Gyrus Mackings


3 posts in this topic, it's been ages since I've been here. Ah, it's like it hasn't changed at all. Except for the fact that I see you guys went and finally brought up version 4!


Anywho, re-introductions!


I'm Gyrus Mackings, I used to play here for the longest time then... I fell out. Work got the best of me and I wandered elsewhere. For the longest time.


Surprisingly, I see that I'm still a mod. I'm shocked! Unless Umby and the others decide otherwise, don't come running to me just yet, as I got a lot of updating to do here. Oy.


So, what have I missed?

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Welcome back. You didn't miss much, except that Iono's stalker finally caught up with Things are a lot quieter though, a lot of previous players in V3 went into hibernation mode waiting for V4.

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