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Layout broadly taken from Umbaglo's ARC to ensure format compliance as I am a new player as of mid-April 2014. Can be changed to an original format on request.


- Alexis Holland

- (Uncreated 2nd Pilot. Will deal with this once I'm more comfortable with SimChamber)

- (Uncreated 3rd pilot, slot unlocked by Tilus via stipend use, please reference my Credit Depository. Thank you Tilus! Will define this pilot soon.)





(Undetermined second class. Will choose later once more comfortable with the game.)



- ??? Unsure if I have any. Guessing 'No.' Moderators, please advise?


Floating PPs:

??? Guessing none. Moderators please advise.


= ??? PP





None to player's knowledge?

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Post needs a little clean-up, but the data should be current enough.

(Character picture coming soon)

Alexis Holland (Original)


Class: Hero


Level: 1


SP: 100/100




Melee: +3 (+4 in Mobile Suit)

Range: +5 (+6 in Mobile Suit)

Defense: +3

Mobility: +5

Skill: +4

Note to self: AP is 10 + Skill x 5, so usually 70 AP default.

(These started at 2/4/2/4/3 before class modifiers at Level 1. Skills increased these values afterward.)



Starting Attribute Bonuses: +1 to all Attributes at level 1.

Morale Charge: Morale cost of all Will Commands and (H) attacks reduced by 5, to a minimum of 10.

Critical: During an attack phase in which you attack a single target, you may pay 10 AP to gain Weapon Damage +10% and Accuracy +10% for that attack phase. Any effect that would reduce this cost below 0 AP only reduces it to 0 instead.

Heroic Training: This class gains more skills than others.


Spirit Commands:


Iron Wall (L1) – 15 SP ( )




Unit Specialization (Mobile Suit) (grants Unit Focus below)

Unit Focus (Mobile Suit)


Masoukishin Herald (grants Magic User below)

Magic User




None yet?


Ace Bonus:


None yet?




None yet?


XP Tracker:

0, New Player




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