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Reminder: SimChamber Wars Season 1 Ending Soon

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This is basically what the topic says. On February 1st, SimChamber Wars Season 1 will be ending and season 2 will be starting.

What this means is that after this Saturday (January 18th) no new Season 1 SimChamber Wars missions may be queued. Any ones that have been queued but not opened will still be opened as scheduled.

Also roughly two weeks after season 2 starts (so February 15th or so), the season 1 Bazaar units will no longer be available for purchase (for the time being at least), so if you want any of those don't delay. Once the season 1 ones are removed, a new set of Bazaar units for season 2 will be released.

And for those wondering, the series list for season 2 is as follows:

  • The 2nd Super Robot Wars Alpha
  • Brain Powerd
  • Getter Robo G
  • Great Mazinger
  • Infinite Ryvius
  • Martian Successor Nadesico
  • Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack
  • Mobile Suit Gundam SEED
  • New Mobile Report Gundam Wing
  • Space Warrior Baldios
  • Special Operations Team Go-Busters
  • Super Beast Machine God Dancouga
  • Super Beast Squadron Liveman
  • Super Robot Wars Impact
  • Super Robot Wars Judgement
  • Strike Suit Zero
  • Xenogears
Things in Red are the winners of the Player's Choice vote.

Things in Orange are completely new to the SimChamber.

New skills and items and such befitting these new series will be released at the same time, so please look forward to it.

(For those wondering, The 2nd Super Robot Wars Alpha is being called that because when we get to the OG games, the difference between (Game Title) 2 and Dai-2-ji (Game Title) actually matters. Because Japan hates me specifically.)

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