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Seasons Being Abolished

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So as you may have noticed it's the middle of July and season 3 hasn't happened yet. This is pretty much my fault. Getting a large number of series statted isn't something I have time for with that pesky real life bit. Umbaglo's been having some real life stuff going on as well. So because of this we've made the decision to abolish the idea of seasons for SimChamber Wars. I apologize if you liked it, but at the moment it's just unfesable.

This means a few things going forward, which will be noted in a bulleted list because it's easier to read:

  • SimChamber Wars is now open to any units in the Hangar or Bazaar. The Season entries on the stats will be removed going forward but until then you can freely ignore them.
  • The specifics of Favorites has been altered. The full details are in the rules thread but the short version is you now start in the SC with 3 favorites and gain an additional favorite every three months. You still gain a free Basic Unit when you choose a favorite and still receive a 30% discount on buying units and Custom Modules from your favorite series. You also receive a small reduction in the Unit XP cost to upgrade your favorite series units.
  • You may retroactively gain additional favorite series for the previous months since the start of SimChamber v3, which was September 2013. You may choose to switch any current or legacy favorite series you had previously chosen.
  • The Bazaar is going to be converted to a store for more obscure or non-canon units. This may include some MSV type stuff but the specifics of this are still in flux though. Feel free to comment in this thread if you have input on this.
  • The series slated for season 3 are going to be added to the hangar as I finish them. Gundam X and Dunbine should be up shortly since they were pretty much done aside from some checking.
  • I plan on rotating missions for SimChamber Wars ever two to three months to keep things interesting still. Skirmish will remain constantly available though. The first of these I plan on doing is replacing Enetron Defense (which didn't work) with an idea involving multiple units fighting one or two fairly beefy "monster" units.
  • Again, I apologize if anyone is let down by this. It's just too much work to load up that many series at once, and having to worry about it was keeping me from getting other things I wanted to do done (such as getting the MechDev running once again, and getting Sidekick items back into the Arsenal.)

    I'll consider doing some kind of monthly or bimonthly player's choice poll in the near future to get things made but if there's something you want done you can write up the series to the Hangar Tracker. Even if you can't do stats, writing up the unit information and weapon entries will greatly help. Though if you do please mind your spelling and grammar.

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