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Pawn Shop

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What is the Pawn Shop?

Basically, if there's something (or things) you don't want to own anymore, you can sell them to the pawn shop. Once they are sold, they are available for other members to buy at a reduced price.

Cool, so how does it work?

When you have something you want to get rid of, post it, with a link to its Hangar, Arsenal, or MechDev Hangar post. Note if it has any Unit XP spent on it or abilities unlocked on it. You can then claim credits for selling it.

How much money does this stuff cost and/or sell for?

How much money you gain back from selling something to the Pawn Shop depends on what type of unit it is.

- For standard, purchasable units or items, you sell/buy them for one-half (that's 50% for you math types) of their hangar purchase price.

- For units with a replacement requirement or other units without a purchase price you receive the full hangar resale value listed.

- For units with a replacement cost, you sell/buy them for one-half of their replacement cost plus one-half of the purchasing cost (if a purchasable unit) or the full hangar resale value (if a unit with a replacement requirement unit) of the base unit.

- You do not receive additional money for units that have had their rank increased of abilities unlocked using Unit XP, however you can feel free to try sell those to other members at your own price.

- As a final note, units or items that do not have any sort of purchasing cost (such as A or S-class Combat Data), can not be sold to the Pawn shop.

How do I buy Pawn Shop stuff?

If you see something listed in this thread, you may purchase it. Contact the seller and have them mark that you have bought it in their original posting. Once they have done so you may claim the unit.

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