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Advent Calender 2013

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As the holiday season nears and you find yourself buying more stuff for yourself than for others during those ridiculous sales, we here like to celebrate the season with an advent calender. Each day from December 1st through the 24th, another space on the calender will be filled in, and everyone in the SC will get a treat of some kind!

December 1: Christmas Cookies

December 2: Marzipan

December 3: Chocolate Coins

December 4: Peanut Brittle

December 5: Pumpkin Pie

December 6: Bibingka

December 7: Gumdrops

December 8: Plum Pudding

December 9: Fruitcake

December 10: A Popcorn Ball

December 11: Stollen

December 12: A Yule Log

December 13: Buttered Rum

December 14: Candy Canes

December 15: Gingerbread Men

December 16: Mince Pie

December 17: Apple Cider

December 18: Chestnuts

December 19: A Trifle

December 20: Egg Nog

December 21: Fancy Chocolates

December 22: Hot Chocolate

December 23: Japanese Christmas Cake

Today everyone gets... Santa Haro?!

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