stones

With the addition of SimChamber Wars, we've also added a new reward currency: Blue Stones. These are only earned in SimChamber Wars missions are are used to buy special units and items from the Bazaar. More specifics on what exactly will be in the Bazaar will be coming in the next week or two.

The Shops

Finally, the Bio Enhancement Lab, Hangar, and Arsenal are now on a wiki.

Items now only have three ranks. People tended to use certain item ranks before anyway, so condensing down to three (in essense, Low Tier, Mid Tier, and High Tier)

Hangar units now have a lot more technical and setting information on their pages, if you want to know more about them. Many of them will also have pictures.

Should you have information to add or correct, please feel free to do so in the tracker.

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Converting your stuff

So obviously quite a bit has changed in v4. And as such some things will need to be moved over. Here's a rundown of what you can do to convert your pilots, units, and items.


This is fairly simple. Your pilots choose one of the new classes. All of their earned PP is converted into an equivilent amount of XP which will determine their level and can be used to buy additional Will Commands. There is a waiver of the Level 20 + 1000 XP cap until you use your converted pilot so you can make use of any excess XP you might have for Will Commands and the like.

Also everyone who had been in the SC before today gets a free extra pilot if they want one, since the newbie package now starts with two.


Here is where things get a bit more complex. For reasons of moderator sanity, v4 is launching with a much smaller number of units and series than were featured in v3. Don't worry, what we had will be readded with time. However this means you likely own units which do not currently have stats for v4.

As such all units you own are converted into vouchers. You may choose to exchange that voucher at any time for whatever the current season's version of that unit is, if that unit is available in the current season. You may also choose to sell that unit to the Hangar for it's v4 value, if any version of that unit exists in v4 or v3 if it does not yet exist in v4.

Note that should you decide to convert units into v4, some name changes have occured. They should be easy enough to figure out but they will be covered more fully at the bottom.


Items are now condensed into three ranks. We didn't see much point in stretching to six ranks when most times people only stuck to a few ranks anyway. Many items have had effect changes and some have had category changes. Regeneration items now fall under Armor (for HP Regen), and Generators (for EN Regen). DP Regeneration items have also been added as Thrusters. Similarly Armor and Thrusters that reduce damage by a fixed value have been added.

Like units, we didn't convert every item. In some cases it's to test the waters with what we have before throwing more niche things in. In other cases, the items filled a niche that isn't necessary anymore. Some might be added later with a different effect, but we can't be sure. As such here is what you can do with your items:

  • You may convert any item you currently own that has v4 stats to its v4 equivilent. You may also sell these items for their arsenal purchasing cost if you wish.
  • You may keep a voucher for any Custom Module, Sidekick, Achievement Item, or Gift Item you currently own that does not have v4 stats. When said items are added to v4 you may them claim them. Earned PP (which is to say the amount of PP you gained rather than what they came with) on sidekicks will be converted to an equivalent amount of XP. If you wish to sell these items for their Arsenal purchasing cost or resale value, you may do so. I'd recommend hanging onto them until you see their v4 effects though.
  • Any Unit Upgrade items are converted into Unit XP at a rate of 1 Unit XP per 1 Upgrade. The Unit XP is considered floating and may be spent however you wish, regardless of whether the Upgrade was attached to unit or not.
  • Any other items that do not have v4 stats will be sold at their v3 arsenal purchasing cost.
Also in Specific Item Changes:

- Variable Fighter FAST Packs and Armor Packs are no longer series Agnostic. If you owned one, you have a choice whether to turn them into VF-1, VF-25 or VF-171EX version.

- Xabungle's full equipment pack vanishes. If you owned it you receive its v3 Arsenal Purchasing cost

- Anti-Dust Module became Dustproofing because I forgot what the old name was.

- Fighter's Headband can turn into a Hachimaki.

As a side note I can pretty much guarantee those Holiday Perishables will be converted by this Christmas. Or Santa will leave me nothing but coal. Either way.

AM/ARC Accounts

If you want to create new AM and/or ARC accounts rather than converting your v3 ones, feel free to do so. New examples will be created in the near future, but for now the general rules remain the same.

Credit Depository Accounts

You keep your credits, any Hangar, Arsenal, or MechDev gift cards you might have. Repair Gift Cards are converted to an equivilent amount of credits. You should also make a place in your CD Account to track Blue Stones and Unit XP gains and expenditures.

Allowance is unchanged for everyone but me, who gave myself a pay cut in these trying economic times because I want to feel morally superior to Donald Trump. The bonus allowance for moderating multiple forums has also been removed.


Some achievements will need to be reworked to have more appropriate values, mostly the ones regarding damage and accuracy. For these All of the ones that require tracked progress should be converted though. Note that you can't reclaim any achievement you already have, even if it changes or gets readded. If an achievement reward ends up being removed in favor of another one you will receive the new one.

MechDev Stuff

MechDev Submissions are still closed for now while we settle v4 in. Anything you owned or created will be converted eventually, though some will have to wait for specific series. (For half of them that means Gundam SEED.) Once conversion of dev units begins, priority will be given to those units created by active members than those by people who have left. However at this point anyone who created dev units that does not wish them to be converted to v4 may say so. I'll be putting up a CommLink thread with details on that, probably tomorrow.

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Hangar Changes

In some cases a unit will be missing a feature it currently has. In some cases, it may be from another media we don't currently have, and is intentional (for example: The GaoGaiGar support units are missing their various GGG FINAL attacks). These abilities will be added when we get FINAL added. In other cases, we were only able to verify so much information. (This especially happened regarding Demonbane, as I was only able to watch the anime while statting it.)

