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Simulation Chamber v4 Season 2

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Welcome to Season 2! Below is the list of changes we've made as we release the new series list!




  • Melee and Range Attributes now only give a 5% bonus to damage and accuracy per point. However, Miscellaneous bonuses can now stack to 100%. This lowers the total maximum damage modifier to +200%, but allows players more flexibility with regards to where their damage modifiers can come from.
  • ​All offensive spell modifiers now add to your damage modifier instead of applying separately. However, only one source of +damage from spells now applies per turn. This does not affect any other modifier granted by the spells.
  • You now only benefit from one defensive spell modifier at a time in each Defense Phase.
  • Attack math rules have been clarified with regards to when (H) tag damage applies, as well as how to calculate your weapon damage if you have both percentile and non-percentile damage modifiers.



  • All Will Commands that granted additional attack phases with a damage/accuracy penalty now specify that the penalty applies to the base weapon damage and accuracy, instead of applying as a modifier.
  • Skills now make use of "Pilot Tags" to determine incompatibilities or interactions between skills and abilities. Psychic, Magic User, and Ki User have been converted into Pilot Tags.
    • ​Artificial Intelligence has been updated to make use of the new Mechanical Pilot Tag.
    • Newtype, Psychodriver, and Cyber Newtype have been updated to make use of the new Transhuman Pilot Tag.
    • Unit Specialization has been updated to make use of the new Unit Focus Pilot Tag.
    • Newtype, Psychodriver, Cyber Newtype, Masoukishin Herald, and School of Master Asia no longer cause you to stop being psionic, magical, or ki-ical as you level up.
  • ​The following skills have been added to coincide with the release of the new series in the Hangar: A-Class Jumper, Antibody, Buddyroid, Coordinator, Extended, IFS, Operation Meteor, Red Ranger, SEED, Spatial Awareness, Unnatural Luck.
  • Ace Pilot Hero's Ace Custom, Extreme Aggression, and Signature Attack had their effects changed to give a +10% bonus to the base weapon damage/accuracy.
  • All Classes have gained a third specialization. All pilots can make use of a free respec as a result of this addition.
    • Tank Defender's Shield Tempering is replaced with Armor Reinforcements.
    • Dogfighter's Pause for Breath is replaced with Afterburners.




  • Beam Shield now costs EN instead of requiring uses.
  • Ryukouoh, Mazinger Z, Boss Borot, and Huckebein Mk-III have been updated for things added as part of shows added in Season 2.
  • The new Series List is now active! Only units with the Season 2 tag on them are valid for use in SimChamber Wars missions, though all units are able to be used in Duel Arenas.


SimChamber Wars


  • Two new mission types have been added: Fleet Action, which focuses around attacking an enemy battleship while defending your own, and Enetron Defense, which has one team defending an Enetron tower while the other team is trying to drain the resources from it.
    • ​Resource Capture and Command Ship Escort have been removed from the active mission list. The descriptions are still available in case people wish to make use of them in Duel Arenas, but they will not be worth the same rewards.
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