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I'd wanted to make some of these into MechDevs, which will have to come later, but hey I've got nothing to do, so why not start working on something I've already sank 800+ hours into!  Not sure how many people will be interested, or how many I'll take, but I've started work on units and classes.


Any feedback at all would be appreciated.



All Manufacturers

X) Storage Deck Unit [Weapon] (X): All Loaders come equipped with a Storage Deck Unit which allows the mech to hold up to (X) weapons in reserve.  To use the SDU, pay 5 AP during your Transformation Phase.  The weapons are then immediately available during your Attack Phase.  Weapons equipped in this fashion must replace existing ones in your possession.

X) Storage Deck Unit [Ammo] (X): Weapons of the same category (detailed in the weapon tags) share ammo pools.  Increase Ammo by (X) Where (X) is:

White: 20%
Green: 40%
Blue: 60%
Purple: 80%
Orange: 100%
Dark Orange: 120%
Pearlescent: 140%
Light Pink: 160%

Manufacturer Abilities

Weapon Integration: You may choose to modify weapons equipped to your Loader in the following ways based on your unit's manufacture.  These over-write the Manufacturer tag on the existing weapon, unless the weapon is of your own manufacture already, at which point they stack.

X)Atlas Perfection: Increase all weapon parameters by 30%.

X)Bandit Stockpile: Increase Ammo Count by 50% and resources spendable on V and X attacks by 20%.  Reduce Damage and Accuracy by 20%.

X)Dahl Burstfire: When using weapons with Snipe or a Scope-Item attached, weapon gains the (V) Tag with a resource limit of 3.  Increase to Damage and Accuracy for each additional shot is +20% of the base damage and accuracy for the weapon.

X)Jakobs Power: Increase Weapon Damage by 50%, Reduce Accuracy by 20%.

X)Hyperion Stabilizing Technology: When firing a weapon in consecutive turns, increase it's accuracy by 10% each turn, to a maximum of 50%.  This bonus is lost if you switch weapons or go more than two rounds without firing it.  Additionally, this bonus builds per ammo spent when executing X and V attacks.

X)Maliwan Elements: Increase all Burn, Barrier Melt, Barrier Break, and Armor Break Statuses by L1.  If they do not exist on the weapons equipped pre-integration, then add them at L1.

X)S&S Munitions: Increase Ammo Count by 30%.

X)Tediore Reload: You may at any time expend the remainder of your Ammo on a gun you fired to add a secondary effect to the weapon.  Treat this as a V attack with no limit, as a secondary hit on the primary shot you fired.  Reduce Damage and Accuracy 10%.  Reload Damage is based on the gun's damage (calculated later).

X)Vladof Bulletstorm: Increase the limit on V and X weapons by 15% for each round fired from the weapon in a turn.  This bonus caps at +75%.

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If you're meaning to make a campaign for the custom games forum, you should probably post it in the Custom Games forum.

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I would like to express my intrigue into your idea. Out of curiosity, just what all have you already determined for it?

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It's going to operate on entirely original classes and units and likely take place on a more well-to-do planet then Pandora in the Borderlands Universe.  It takes place after the events of Borderlands 2 in a period of military escalation.  With the opening of the second Vault, Hyperion, through satellite feed, is able to locate and open a third vault before the remaining Vault Hunters on Pandora manage the resources to mobilize to another planet.  The new company CEO, in it for the profits then begins rapid expansion to other worlds to commandeer as many of the sites as possible, and with the frames and shielding they gained access to, have very little opposition, curtailing any uprising nearly before it starts.  Unlike Maliwan, and it's other competitors, Hyperion refuses to sell this technology, it has to be reverse engineered, or stolen, leading to a great number of cheap knock offs compared to the original Eridian technology.


I'd pretty much put a stop work order on the project when I got no interest, but if I had... four-ish people, might be able to sweet talk me into three even, I would gladly resume my efforts.

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