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Hangar Updates January 2014

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Starting off the New Year right!

Getter Robo

- Proto Jaguar and Bear Machines now properly have a season listing. Proto Bear Machine also loses its v3 purchasing cost in its board code.

King of Braves GaoGaiGar

- GouRyuJin's board code now names it correctly instead of calling it GenRyuJin.

Macross Frontier

- Queadlunn-Rea now has its proper combo attack requirements.


- Mazinger-Z and Minerva-X get price increases.

Panzer World Galient

- Wingal Zee gets a price increase.

Panzer World Galient: Crest of Iron

- Commander's Cavalry Panzer is now called that in its board code.


- Original Demonbane's Demon Rush attack has its accuracy fixed.

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