You might notice several series (mostly the old 70s Super Robot Shows) have lists of units without statting links. This is mostly for information's sake, and they aren't currently slated to be statted. If a unit is slated to be statted and has yet to be so, it will be an unlinked wiki page.

As always, if you can provide information on units that we don't have, you are more than welcome to do so in the Tracker.

Unit and series name changes are listed below. Many units will have changed attack names as well. There is also a specific change to the Masouki Gatswo listed as the very last thing.

Getter Robo

Lady Command is now Command Machine. A unit called Lady Command does exist and is essentially the same thing as the Command Machine, and appeared in Getter Robo G so we'll get it then.

Invincible Fortress Dai is now Invincible Battleship Dai

Macross F

The series name is now the full Macross Frontier.

The Super and Armored VF-25s got proper serial numbers.

Valkyrie Girl Klan is now Klan Klein (Valkyrie Armor)

Vajra Fighter Drone is now Vajra (Small)

Vajra Space Mecha Drone is now Vajra (Large)

Vajra Battleship is now Vajra (Knight-class)

Several new units have been added as well.

Mobile Suit Gundam

There is now both a normal RX-78-2 Gundam, and a RX-78-2 Gundam after its Magnetic Coating upgrade. If you currently own an RX-78-2 Gundam, you may choose to convert it into either version.

Banpresto Originals: Real Trooper Series

Banpresto Originals: Grungust Series

Banpresto Originals: Choukijin

Banpresto Originals: SRX Series

Banpresto Originals: Ze Balmary Empire

Several units from these threads have been amalgamated into Super Robot Wars Alpha. This is a general theme of how we'll do units from various SRW games, as the Wiki format allows linking the same unit under multiple series without having to manually copy the stats.

Black Judecca is now Judecca (Black)

White Judecca is now Judecca (White)

Zfylud is now ...ahahahha just kidding it's still Zfylud.

Beanpresto Originals: Masou Kishin The Lord of Elementals

Most of the units from this thread are now in Super Robot Wars Gaiden: Masou Kishin: The Lord of Elementals. Several from that thread were from Super Robot Wars EX and will be readded when that game (or OG2nd which did EX's story) is added. All the fun stuff is in LoE anyway.

Goddess is now Gaddess

Norse/Norse Rei are now Nors/Nors Rei respectively.

Din Force is now Dinforce.

Nagzadd/Shin Nagzadd are now Nagzart/Shin Nagzart.

Gatswo no longer has Kensei Biocomputer as a sidekick, instead getting the special system ability Skill of the Sword Saint. If you owned a Gatswo, any PP earned on the sidekick above the default is converted to floating XP for you to use at a rate of 1 PP to 1 XP

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Finally, as mentioned above, SimChamber Wars is using a season format. As such, here is the SimChamber Wars Season 1 Series List. Remember you get to pick three favorite series which gives you a 30% discount on buying units and Custom Modules from that series as well as a free basic unit from that series.

Series List

Entires in bold are new to the SimChamber. Entries in italics are new to v4. Available Basic Units choices for favorite series are listed in parenthesis.

- Aim for the Top! Gunbuster - (RX-7 Nausicca, RX-7 Gissele, RX-7 Mischa)

- Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion/Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 - (Type-02 Guren Mk-II (Basic), Type-10R Burai (Zero Type), Z-01 Lancelot (Basic))

- Combat Mecha Xabungle - (Xabungle (Basic))

- Getter Robo - (Proto Getter-1)

- King of Braves GaoGaiGar - (GaiGar)

- Kishin Houkou Demonbane - (Demonbane (Basic))

- Lagrange: The Flower of Rin-ne - (Vox Aura "Midori" (Basic), Vox Rympha "Orca" (Basic), Vox Ignis "Hupo" (Basic)

- Macross Frontier - (VF-25F Messiah (Basic))

- Mazinger-Z- (Mazinger-Z (Basic))

- Mobile Fighter G Gundam - (GF13-017NJ Shining Gundam (Basic))

- Mobile Suit Gundam - (RX-78-2 Gundam (Basic))

- Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam - (XM-X1 (F97) Crossbone Gundam X-1 (Basic))

- Super Dimension Fortress Macross - (VF-1A Valkyrie (Basic))

- Super Electromagnetic Robo Combattler V - (Combattler V (Basic))

- Super Robot Wars Alpha - (RTX-010 Huckebein Mk-II (Basic), SRG-02 Grungust Type-2 (Basic))

- Super Robot Wars Gaiden: Masou Kishin - The Lord of Elementals - (Cybuster (Basic))

- Tetsujin #28 (1963) - (Tetsujin #28 (Basic))

Also Tilus made a really awesome backstory linking together the series in season one much like an actual SRW game. Seriously go read it. It's not going to be strictly hard canon or anything so don't feel bound by it at all, but some fun event things might get done using it.

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Ok so after that wall of text I'll make this last bit shorter.

First, I'm not going to lie to myself or any of you and say that everything is going to work 100% as intended right out of the gate, so please be patient with us as we get things to where we want them to be. If you find errors or problems or want to leave feedback, please do so in the tracker.

Second, and finally, I want to thank everyone involved in this project. All the moderators who helped work on the rules. Everyone who helped provide feedback, however large or small, whether it was agreed with or not. Everyone who has played in the SC over the years. Thank you all.

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One last thing I forgot to note last night (because writing lots of information when you're on antihistamines is always an awesome idea). The starting package now gives 2 pilot classes instead of 1, so everyone who played before gets an extra pilot, if they want one.

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