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Discs for boosting Spiritual/Ki Power for A.P.A OS

Posted by Seishiro Hiroyuki on 17 January 2012 - 09:46 PM

Anyway, since the tracker topics have been cleared away, just wanted to bring up this issue again. Considering that in the list of discs for A.P.A OS, we have K.M Disc which boosts Psychic Energy attacks with +25% Damage and Accuracy, why not Discs to boost Spiritual Power and Ki Power attacks as well. Yeah, thats the gist of the original topic.

So, basically like

???(Seriously, people like Masaki Andoh and Shou Zama are taken already...) Disc
- Spiritual Power-type Weapon Damage/Accuracy +25%

???(D.K(Domon Kasshu), F.A(Folka Albark), etc) Disc
- Ki Power-type Weapon Damage/Accuracy +25%

I have a suggestion for the Spiritual Power disc, if it's made:

S.S. Disc. (Sakura Shinguji)

If Domon isn't already taken, use D.K. for Ki Power

I really do think that disk should just go away...
since it really is a fan made item within SC right?

On the other hand, i am really up for creating a mechdev version of arsenal for things like this
and ESPECIALLY song cds to make it more in line with what we have in Hangar (but I know this is pretty much a no for most mods).

Sort of. There's precedent for it in Gundam, with A.R. chip and C.A. chip.

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